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Chapter 656

Perhaps Xia Ruoyun would even thank me for sending that old man to keep her company .

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A vicious light flashed across Lu Shaochen's eyes and he muttered secretly, "Xia Ruoyun, don't blame me for my viciousness .  Look out for yourself or heaven and earth will combine to destroy you . Chuxue is the true master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and because of this, you cannot control the Ancient Divine Pagoda . Getting her would be the equivalent of getting the world . Therefore, I could only cast you aside . I believe you will understand me . "

If that were not the case, she would have used the Ancient Divine Pagoda by now since she's been holding on to it for such a long time .

The real reason she can't use it was because Chuxue is the true master of the Ancient Divine Pagoda and the reincarnation of the Ancient Divine Phoenix, Zixie!

She's the true genius here! Everyone else, when compared to her, are all good-for-nothings!

Of course, Gu Ruoyun was not aware of what was going on . She had returned to the Ye family home after procuring the necessary herbs she needed along with the hell's Lotus .  She did not know why but once she had entered the Ye family home, a group of people began to stare at her with a peculiar look in their eyes .  

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Nevertheless, she did not think too much of it and went into the rear courtyard without speaking to anyone .

In her quarters, the man lay silently on the large bed . He was dressed in red and it made him look as if he had been dipped in fresh blood . His body also emitted a faint aura of blood . However, the man's eyes were completely closed at the moment and his long, silvery hair rippled down onto the ground . Under the glow of the clear and cold moonlight, the man looked so beautiful until one could completely forget how to breathe .  

Anybody would be completely mesmerized by the man's stunningly peerless beauty, especially the serene, sleeping-beauty look on his face . One look could render a person completely trapped .  

Even in his sleep, his beauty could send all living things into a frenzy . What calamity could this man bring if he was to open his eyes? 

Perhaps all the unrivaled beauty in the world could not be compared to this .  

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Gu Ruoyun controlled the surge in her heartbeat and carefully produced the Hell's Lotus from her bosom .  

A red light flickered from the petals, setting off the man's enrapturing beauty and making him seem even more stunning than before .

"I've spent the past three days getting ready and I've prepared all the herbs that we need . Xiao Ye, it's time for you to wake up . I also took the opportunity to bring you out of the Ancient Divine Pagoda while you were still asleep as I was afraid that you would have ended up like Zixie who was trapped in it . "

Gu Ruoyun gazed at the man on the bed as emotions gathered in the space between her brows .

It's been over a year .

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He's been asleep for over a year . . .

Now, it's about time for him to wake up .

Unfortunately, Zixie was now a phoenix egg and can no longer appear before her . Otherwise, with Zixie around, not only would she not have needed three days to prepare, her success rate would also be greatly increased .  

"Xiao Ye, I'm not sure if . . . Based on where I am today . . . If I can wake you up . However, no matter what, I've got to try . Previously, I had Zixie to strategize for me but now, I'm all alone . Even so, I will give everything I've got to save you . "

As she spoke, Gu Ruoyun took out the medicinal herbs she had procured and placed them into her mouth before slowly swallowing .  


A strong medicinal power began charging around violently within Gu Ruoyun's body, causing her face to immediately turn as white as a sheet . She spat out a mouthful of blood but she did not give up and swallowed every single herb down .

In order to bring out the Hell's Lotus' properties, one would need fresh blood as a sacrificial offering for it .

However, fresh blood alone would not be enough, these herbs were essential as well!