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Published at 15th of April 2018 01:10:24 AM

Chapter 747: Exterminating The Immortal Realm (8)

"I don't care whether it's the Immortal Realm or the Ghost Realm! I don't care about the demons either! All I know is that those who harm the people closest to me will pay for everything they've done . I want to kill all of them as well . None shall be spared!"

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The woman's voice as was clear and cold as ever but the ferocity of her words struck violently into the hearts of everyone present . Just as they were staring at her in fear, a flash of green robes slowly started making its way towards the Immortal Master .

"In the past, you had hunted and tried to kill me . Was it fun? Now, because of you, Yu'er has been severely injured . Today, no matter who steps in to beg for mercy for you, I won't spare a single person from the Immortal Realm!"

Gu Ruoyun slowly closed her eyes .

She would never forget the sight of that slim and delicate figure lying in a pool of blood .  

The thought of that crippled arm especially caused her heart to ache .


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Just as she opened her eyes, an infinite flame accompanied the woman's fiery anger . It whirled out from within and was directed solely at the Immortal Master!

It was the Flames of World Devastation!

Also known as the Flames of Nirvana!

The Flames of Nirvana could bring a dead man back to life . At the same time, they could also bring such pain upon one's enemies that though they wished to die, they cannot die! Only when their soul was burned away could they finally disappear from the face of the earth .

They would then never be able to reincarnate!

Hence, accompanied by the Immortal Master's heart-rending shrieks, everyone there witnessed a scene which they would never forget .

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They watched as the flames engulfed the Immortal Master . His flesh fell from his body bit by bit and was burned into ashes until his bones could be clearly seen . Not long after, his bones were consumed by the flames as well .

However, in the next moment, the Immortal Master who had been turned into ashes was brought back to life!

That's right!

He had been revived but he no longer had any powers . He had been revived as a completely normal person! Still, he was unable to escape the flames and he screamed continuously amidst the burning fire . . .

It was a repeated cycle of endless torment until the complete annihilation of his soul . Only then would he be able to escape this agony .

Of course, why should Gu Ruoyun grant him a quick death? As such, his soul could only be destroyed after going through tens of thousands of repetitive torture . . .

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Forget about everyone else, even the Honorable Sir Tianqi was shocked . His elderly eyes were opened as wide as they could as he stared in astonishment at Gu Ruoyun's clear and cold features . He could not help but feel a shiver down his spine .

This is too cruel!

This little girl is absolutely merciless! She has resorted to such a brutal method to ensure that the Immortal Master would suffer a fate worse than death! However, that old man had brought it upon himself .  If he had not instigated the Gu girl, she would probably not have become so enraged .

"Tianqiong, Yunyao, Lingxiao . "

Gu Ruoyun raised her head and turned towards the humans and beasts who were nearly finished with the Immortal Realm . She coldly raised her lips, "After you're done killing them, hang their bodies on the walls of the city and whip them for all to see as a warning to everyone else!"

Whip their bodies for all to see!

Generally speaking, not many would whip the dead bodies of their enemies in public after killing them but Gu Ruoyun had chosen to do this so that everyone would remember this day . This was to ensure that they would never dare to lay a hand on those closest to her .

Otherwise, they would end up just like the Immortal Realm!

Everyone backed away in terror, they looked as if they had just encountered an evil demon .

Gu Ruoyun ignored their fearful stares and turned her gaze instead towards the completely ashen Rong Xin . She raised her clear and cold eyes, "What? There's only a few of you left in the Medicine Order here? How about we wait until this battle ends, then you'll escort me to the Medicine Order for a visit . What do you think?"

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