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Chapter 775: Supreme Jin (1)

The altercation had attracted the attention of quite a number of people . When they heard how the Grand Lord Hong Lian had addressed Gu Ruoyun, they could not help but stare at her . Their hearts were curious as to where this daughter of the Grand Lord had come from .

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After all these years, they had never heard him mention that he had a daughter!

Also, no one actually knows the Grand Lord Hong Lian's real name nor did they know where he had come from . All they know was that this man had appeared out of thin air over ten years ago and in a few short months, he had committed acts which had stunned countless people . It was because of this that the Grand Lord Hong Lian's name soon resonated through the entire mainland .

During her past life, Gu Ruoyun had once heard of Grand Lord Hong Lian and he was already at a rank that she yearned to be at that time . Now that she has met him, she realized that this man was enigmatic and unpredictable .

His entire being was a mystery which no one could solve .


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Yu Xinglong fiercely straightened his robes and swept his venomous gaze towards the man in red . He was filled with an absolutely malicious aura but he said nothing else and turned around, heading towards the opposite direction .

The man in red smiled icily and soon retracted his gaze . He turned towards Gu Ruoyun and his handsome face lit up with a warm smile .

"Little girl, you don't need to bother about that old fart's words . One day, I will kill him!"

Gu Ruoyun shrugged her shoulders . She never had any intention of taking Yu Xinglong's words to heart . She had only just turned around when a familiar-looking figure suddenly appeared before her eyes, causing her expression to freeze in place .

The man's golden robes fluttered under the gentle breeze .

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He seemed to notice her eyes on him and he turned to look at Gu Ruoyun . His gorgeous golden eyes flashed with uncertainty but that expression left as quickly as it came .

If the man in red next to Gu Ruoyun was a domineering and aggressive overlord, this man would be a great, grave and stern sovereign . His entire body was decked in a dazzling shade of gold and his gilded robes looked utterly resplendent under the sun .

"Little girl, are you acquainted with him?"

The man in red noticed where Gu Ruoyun was looking and he frowned as he asked .


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Weren't we more than acquaintances?

In my past life, our friendship went deeper than that! Unfortunately, he can't possibly recognize me now .

Gu Ruoyun smiled at the thought and replied, "He's Supreme Jin, someone who had earned the title of Martial Supreme at a young age . Who wouldn't know who he is? However, I'm not all that close to him . "


The man in red raised an eyebrow . He did not know why but he felt that there was something in the way Gu Ruoyun had looked at Supreme Jin . Nevertheless, everyone has their own secrets so he made no attempt to get to the heart of the matter .

"Little girl, let's go . I'd like to see the thing hidden in this snow forest which had attracted the attention of so many powerful cultivators . " He stared into the far-off sky, his thoughts a mystery from others .

Gu Ruoyun nodded . As she followed the man into the snow forest, she turned around to take one last look at Supreme Jin .  

So what if I told him about my identity in my past life? Would this man even believe me? Perhaps he would think that I was insane .

Forget it . Right now, the most important thing in this forest is that spiritual beast egg . Now is not the time to get reacquainted with Supreme Jin . . .

Gu Ruoyun turned away at the thought of this and no longer spared him another look .