Evil God Average - Volume 2 - Chapter 2

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Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – The Situation in Various Countries

『Well then, please tell us the situation in all the other countries . 』

On the monitor, Tena called out to the people assembled there .
Sitting around the round table were the important members of the Faith, and of course, the Merry Pope was there as well .

Ever since the country-founding announcement, I sent people out to see how the other countries would move, and the information they gathered was to be presented at this meeting .

As for being there myself, with Tena already recognised as my representative, I left it to her and instead decided to watch on-screen from the top floor of the temple . Also, Lili was sitting next to me, reading a picture book and studying letters . In this world where the literacy rate and printing techniques were oddly high for a medieval European level, learning how to read was indispensable .

Tena sat on a special chair that was placed at the highest part behind the round table, and overlooked everybody gathered there . Just like how my appearance didn’t change when I became a divine, Tena’s appearance didn’t change either when she became an apostle, but for some reason I get the feeling that she was now wrapped in a kind of transcendental atmosphere .

With beautiful blonde hair, a youthful but dignified face, as well as the black outfit with the mysterious atmosphere, it was like she was a princess or a shrine maiden from somewhere . Well, I guess she’s exactly a shrine maiden .

『Well then, I shall begin . In regards to the movements of the Headquarters of the Church of Sacred Light, the Luxiria Theocracy, they immediately repudiated the announcement of our country’s founding . They are appealing to the other nations to agree . 』

A commotion ran through the meeting due to the sudden report .

『Calm yourselves . Anri-sama is watching us as well . 』

The Pope’s voice rang out through the noisy room, and the noise changed to complete silence .
Well yeah, I am watching, but there’s no need to say it .

『We knew from the beginning that this was how the Luxiria Theocracy would act . The issue is how the other nations will respond . How do things proceed on that front?』

A woman raised her hand at the Pope’s question .

『In regards to that, I will give the first report . 』

『You’re… As I recall, the one in charge of the Kingdom of Fortera, weren’t you . 』

『Yes . 』

The Kingdom of Fortera was the nation that originally owned the place that we were in, and as somebody who was a stakeholder, you could say that they were the most important nation to us . I was very curious to know what news the report held .

『The Kingdom of Fortera rejected Luxiria’s appeal . Furthermore, they raised complaints about the dishonesty of the current upper echelons of the Church, and created a new faction, taking a hostile position towards them . Furthermore, in regards to our country’s founding announcement, they did not negate it, and are taking a neutral position . 』

The meeting became even more noisy than before .
The Church of Sacred Light was the official religion for all nations in the Human Territory, and this was the first time in history that anybody had opposed it, so a commotion was natural . No, perhaps forming a new faction isn’t actually defying the Church of Sacred Light itself .

『The name of the new faction is called the Origin Faction, and are based on being faithful to the teachings of the Goddess . 』

『What reaction did the Luxiria Theocracy have towards Fortera’s declaration?』

『Their Pope stated his own feelings of regret, and they seek a withdrawal of that decision . 』

When the Pope received the woman’s report, and asked that question of the man who first gave the report on Luxiria, he received a reply that you could say was natural . But if they were going to withdraw that decision, they wouldn’t have made it to begin with, so it was already decided that the two would be hostile .

『The other nations also appear to be watching the confrontation between Luxiria and Fortera, and things are in a deadlock . 』

Still, I wonder what’s going on .
From Fortera’s point of view, our country──we’re a self-proclaimed country, but──our country had stolen their land and declared ourselves a nation, so Fortera should have been the first person to deny us . That’s what I expected as well .
And the result was that they were taking a neutral stand, and taking a hostile position with the headquarters of the Church as well . I don’t understand why they would take a hostile position with the Luxiria Theocracy before taking one with us .

“Has the situation progressed?”

When I turned around towards the voice that called out to me, I found the person who should have been in the Demon Territory gathering information, Leonora . The moment I turned to look at her, she averted her eyes . It was an very smooth motion… She’s gotten used to it, hasn’t she .

“Welcome back . ”

“Thanks . I just got back . ”

For information in the Human Territory, I can sort of leave it to the Pope and the others, but as you’d expect, that wouldn’t fly in the Demon Territory . Since we’re right in-between both territories, I can’t neglect the Demon Territory either . Because of that, I asked Leonora to gather information there . As you’d expected, I don’t think she’ll tell me anything disadvantageous to her country, but we’re not hostile to the Demon Territory or anything, so just normal information is plenty .
Right, and I should see what Leonora thinks about the information from just now . She is royalty, so she might know what a country is planning . I’m worried about the fact that she’s a muscle-head though .


“I see…”

The discussion was still continuing, but since I heard the most important parts, I decided to take a break and discuss the situation with Leonora over tea . She crossed her arms, and sank into thought for a while . While patting Lili who was next to me, looking at the sweet bun with glittering eyes, I waited for Leonora to gather her thoughts .

“Hmm, three things come to mind . ”

“What are they?”

Leonora really is reliable . I’m sorry for thinking that you were a muscle-head .

“The first is that they’re very simply afraid of you . ”


I was stupid for praising you . No, well, I certainly do think that they’re scared of me, and as a guess that probably isn’t wrong, but it was a pretty disappointing answer considering how much I was looking forward to it . While I was laying down on the table, Lili pat my head with her small palms . What a good girl .

“The second is that the Fortera and the upper echelons of the Church of Sacred Light had some kind of discord to begin with . ”

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“Yeah . Earlier when the Forteran Army invaded, I told you, 『If a problem within their country is dealt with by the Church or the Order, they will come to owe them a favour . 』 didn’t I? In other words, the Church of Sacred Light knew that it would come to that, and yet they still tried to form the Order of the Sacred Light . It might that they simply put precedence over opposing the Evil God, but there’s also the possibility that they had some kind of discord with Fortera . ”

“In other words, forming the Order of the Sacred Light was to put pressure on Fortera?”

“It’s nothing but conjecture, but yes . ”

I see . Then if we take that as the truth, then certainly it does seem reasonable that the Kingdom and Theocracy would be quarrelling .

“The third is… the relationship with the Demon Territory . ”


What kind of relationship would that be?
Seeing me tilt my head just a little, Leonora continued to speak .

“Even within the Kingdom of Fortera, this spot is the closest to the Demon Territory . Fortera is the frontline against the Demon Territory, but if a country appears here, that situation will change . It wouldn’t be strange for them to determine that there are large merits for losing just a small amount of territory . ”


In other words, using us as a shield against the Demon Territory?
If they did that, then it would certain explain their neutrality towards us . If they want to use us as a shield, then it wouldn’t be good to have either an antagonist, nor a friendly relationship . The former would just make a new enemy in place of the Demon Territory, and the latter would mean that they wouldn’t be able to push us to the enemy .
And by taking a neutral stance with the Evil God Nation──as long as they weren’t choosing to become our enemy, they would necessarily worsen their relationship with the Church of Sacred Light . And it was because they knew this in advance, that they revolted against the Luxiria Theocracy . That kind of thing?

“Both are possible, and it isn’t the case that there can be only one reason either, after all . It might have surprisingly been the result of all three reasons combined . ”

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That might be it .
For now, the fact that the most likely enemy Fortera, had now fallen into a deadlock with Luxiria was something very convenient for us .
We should work to fix our appearance as a nation while we still can .

“Speaking of which, what about the Demon Territory?”

“Ahh, they’re basically just watching . As the Demon Race, they aren’t fond of the ‘Evil God’, but that was because it was an idea used by humanity to demonise our Dark God . As a completely different person to the Dark God, there’s no reason to be hostile to you . If it seems that through me, they can come to a mutual understanding with you, they’ll probably be keeping this kind of relationship for the near future . ”

“I see . ”

I felt relieved after hearing that .
At the very least, it seems that for now, I’ll be able to concentrate on the problems in the Human Territory .
Feeling full, I rubbed my drowsy eyes while patting Lili on the head, and let out a sigh of relief .


『I suppose that just about sums up the situation in the other countries, and the management of our own . Finally, there is one thing that I would like you to convey to Anri-sama for me, Tena-sama . 』

『What is it?』

It seems that they wrapped up all the complicated stuff while I was resting, but the Pope began talking about something .

『The truth is, I have thought of a plan to make Anri-sama’s splendour known to the other countries as well . I would by all means like to verify the details with Anri-sama . 』

What is he planning…?
I’m worried . Terribly worried .