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Published at 20th of August 2019 12:02:28 AM

Chapter 1

Chapter 1: Traveling Back to Tianyuan Isle

Translator: Sun Shanshan, Ning Huijing

Proofreader: Dai Jiangwen

Qingyun City . Ping State . Tianyuan Isle .

Everything starts in that picturesque bamboo forest, on the edge of which stands a quaint stone cottage . A sudden blinding flash tears off the silence and a painful groan follows .

Li finds himself lying on a wooden bed when he woke up . A sharp pain stabs at his left wrist, accompanied by the overwhelming dizziness and tinnitus . He feels totally worn out .

"Am I still alive?!" He gradually comes to life and glances at the room with his eyes wide open .

The bluestone wall is at his first sight . This is a stone room, simply equipped with a bed, a chair and a table .

Li lies on the wooden bed, on which a dagger with bloodstain has witnessed everything . On his left wrist, there's a long gash, in which his mangled flesh and shattered veins can be easily seen . But the bleeding stops .

"What's going on?" Li pats his head gently with the unhurt hand . His vague memory tells him that he has died together with the gangsters . But how could he come here? Where is the place? Is he still alive?

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At that moment, an indistinct idea descends from nowhere, penetrating the very depth of Li's memory . The unfamiliar experiences are unveiled . He is stunned, muttering,  "Fan…fancy me having travelled back to the past!"

He doesn't belong to Tianyuan Isle until an accident befalls him .

Li was an orphan in his previous incarnation, living in an oriental country in the 21th century . He lived by himself from an early age, juggling himself between study and part-time jobs . Unfortunate as it was, Li worked really hard and continuously pushed himself forward . He hoped to earn his own living and lead a happy life .

Study, love and work fulfilled his days, full but calm, until a journey along with his girlfriend completely changed his life .

They came across, unfortunately, some gangsters .

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The tour bus pulling up in the middle of mountain road, tourists were forced to get off the bus and hand in cash and phones in a fright . Li's girlfriend, a pretty girl, looked dainty and cute, but beauty sometimes is a curse---her appearance evoked the four gangsters' bad thought and resulted in the young couple's misfortunes . Two, among other gangsters, coerced the young girl back to the bus, intending to dishonor her .

Li had always been timid and meek, reluctant to make trouble by nature, but at that time, he blew his top and hit the roof! His eyes were stricken red by fury and his eyes capillary bursting with the rush of the blood .

Li burst into yell, dashing for an all-out attack towards the bandits . At that time, he held life as of no account . Bandits were shocked by Li's guts,but how could a man fight against 4 martial men single-handedly? For an instant Li got several stabs .

At the last moment, the amazing strength erupting from somewhere enabled Li to huddle together with the four bandits and all of them fell off the cliff .

The moment he fell, his girlfriend's grieved screech pierced his heart before he lost his consciousness .

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Now, Li is awake . He realizes that he has time travelled to his life after . To his amazement, the owner of his earthly body is also named Li Xing . Li Xing sees the world into which he has just been reincarnated as full of too many novelties . The remaining memory tells him that he enters the domain of Taiyuan Isle .

Tianyuan Isle, with a vast territory and a large population, is composed of countless countries and hundreds of millions of creatures, where humans know much about how to cultivate to promote health and lengthen lives .

From time immemorial, human beings have been bothered by the life-and-death law of nature . In ancient time, those who had superb wisdom, learned from nature, cultivated themselves constantly, and finally found a way to be immortal after enduring any burden, overcoming any hardship .

From then on, mankind sets his feet on the journey of being immortal .

"Oh! People here have all commanded the means of self-cultivation, and they can even kill people within ten steps!" And Li thinks of his going down together with bandits for the absence of martial arts background, his heart burns with rage .

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