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Published at 15th of November 2019 07:41:55 PM

Chapter 10

It turns out that the correct way to locate the meridians inside the human body is not through the arms but through the midpoint of the chest, which is the key to the first step of blood practicing . It dawns on Li Xing that he had been wasting his time looking the wrong way .  

And it was also impossible for the Li Xing before rebirth to find out since he was unable to practice blood to begin with .

Now aware of the right method, Li Xing starts transporting his blood essence again and slowly lifting this powerful energy to the skin on the surface of his chest . Instantly he feels a few intertwining fine strands of pathways which are the very dermal meridians .

“I found it!” Li Xing feels uplifted . Slowly and carefully, he tries to move his blood essence into the meridians . Once the blood essence enters the meridians, there is hope he will officially be able to start practicing blood .

But right when he starts steering his blood essence into his meridians, Li Xing feels bouts of severe pain in his chest so excruciating that makes him groan, his back suddenly snapped straighten in anguish .

“Goddammit! Why so painful!” With his eyes wide open, Li Xing cannot help but spit out a curse word . Clenching his teeth, he refuses to back down .

“Damn you! Come on!” Roaring to himself, he continues to push his blood essence into his meridians, first to a fist-sized area around the chest, then spreading to everywhere of his body, including the shoulders, lower abdomen, head, neck, and limbs .

With the blood essence passing every inch of his body, the sharp pain follows . Li Xing’s eyes become blood-red; his muscles steel-like and hot breath keeps puffing out of his nostrils .

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“The first step of blood practicing is to break through the dermal meridians . I must hold on against this pain . Goddammit!” Li Xing is determined to endure the suffering and refuses to give up halfway .

Little did he know that his skin is already covered in small drops of blood, which makes him look extremely horrifying .

For five days Li Xing hasn’t eaten or drank . Instead, he keeps focusing on pushing his blood essence through his meridians . He has succeeded in breaking through the meridians in every other part of his body, but not his back, soles and palms .

It is not that Li Xing couldn’t bear the pain anymore, but that his blood power has failed him in trying to break the meridians in the remaining five parts of his body .  

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Knowing that he is unable to push through, Li Xing at last stops practicing . He opens the door and finds Xiaoxiu right outside looking worried . The moment she lays eyes on Li Xing, she exclaims, “What has happened to you, Young Master?”

She is frightened to find that standing in front of her is a bloodied and terrifying man . Li Xing wipes his face and sees the dried-up blood all over his hand . He smiled bitterly and says, “Xiaoxiu, fetch me some water . I need to take a bath . ”

Learning that Li Xing is uninjured, Xiaoxiu goes off to get water, still wondering what happened .

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Soaking himself in a hot bath, Li Xing keeps on thinking about blood practicing . According to The Book of Ultimate Blood, at least five out of 10 people could not bear the pain and give up practicing even though they are able to feel their blood essence .

And for the rest who were able to hold out, most of them still failed to break through their dermal meridians . In other words, for those gifted with the aptitude for blood practicing, only one or two of them are able to reach the first level of blood practicing . The rest could only feel their blood essence, which would be enough to make them powerful in time of danger .

Li Xing is now faced with the difficulty toward the first level of blood practicing – breaking through the dermal meridians . Acceding to The Book, a first-level blood practicer is able to move his blood essence in full force all over his body and emerge unharmed in any confrontation with ordinary people .

This means that when one’s blood essence is all over his dermal meridians, he will be protected by a powerful armor and never be hurt by the punches and kicks of an ordinary person . Meanwhile, a first-level blood practicer will also have more strength .

“Did I get excited too soon? Is this body of mine still unable to practice blood?” Thinking about the meridians in the remaining five parts of his body, Li Xing’s heart sinks .

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