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Published at 27th of November 2019 07:30:29 PM

Chapter 13

Li Xing cackles bitterly as he looks down on his blistered hands . He can’t work unless he heals with the beads again . Five hours passes before the owner of Fortune Restaurant comes to inspect .

The owner doesn’t care about Li Xing; he only cares about if the work that’s been done . He is a cunning businessman; He wants to make sure each of his hired hand can perform up to standards .

Li Xing bows slightly . “Hello, sir . ”

The owner glances over the piles of chopped firewood and the empty vats remaining . He nods and pronounces, “You are slow, but work hard . Very well . You can stay… for 15 coppers a day . ”

Fifteen a day is 450 a month, 50 coppers less than the agreed amount . But Li Xing said nothing . There is nothing he can do in this situation .

The owner walks around once more and left, obviously satisfied . Li Xing can’t help thinking that humans will always be greedy, no matter where they are .

Li Xing heals up again with his bead and finishes filling the vats . When he’s done, he doesn’t leave immediately, but goes to a hidden corner and starts practicing blood .

There are 5 dermal meridians left that he has to breach: both palms, both soles, and a spot on his back . If his blood essence cannot reach these places, he can’t continue with blood practicing .

Blood Power Level 1 is a prerequisite for Level 2 . Level 1 hardens his skins, and Level 2 strengthens his muscles . He must progress from without to within .

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“If I can’t make a breakthrough this time, it probably means that I don’t have it in me . I might have to find another way . ” Li Xing enters his focus and start to move the blood essence within his body .

His skin swells and turns to red . His blood essence passes through a maze of dermal meridians and spreads in all directions .

A sliver of blood essence reaches his palms . To his astonishment, he pushes through the palm meridians quite easily . It has never been like this . Why is it so easy now?

Without hesitation Li Xing moves his blood essence and breaches through his podiatric and spinal meridians . When all the meridians in his body are opened up, he feels light and filled with power .

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Now he can concentrate his blood essence wherever he wishes at the slightest whim, forming a defensive field . Li Xing focuses his blood essence on his right hand, which swells up and turns red .

“The Book of Ultimate Blood said that if you can move your blood essence around as you wish, you have completed Level 1 . I’ve done it now!” Li Xing gets very excited . He sees a piece of wood as thick as his arm, and karate chops it with his bare hands!


The wood splits in half . Li Xing feels the impact, but not the pain, like punching a bag with gloves .

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“I’ve done it! Blood Practicing Level 1!” Li Xing lets his blood essence dissipate . His hand goes back to their normal color again .

“Why did this happen?” he can’t help but wonder .

“The previous Li Xing wasn’t able to practice blood, but I can . Those 5 blocked spots are now easily breached . How did such a drastic change happen?”

Li Xing thinks hard about it . The bead has saved him twice, and just now it heals his hands . Could it be that all these changes happened… because of that bead?

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