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Published at 27th of November 2019 07:30:29 PM

Chapter 14

“If it really is the bead, could it be that the healing power changed my potentials as well?” Li Xing thinks about this possibility . Whenever he is wounded, the nameless bead always sends a mysterious energy into his body .

Li Xing gets excited . If the bead really possesses the power to raise his potentials, maybe he can continue practicing blood, or even breath power!

So far, everything is still just his speculation . He cannot prove the bead has that power, and he must do that .

“It only gives me energy when I’m wounded . I must give it a try and make sure of it!”

Li Xing makes up his mind and leaves the backyard . He says goodbye to the owner and leaves the Fortune Restaurant for Purple Bamboo Community .

When Li Xing returns, he finds Xiaoxiu waiting for him agitatedly . The moment she sees him the girl stomps her foot and demands, “Young Master! Where have you been? I couldn’t find you anywhere…”

Li Xing looks at this girl apologetically . This budding, lovely girl is only thirteen, and already she has to face the hardships of this world and labor in servitude .

She notices Li Xing’s stare and blushes . “Young Master… what are you looking at?” she stammers .

Li Xing smiles, holds her wrist and tells her, “Xiaoxiu, I will take care of you . ” He means to say he will repay Xiaoxiu for what she has done .

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However, Xiaoxiu misunderstands him and her heart starts pounding . “Since when did the Young Master become so bold?” A thousand thoughts race through her mind, “Am I going to marry him? Can I marry him? I’m just a lowly maiden . ”

Xiaoxiu turns away her eyes and takes back her hands . “Young Master, I… I need to do the laundry . ” She says quickly and runs away as if she’s hunted by some monster .

Then Li Xing realizes that she might have misunderstood . “She couldn’t think that…”

He lets out a dry laugh and wonders how his word could have been misunderstood . But then he remembers his girlfriend from the previous life . Sighing, he stares blankly straight ahead .

The sun is going down . Li Xing’s training is delayed because Xiaoxiu has told him, in a shocking voice, that Li Ziran isn’t drinking on that day .

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Is he still the same person if he doesn’t drink?

Li Xing cannot believe her, but they sneak into the bamboo forest and peek from afar . There amongst the bamboos, Li Ziran stands straight with hands behind his back .

Li Xing cannot see Li Ziran’s face, only his back . He thinks for a moment then leads Xiaoxiu away from the forest . “Did he run out of alcohol?” he asks quietly .

Xiaoxiu shakes her head . “No,” she says, “the wine gourd is full, you know, because the Family supplies alcohol to Purple Bamboo Community . ”

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“Supply?” Li Xing sneers . “And since when did they become so generous? Surely they want my father to stay inebriated forever!” Still, something’s different . “Li Ziran stopped drinking? Is he sober already?”

Li Ziran has been an alcohol addict for over a decade . Drinking is his life –he doesn’t just quit like that .

Li Xing decides not to bother Li Ziran . Maybe the drunkard can be sober for a few days, but not for long .

As it gets dark, Li Xing locks himself inside the stone cottage and begins Level 2 Blood Practicing .

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