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Published at 5th of December 2019 12:14:15 PM

Chapter 18

The lackey goes by the name Ding Lei and he is one of the evil henchmen at Li Jie’s disposal, who has victimized a lot of people at his master’s bidding . The loud, berating voice makes him stop and turn around at Li Xing, with an ominous and fiendish look in his skew eyes . Li Xing keeps walking until he is five steps away from Ding Lei .

Xiaoxiu immediately runs toward Li Xing and stands behind him . But she quickly realizes that Li Xing doesn’t have any blood training either and steps forward right away to defend him, glaring at Ding Lei with a defying look .

Li Xing feels warmth in his heart, thinking, “She is willing to step forward and protect me in time of danger . I owe her for the rest of my life!” As an orphan in his previous life, he didn’t feel much caring from others, let alone someone willing to defend him like this .

What Xiaoxiu is doing right now makes Li Xing feel really warm and touched . He can only imagine how great the thirteen-year-old girl’s courage is at this moment .

Unexpectedly, Xiaoxiu feels Li Xing’s hand on her shoulder and a soft voice in her ear, “Xiaoxiu, we need a different way to reason with these people . ”

Xiaoxiu doesn’t know what to respond and turns around looking at Li Xing questioningly .

Li Xing steps past Xiaoxiu and walks in front of Ding Lei, with that freezing look returning to his eyes .

In his previous life, Li Xing chose to fight and die with the four gangsters . Perhaps it is that experience that has taught him to be decisive and fearless, and to have a casual confidence in front of a fierce enemy .

Ding Lei seems to be deterred by the strong chill exuded by Li Xing and doesn’t appear as threatening as before . But it soon occurs to him that the person in front of him is the loser of the Li family . Feeling emboldened again, he takes another step forward and snaps, “Got something to say, Big Young Master?”

By calling that, he is obviously mocking Li Xing . As a matter of fact, Li Ziran ought to be the head of the Li family, instead of Li Ying, and accordingly Li Xing should be the Big Young Master of the family, instead of Li Jie .  

Li Xing replies slowly, “You came to cut down the bamboo groves?”

Ding Lei raised his eyebrows in defiance, “That’s right . This little giglet dared to stop us . She is bound to meet her maker…”


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Li Xing throws his arm and slaps Ding Lei hard before he finishes his sentence . Like a flash of lightening, this slap hits right in Ding Lei’s right cheek and sends him flying, before he drops to the ground with a thump .

Ding Lei feels a buzzing sound in his head and his mouth is filled with blood . With a twirl of the tongue, he spits out a dozen or so broken teeth . Li Xing’s slap struck so hard that causes him to lose almost half of his teeth .

Both astonished and enraged, Ding Lei stumbles to pull himself up . Pointing his finger at Li Xing, he stares at him with a resentful and poisonous look, “How dare you loser raise your hand against me…” All of a sudden he stops howling and wonders, “Why was Li Xing able to hit me? That slap carried at least five hundred kilos!” 

“Could it be that the loser has been able to practice blood?”

With that frightening voice, Li Xing says, “This slap is to teach you to remember your position . A servant like you must know the rules!”

Boiling with rage, Ding Lei can barely wait to gather all his fellows and cut Li Lei into pieces . But he wouldn’t dare . After all, Li Xing is the son of Li Ziran . Maybe Li Jie could touch him, but he can’t .

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With an idea coming into mind, Ding Lei smirks, “Fine! Who can believe a loser like you are also able to practice blood! Just wait . I will tell Young Master Jie that…”


Li Xing takes one more step and arrives right in front of Ding Lei . He flips his hand and slaps him across the face once again .

As a result, Ding Lei is sent darting backward again . Since the first slap already made him dizzy and unable to react, there was no way for him to escape the second one .

As if got hit by a club in the head, he is sent rolling on the ground . After spitting out a few more teeth, he rolls his eyes and passes out . He should have known that Li Xing has already reached the second level of blood power with enormous strength . Maybe he is able to take one slap from Li Xing, but one more slap is bound to leave him unconscious .

Li Xing doesn’t bother to take another look at him . Instead, he casts his glance at the other men who are gobsmacked by what they saw, and reprimands, “Purple Bamboo Community is not a place where a bunch of lackeys like you can act wildly as you please . Take him and get out of here!”

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In awe of Li Xing’s imposing manner, the men pick Ding Lei up and scurry off .

Once again calm returns to Purple Bamboo Community . Xiaoxiu looks at Li Xing with great delight and astonishment .

“Young Master, have you been practicing blood?” She grabs hold of Li Xing’s sleeve, unable to contain her happiness .

Li Xing smiles, “Yes . I now have level two blood power . ”

Hearing this, Xiaoxiu cannot help but jumps with joy . But the next moment, tears start to fill her eyes, “If only Father hadn’t died . He would be happier than everybody else…” For the first time, a solemn look replaces the sadness in her eyes .  

“Young Master, you must try to become a great man like Elder Master . Can you do that?” Seeing the imploring and hopeful look in Xiaoxiu’s eyes, Li Xing strokes her head gently and answers, “I will . ”

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