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Published at 6th of December 2019 03:06:26 PM

Chapter 19

Never has Xiaoxiu been this happy before and never has she also wanted to have a good cry like today . Instead of thinking about anything else, she holds Li Xing’s arm and keeps weeping, with her tears wetting his sleeve .

Between sobs, she says, “Now that Young Master is able to practice blood too, no one will ever dare to call you are a loser any more…”

At that moment, it occurs to Li Xing that apart from the old Li Xing, everyone else around him, including Xiaoxiu and Zhang Zhong, had suffered a lot along with him . The servants and their master are honored and disgraced together!

With Zhang Zhong already dead, Xiaoxiu couldn’t imagine what would become of her were it not for Li Xing today .

“Alas, Li Xing, you were all alone in your previous life, but in this life, you live not for yourself anymore . You must become the pride of all the people around you!”

A short while later, rapid footsteps are heard from far away and grow louder and louder, accompanied by an arrogant yelling, “Li Xing! How dare you loser and bastard beat my men! I will teach you the rules today!”

With the yelling, there arrives a young man flanked by a dozen or so people . The man is twenty-four to twenty-five years old, dressed in fine satin, with his head slightly tilting and a conceited look in his eyes .

The man is none other than Li Jie . It turns out that after Ding Lei went back to his master, he recounted the incident and embellished the story with provoking details, such as how evil Li Xing was and how he insulted Li Jie .

A self-important and unruly man like Li Jie will never in a million years let this go . So after gathering his servants, he rushes here to teach Li Xing a lesson .

“Li Xing, how dare you!” Li Jie stares at Li Xing with violence and hatred smoldering in his eyes . Apparently, he is determined to let Li Xing pay .

Unmoved by what he saw, Li Xing barely takes a look at Li Jie . He turns around to Xiaoxiu who is already panicked and tells her in a soft voice, “Go back to the bamboo house . It’s time to make lunch . ”

With teardrops falling down from her eyes, Xiaoxiu shakes her head, “I won’t go . They will kill you…”

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Li Xing keeps comforting her, “Nothing bad is going to happen to me, Xiaoxiu . ” Then he lowers his head and whispers something into Xiaoxiu’s ear .

Xiaoxiu looks surprised . After hesitating for a moment, she turns around and runs back to the house .

What Li Xing told her was one simple sentence: Go ask Second Elder Master for help .

As a supreme master with level three breath power, only Li Ziran is able to stop Li Jie at a moment like this . But Li Xing just said that to send Xiaoxiu off, without hoping Li Ziran could really show up .

After reaching level two blood power, Li Xing intends to continue, but he needs the energy from the bead to help him . To his dismay, the bead only works when he is wounded .

Therefore, he decides to make Li Jie hurt him . The other day he was supposed to be killed from Li Fei’s kick, but he survived with no injury . It’s the bead that saved his life with its energy .  

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Li Jie sees a look on Li Xing’s face - a look he has never seen before, as if Li Xing is not scared of danger at all and that everything is beneath him .  

“You damn bastard are a dead man!”

With that fierce look, Li Jie grabs Li Xing in a lightning speed and with immense strength .

Li Jie doesn’t have much aptitude for blood practicing . But his father Li Ying has level two breath power . He helped break through his son’s meridians with his Qi, which made others believe that Li Jie is a talent for blood practicing .

Reaching level four of blood power means the cultivator has broken through his skeletal meridians, and as a result, his strength, speed, force and defense are all greatly improved, which makes him deserve the title of “brave warrior” .

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Usually only those with level four blood power or above can be called brave warriors and the brave warriors are the nucleus of a city’s defense line .

Seeing Li Jie coming, Li Xing barely has time to retreat and is snatched by the collar . Li Jie swings his fist and aims for Li Xing’s face . But he underestimated Li Xing who is already equipped with level two blood power .

With a push by his right hand, Li Xing manages to get away from Li Jie’s fist . He raises his left hand and punches right on Li Jie’s chest .

But level four blood power has made his rival incredibly resistant in fight . Li Xing’s punch doesn’t hurt Li Jie at all .

“You dare to hit back?” Li Jie, exploding with rage, grabs Li Xing and throws him to the ground, and then his fists come raining down hard on Li Xing’s body .  

Shoulders, limbs, chest and lower abdomen… every part of his body is being attacked . The overwhelming pain makes Li Xing widen his eyes . There is blood coming out from his mouth, nose, eyes and ears .

“This man is trying to beat me to death today . Come on . I will let you pay much more someday!” Li Xing clenches his teeth, knowing that he must bear the suffering today so that he will continue to practice blood .

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