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Published at 20th of August 2019 12:02:28 AM

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Practicing Blood, Breath Power, and Supreme Spirit

Translator: Sun Shanshan

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

After reading new memories, Li Xing is dejected to find that his constitution is not right for practicing blood .

Regarding practicing blood, it’s necessary to mention the Tao of Tianyuan Isle . In Tianyuan Isle, early stage of practicing Tao is divided into three main layers: practicing blood, breath power and supreme spirit, and each layer is further divided into different levels, ranging from one to nine until the “ultimate completeness” realm .

Most of people can practice blood, but few of them can reach the realm of “ultimate completeness” . Whoever can practice “ultimate completeness” must be an extraordinary guy called brave warrior .

As for practicing breath power, very few can accomplish it, as the progress is formidable . Among every hundred people, ninety-nine of them will stop at this stage without any progress, who are called breath power trainer, and whose power is far beyond layman’s extremity .  They can move free between heaven and earth, put their incredible power to good use, and are always enshrined as country warriors .

The third layer of practicing supreme spirit is more abstruse . For most people, those who master supreme spirit are incredible and respected as the immortal .

Among practicing blood, breath power, and supreme spirit, the first layer is the foundation for all, but it is a pity that Li can’t make it .

When Li is digesting the former owner’s memories, the wound on his wrist is healed unconsciously . As pain goes away, a mysterious power is flowing into his body, changing Li’s constitution quietly .

Even with a bit of regret and frustration, Li Xing has to face the reality .  He begins to ponder his identity in this lifetime, and how to adjust to his new life .  He is living in Three Chivalries Garden, where there are three big families, Li, Chan, and Bai . Among the three, Li family is specially distinguished and powerful .

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The ancestors of these three families all produced masters of supreme spirit, and three of whom have sworn as brothers, and established Three Chivalries Garden . Many master-hands in this Garden keep the whole business in Qing Yun city under control .

Among the three big families, Li family is most populated . For many years Li family grows more and more prosperous with many branches of the same clan, four of which being most powerful, including the branch of Li Xing .

Li Ziran, Xing’s father, the second son in his family, used to be a martial talent, but he became alcohol-addicted after an accident, and abandoned practicing Tao, and was reduced to hard drinking . What’s worse, his position in Li family had declined sharply .

Li Xing, the eldest son of such a big family, has never seen his mother; on the contrary, he has helped Zhang Zhong the servant take care of his father since early childhood and suffered hardships in life, without a deserved position and respect .

Anyone who loses his advantages half way proves to be easily belittled and bullied by those who have cringed before him . Li Xing’s three uncles always treat him as an eyesore, which makes his life even tougher .

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Having no parent-caring, Li Xing suffers more from the fact that he is unexpectedly not capable of practicing breath power! The majority of people in Tianyuan Isle practice blood and breath power, building up their body, and lengthening life, but he just can’t!

“Born as the son of a martial talent, Xing is actually a loser! It is ridiculous that his father was so arrogant at that time . Li family hold only the strong in esteem .  How is such a family, going down in the world, qualified to take up Bamboo Garden?“

“Our uncles, with brotherhood in mind, don’t have the heart to drive the old drunkard and his shit son away . If it were me, I would kick this family of waste off the house . What a disgrace to Li family!”

All kinds of sarcasm smashed Li Xing’s ego all the time .

“God, why you are so unfair to me!”

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Li Xing’s protest was no more than such a yell, followed by whining . In those days, he was just a coward .

Born as son of a martial talent, he felt so embarrassed because he couldn’t practice blood, let alone the poignant irony from his clansmen and the tough living condition . He finally chose to kill himself by cutting the wrist .

Li Xing was dead, but a new Li Xing from another world revives in a new guise, and is reborn .

“You can’t abandon yourself and commit suicide even if you are despised by others . ” The new born Li Xing doesn’t think much about his previous life, “One should have nothing to fear if he dares to die . ”

At the same time, he notices his wrist does not hurt .

“What a surprise! The wound has gone? ” The bloodstain is clearly seen in his wrist, but his skin looks so smooth, with no sign of scar left by a cut .

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