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Published at 7th of December 2019 11:33:59 AM

Chapter 20

Inside the bamboo house, Xiaoxiu kneels in front of Li Ziran and keeping begging him, “Master Li, please help Young Master . I beg of you!” Her face is tear stained . The words “Go ask Second Elder Master for help” from Li Xing makes her realize the man in front of her is their only hope .  

Although it has been quite some time since Li Ziran touched a drink, he remains in a stupor every day and refuses to talk to anyone . After hearing Xiaoxiu’s begging, he doesn’t react and keeps his eyes closed .

“Master Li!” Xiaoxiu suddenly raises her voice and dashes into the kitchen . She comes out with a knife and brings it right under her neck .

“If I can’t get your lordship to save Young Master, I may as well take my own life!”

For the poor girl, this is the only way to get Li Ziran’ attention .

Xiaoxiu’s snow-white neck starts bleeding against the sharp edge of the knife .

Finally opening his eyes, Li Ziran slowly turns around and slightly moves his hand . In that instant, an invisible yet strong force snatches the knife from Xiaoxiu’s hold and sends it right into Li Ziran’s hand .

Li Ziran sets down the knife, and still without a word, he slowly paces out of the house .

Xiaoxiu is overjoyed, believing Li Ziran is finally coming to Young Master’s rescue, so she immediately follows behind .

With his ribs broken, bones in his limbs smashed and internal organs bashed into bleeding pieces, Li Xing is now reduced close to a dead person . Attacked by someone with level four blood power, he didn’t even have the chance to defend himself .

“Li Jie has level four blood power . Is this what a person with level four blood power capable of?” Li Xing’s head is still clear and refuses to let the intense pain to crush his willpower, so he decides to endure the beating and keeps looking at Li Jie with a scornful look .

Using all his might, Li Jie keeps throwing his punches and kicks at Li Xing, the force of each could easily kill off an ox . Being utterly out of his mind, Li Jie is determined to end the loser’s life, because no one could challenge his position as the Big Young Master of the Li family, not even Li Ziran’s son!

“There is no need to continue, Young Master . He is a dead man now . ” All of a sudden, a yellow-clad old servant comes along .

The old servant, in his 60s, is named Li Yuan and he is the head steward of the Li clan, a superior master of level eight blood power with an overwhelmingly compelling manner .

Li Yuan’s tone was calm . Apparently, the death of a loser is not so much of a big deal as the death of a random pet .

Li Jie gives a final hard kick, sending Li Xing flying and crashing against a purple bamboo tree .

Almost certain that Li Xing will not be able to make it, Li Jie waves his hand with a cruel sneer, “Let’s go!”

It has only been a few short minutes since the encounter began, and Li Xing is already covered with injuries inside and outside his entire body .

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At last, Li Ziran arrives in the bamboo grove . The slight of a severely wounded Li Xing brings a fleeting chill to his eyes . Seeing Li Xing with blood all over his body, Xiaoxiu screams, about to rush to his side .  

Li Ziran, however, pulls out his hand and stops the girl . With that emotionless tone, he says, “I’m here now . He will live . ” 

Xiaoxiu keeps wiping away her tears, “But Young Master is so badly wounded…”

Li Ziran raises his hands in a slow, steady move . Suddenly a strong force materializes and lifts Li Xing’s body into the air .

Li Xing can tell Li Ziran is doing something and he can feel a soft energy steadily pushing his body up . He finds it hard to believe . “Li Ziran has come outside!” For over a dozen years, Li Ziran has never stepped out of the purple bamboo grove even once .

Many in Three Calvarias Garden, especially the young generation, have already forgotten Li Ziran’s existence . But today, he shows up!

Li Ziran slowly heads for the stone cottage, and Li Xing, as if carried by that invisible force, floats in the air and is moved to the cottage at the same time .

After gently putting Li Xing’s body on the bed, Li Ziran raises his arms above his son’s body . Instantly, a few fine, soft strands of energy start penetrating Li Xing’s body .

From all directions, this energy slowly puts Li Xing’s vital organs and bones back together, healing them in the process . Even all the blood is forced back to his veins .

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Distinctively aware of the change taking place in his body, Li Xing is amazed, wondering, “Is this what a breath power master can do? It is magical!”

Li Xing is a man who traveled from a different world which boasts all kinds of technologies and advanced medicine . But he is completely certain that given the severity of his injuries, no amount of advanced medicine would ever be able to bring him back to life .

But evidently Li Ziran can . Even without the bead, he is able to save Li Xing’s life . This is what a breath power master capable of: he can both kill and save people with his breath power .

One after another, all the severely fractured bones in Li Xing’s body are being pieced together by the magical energy; even his damaged marrows are healed .

The process only lasts three minutes and like a broken piece of china, Li Xing’s body is one piece again .

Pulling back his hands, Li Ziran tells the girl, “Xiaoxiu, stay here . ” Then, he walks out of the cottage .   

Li Xing can feel that although Li Ziran has left, the energy still lingers inside his body helping him to recover .

“Li Ziran, have you really sobered up?” Li Xing still cannot tell for sure .

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Technically speaking with the terminology in Li Xing’s previous life, he suffered comminuted fractures, internal bleeding, extensive cerebral concussion and high paraplegia, among other injuries .

All those injuries combined would have killed him, yet Li Xing is left sound and intact .

Firstly, Li Ziran used his internal energy to put all the broken pieces back together in Li Xing’s body, and next, the bead worked again with its magical healing effects and helped fix him .

The pain, however, doesn’t go away and is ten times worse than that caused by Li Fei’s kick . It’s so excruciating that it almost makes Li Xing curse .

“Li Jie, you son of a bitch, I will kill you!”

“Goddamnit! It’s so painful!”

Noticing Li Xing muttering, Xiaoxiu brings her ears to his mouth .

After hearing what he is saying, the girl slightly blushes and feels surprised, “Young Master curses, too?”

A few moments later, the pain starts subsiding and is completely gone right after the mysterious energy permeates the damaged parts of his body . Li Xing also stops muttering and quiets down . Unconsciously, he starts blood practicing again .

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