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Published at 11th of December 2019 03:17:49 PM

Chapter 21

The blood essence in his muscles is steered into the sinews and smoothly sweeps through as expected . The third layer of meridians lies in the sinews which are intricately intertwined with each other .

Soon one day passes . To his surprise, Li Xing manages to break through one tenth of his sinewy meridians, which makes him feel his strength has doubled . Days ago, his maximum strength was at around 500 kilos, but now, it has reached at least 1,000 kilos .

It means that once Li Xing masters the techniques of martial art, he will be able to take on Li Fei, the man who gave him a kick the other day .

Li Xing opens his eyes and finds Xiaoxiu has already dozed off at the edge of the bed . He pats her head, saying, “Xiaoxiu, go sleep on you bed . ”

The girl is awakened immediately with a blank expression which is soon replaced with delight, “Young Master, you feel well?”

Li Xing nods his head and asks, “Where is Second Elder Master?”

“After finishing treating your injuries, Second Elder Master went back to the bamboo house,” the girl answers .

Li Xing says to himself, “Li Ziran hasn’t had a drink for over a dozen days, and today he healed my wounds . Maybe he really did sober up . ”

Realizing it is morning, Li Xing thinks he had better go to Fortune Restaurant first . He didn’t go there yesterday because of his injuries and is afraid that the owner will throw a fit at him . So he decides to think about Li Ziran later and go to work today .

The moment Li Xing arrives at Fortune Restaurant, the busboy scuttles forward looking angry . He points Li Xing in the face and starts yelling, “What’s the matter with you? You didn’t show up yesterday . I had to ask my cousin to do your job!”

Li Xing smiled apologetically, “I really appreciate your help . When I get my wage, I will pay you three times of your daily pay . ” That means forty five coppers .

As a matter of fact, the reason the busboy was willing to help Li Xing is that he can get some money from Li Xing . Seeing Li Xing understands what he said, he stops his angry yelling and waves his hand, saying, “All right . Go back to work, and make sure it won’t happen again . I will not be able to help you if the owner finds out . ”

Li Xing thanks him again and heads for the backyard .

With the great strength that comes with level three blood power, it only takes Li Xing three hours to finishes off today’s work . As usual, he spends the rest of the time practicing .  

Before it gets dark, Li Xing walks out of the yard to find the owner for his pay .

As what was agreed, Li Xing gets paid every ten days, and today is already the twelfth day .

After seeing Li Xing, the owner readily pulls out one hundred and eighty coppers at him and asks, “What’s your name?”

“Li Xing . ” He takes the money and answers .

Looking Li Xing up and down, the owner smiles, “I saw you work today . You have plenty of strength . Are you a blood practicing warrior?”

Although the owner doesn’t have blood training, he is able to tell Li Xing is no ordinary person . So he decided to ask him .

Seeing no point in holding it back, Li Xing nods his head, answering, “Yes . I have level three blood power . ”

“Alas!” the owner exclaims in surprise and walks up to Li Xing immediately . Cupping his hands in front his chest as a salute, he says, “Nice to know you, Warrior Li . Please forgive me for not treating you as you deserve these days . ”

It is a well-known fact that not everybody is talented for blood practicing . Even if someone can practice, they rarely are able to reach level three blood power .

There are over a million people in Qingyun City, but no more than one thousand of them are brave warriors with level three blood power or above . In other words, one out of a thousand is able to reach that level and become a brave warrior .

A warrior with level three blood power has a physical strength of five hundred kilos or even more, which makes him the backbone force in the army with promising prospects in his life .

That’s why the owner, after told so, doesn’t want to treat Li Xing like a nobody anymore .

Li Xing says blandly, “You don’t’ have to call me that . I’m only here to make a living . It doesn’t matter whether I’m a brave warrior or not . ”

The owner chuckles, saying, “Fortune Restaurant will not think little of a brave warrior like you anymore . ” After pondering for a while, he continues, “If it is okay with you, why don’t you work at my house as a tutor to my son?”

In Tianyan Isle, people have both martial art and reading trainings . Many top clans have a tradition of sword skills and literary heritance as well . Most of the time, high-level martial art cultivators also have an unparallel memory and extraordinary intelligence and are fast readers than others .

And in reality, a vast majority of the civil officials in Tianyuan Isle have martial art training . Long has passed the time when a feeble scholar eventually reached a high place just as a civil official .

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Li Xing is aware that working a tutor is much easier than chopping firewood and drawing water and it is also more flexible . Without thinking too much, he nods his head and says to the owner, “Thank you very much . I will take the job . ”

Delighted, the owner smiles, “For now on I will pay three thousand coppers to you per month . Is that okay with you?”

“Yes . ” Li Xing nods .

With an agreement reached, Li Xing changes to another job . He hands the busboy forty five coppers from his pay, and after spending all the rest on rice and meat, he carry them back to Purple Bamboo Community .

At dinner, Xiaoxiu decides to leave Li Xing and Li Ziran alone and takes her bowl outside to the bamboo forest . Inside the small dining room, Li Xing sits across Li Ziran and keeps gobbling food .

Li Ziran slowly nibbles with a frown on his face, seemingly forcing down his food .

Li Xing has been able to eat much more than before since he started practicing blood and can bolt down at least ten bowls of rice every meal . After finishing eating, he sets down his bowl and chopsticks, wipes his mouth, and asks Li Ziran, “Why were you willing to help me yesterday?”

Li Ziran stops chewing, and answers in a slightly hoarse voice, “Because you are my son . ”

“You’ve stopped drinking?” Li Xing asks again .

“You broke my bottle . How am I going to drink?”

Li Ziran suddenly fixes his eyes on Li Xing with a studying look, continuing, “You don’t look like my son . ”

Li Xing suddenly gets nervous and starts wondering if he already knows the truth .

But Li Ziran’s next words make him feel relieved .

“I didn’t expect a person could ever change so much . You used to be weak, but now you are able to take responsibilities . It’s really great . ”

After saying that, Li Ziran stands up, “I will be away for a while, maybe ten days, maybe a month . ” Before Li Xing can respond, Li Ziran quickly turns around and is out of sight .

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A long moment later, Xiaoxiu pulls open the bamboo drapes and takes a look inside inquisitively . After realizing Li Ziran has already left, she steps in with a smiley face, “Young Master, what did you talk about with Second Elder Master?”

Amused by the girl’s curiosity, Li Xing decides to play a joke on her, so he fakes a sigh, saying, “He said it’s time to marry Xiaoxiu off . ”

The smile suddenly freezes on Xiaoxiu’s face . As if being hit by a lightening, she shakes her head with a frightened look, “I’m not going to marry anyone! I’m not!”

Li Xing didn’t expect this reaction and immediately tries to calm her down, “Xiaoxiu, I was joking . No one said that . ”

Astonished, Xiaoxiu stomps and runs out with her hands covering her face .

Li Xing breaths in relief, suddenly realizes that this world is differently from the one he came from and he is not at liberty to play jokes anymore .

At night, a meeting is convened in Jieyi Hall, the most guarded place in Three Chivalries Garden,

In attendance are Li Ying, head of the Li family, Bai Pingdu, head of the Bai family, Chen Jinsong, head of the Chen family, as well as other members of the three families .

Li Ying, the man with the most authority in the three families, starts off with an announcement, “A year from now, Qiyun Sect will recruit disciples . As usual, Three Chivalries Garden has nine spots . ”

“Everybody knows Qiyun Sect is the most prestigious sect in Ping State . It’s headed by an immortal with level five supreme spirit power and boasts dozens of breath power masters . Getting selected by Qiyun Sect will both help our cultivation and add to the influence of Three Chivalries Garden . ” 

“Qiyun Sect only recruits once in twenty years, so it is a rare opportunity . We have divided the spots evenly over the years, so this time I suggest we let our disciples compete fair and square . How do you two chieftains think?”

Li Ying’s suggestion causes a little displeasure on the faces of Chen Jinsong and Bai Pingdu .

There used to be no competition between the three families because the chances were equal . But if all the disciples are let to vie with each other this time, there is a risk of driving a wedge between the three families .

After spending a little while thinking, Chen Jinsong says with a smile, “That’s a good idea, Brother Li, but I’m just afraid it will damage the harmony between the three families . ”

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Bai Pingdu echoes, “Jinsong was right . Although we have different surnames, we have been brothers and sisters to each other . It will not be wise to damage the fraternity with this competition . ”

Li Ying laughs, “You two have taken this the wrong way . Please allow me finish . ”

After a short pause, he continues, “If Three Chivalries Garden want to become stronger, it must have its own first-rate masters with level four breath power or above, even supreme spirit power . To achieve that, we must make sure the chance will be given to each one of the disciples with potential in Three Chivalries Garden . ”

“In the past, we three families each just decided our candidates . Even though some disciples didn’t have much talent, they still got into Qiyun Sect, just because we thought it would help with our future expansion . So, not only those who got selected have failed to accomplish something, we also waste a valuable spot for nothing . ”   

“So that’s why I suggested a chance of equal competition . We three families make our decisions together to make sure every qualified disciple has a chance . This way, we don’t have to worry about unfairness or conflict . ”

Chen Jinsong and Bai Pingdu keep weighing their options . Regarding aptitude and strength, all the disciples in the three families are actually able to match one another, so there will be no need to worry about which family will be put at a disadvantage .

So the two heads of family both agree to the arrangement .

“All right, we agree with that Brother Li said and let all the talented disciples to have a chance for the spot, all for a more flourishing Three Chivalries Garden!”

Li Ying says with a laugh, “Great! I will have a notice put up tomorrow and let every one of the disciples in Three Chivalries Garden to know they can compete equally . ”

Another night of practice enables Li Xing to break through more sinewy meridians and makes him feel even stronger .

After getting up before dawn, Li Xing steps out to the front yard and starts practicing martial art moves .

The Book of Ultimate Blood is about blood practicing, while the Book of Ultimate Martial Art is about body moves . Blood practicing lays the foundation for later trainings, and in order to give play to the maximum force of one’s blood power, he needs to hone his movement skills at the same time .

Since Li Xing was unfit for blood practicing before, he didn’t have any movement training, as he did in his previous life .

The thunder blood force is the power drawn from one’s blood essence, and it has the supremacy among all kinds of martial art capabilities due to its high ferocity and thunderous power .

Anyone who practices blood is able to achieve blood force, but different methods lead to different levels of blood force, such as the thunder force, ice force, silkworm force, enlightened hidden force, and so on . Most of the time one needs to practice both blood power and martial art moves in order to achieve strong blood force .

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