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Published at 12th of December 2019 07:38:26 AM

Chapter 22

There are different levels of blood force . Those with the first level of blood power only have level one blood force, and those with the second level of blood power can reach level two blood force . The higher of one’s blood power level, the stronger his blood force .

However, practicing blood force comes with even more difficulties than practicing blood, which can be compared to learning how to run and how to walk .

In fact, the methods of blood practicing are largely the same . No matter it is Li Xing, Li Fei or Li Ziran, everyone starts practicing externally, then internally, step by step .

But practicing blood force in martial art usually varies from one person to another, and each can adopt a method of his own . Therefore the cultivators usually are capable of different levels of blood force, some mild and some fierce .

Li Xing opens the Book of Ultimate Martial Art and starts practicing, now that he has already reached the third level of blood power .

The book consists of two parts: one about the ultimate combative skills on the fist and the other about the techniques on sword using .  

Each part is divided into two chapters: internal practicing and external practicing . The first chapter is about techniques training on blood force, while the second chapter is about the ways of using the fists and sword . In other words, the former teaches Li Xing how to gather strength and force from within, and the latter tells him how to use his fists and sword in fight .

After memorizing the part about fist training, Li Xing starts practicing blood force .

As the book says, blood force is the key to one’s strength .

Due to the lack of experience, Li Xing has to try all by himself .

All his dermal and sinewy meridians have been completely broken through, allowing the smooth flow of his blood essence . The first step for Li Xing is to gather his blood force and employ it, which is the most difficult step . Many people were stuck on this step and couldn’t continue any more .

There are people who can practice blood but not blood force, and those people do not truly deserve to be called brave warriors .

Guided by his mind, the blood essence inside Li Xing starts vibrating in a strange way that makes him feel numb all over his body . Gradually, he hears a rumbling sound inside, just like a thunder .

“Is this the thunder force?” Li Xing feels both amazed and delighted, and continues with the vibration of the blood essence as the book says .

The rumbling sound gets louder and louder until Li Xing senses the floor underneath also starts shaking slightly . After ten minutes or so, he suddenly feels the blood essence all over his body has been pulled together .

With all his blood essence flowing in a complete circulation, Li Xing subconsciously swings his fist with force .


A thunderous sound follows the move of his fist, out of which bursts a red flash that is the blood force of Li Xing . The thunder blood force!

“I did it! It only took less than an hour!” Li Xing is overwhelmed .

It is widely acknowledged that a person usually needs dozens of days or even months to accomplish blood force . But it only takes Li Xing less than an hour to reach the supreme level that is the thunder blood force .

At the moment, it is already broad daylight .

After washing his face, Li Xing walks out Purple Bamboo Community with great excitement, and heads for the residence of Fortune Restaurant’s owner for his tutoring job .

On his way, he needs to pass through a square which is about one hundred meters long and fifty meters wide with stone columns in the middle and a platform built over the columns . That is where Three Chivalries Garden puts up its notices and makes announcements .

At the moment, the square which is usually quite is crowded with people . They are all young disciples from the three families .

The old Li Xing would get away from a large crowd like this, but now he strides through the crowd to read the notice .

His appearance immediately attracts the attention of the one hundred or so men and woman in the square, all looking at him with various feelings, such as contempt, curiosity and doubt .

“Is that Li Xing? I heard his father used to be somebody great . ”

“Bah! That’s history . Now the father is a drunkard and the son a loser!”

“That’s right . Li Xing has zero talent for blood practicing . ”

Level three blood power has given Li Xing much shaper eyes and ears, so he hears every comment from the crowd . He doesn’t bother to respond to any of this, and with a smile, he walks up near the columns and starts reading the notice .  

“Three Chivalries Garden will hold a competition for Qiyun Sect disciple qualifications one month from now . Anyone under the age of thirty with level four blood power or above can compete regardless of background . Nine people will be selected and sent to Qiyun Sect . ” 

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After reading the notice, Li Xing secretly makes up his mind in delight, “I will reach level four blood power in a month no matter what!”

Li Xing keeps thinking without noticing a doubtful look on him .

Realizing someone is staring at him, Li Xing turns around and finds out that the person behind him is Chen Xue, with whom he crossed paths once . Chen Xue is the eldest daughter of Chen Jinsong, the head of the Chen family, and her sister is Chen Shuang .

Li Xing feels a little indebted to the girl who helped him last time, so he slightly nods his head at her .

After her eyes meet Li Xing’s, Chen Xue turns her face to another side coldly and wonders, “Usually Li Xing wouldn’t so much dare to look at me, how come he has become so casual and natural?”

Li Xing doesn’t take Chen Xue’s frosty reaction seriously and laughs a little at himself, preparing to turn around and leave .

“Wow, you’re already well!”

Hearing the voice, Li Xing raises his head and sees Li Jie .

The other day, Li Jie beat up Li Xing and serious wounded him . He had thought Li Xing would be dead by now, so never expected to see him standing here perfectly well . How could him recover, looking even better? For someone suffering severe injuries like he did, only a country man with spirit power is able to bring him back to life .  

Seeing his foe, Li Xing says in a threatening voice, “How could someone with such inferior martial art skills like you hurt me?” Although Li Xing is aware that he is no match to the man in front of him, he knows nobody can kill him, so he shows no fear at all .

No one in Three Calvarias Garden has ever dared to speak to Li Jie with that tone, especially in front of so many people . Naturally, he bursts into a fury and starts shouting abuse, “You bastard! I’m going to kill you!”

With a sharp look in his half-opened eyes, Li Xing shouts, “Wait!”

Like a rumbling thunder, this sound that comes from a man with thunder blood force carries so much power that everyone is stunned .

Li Jie pulls to a stop and sneers, “What? You want to beg for mercy?”

Li Xing jumps to the platform, and he stares at Li Jie with a firm look and speaks in a stern voice, “Li Jie, you beat and wounded me the other day . I will remember this and make you pay or I will be damned! The competition is one month away, if you dare, I will be fighting you in a month!”

After hearing this, Li Jie is beyond himself with rage . “Who do you think you are? How dare you stand above me and challenge me?” He is so furious that he wants to kill Li Xing right on the spot . But he’s afraid that will make people think he doesn’t have the courage to take this challenge .

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At this moment, butler Li Yuan behind Li Jie whispers, “Young Master, if you kill him now, everyone in Three Chivalries Garden will know . Why not let me handle this?”

Li Jie always believes Li Yuan who is good at taking care of things for him . After thinking for a while, he decides to swallow his rage and points at Li Xing laughingly, “Li Xing, this is what you ask for . You will be dead in a month . ”

Li Xing laughs back, “We will find out who will be dead a month later!” Then he walks down from the platform in big steps and away from the square .

Everyone else there still can’t believe what they saw . A loser like Li Xing wants to fight Li Jie in a month? Is he out of his mind? Li Jie already has level four blood power and is said to reach level five soon .

Isn’t this pure suicide that a man with no blood training wants to challenge another with level four blood power?

Chen Xue is also left in shock, with her eyebrows slightly frowned and a puzzled look on her face .

Chen Shuang, Bai Jing and Bai Qiong are also in the crowd . Bai Qiong says with scorn, “What an idiot! He probably wants to kill himself by doing this . ”

Bai Jing also chuckles, “He’s a loser . It’s normal for him to seek suicide . ”

Chen Shuang seems in disbelief, asking, “Does Li Xing really wants to kill himself?” She looks at her elder sister Chen Xue with a strange expression on her face .

After Li Xing arrives at Fortune Restaurant, the owner leads him to his house right away .

The name of the owner is Qian Yi, and he has a fourteen-year-old son, Qian Bixie .

Qian Yi’s home is a medium-sized garden with beautiful scenery . After walking a path and bridge, the two reach a pavilion where a young man dressed in white is reading a book in his hands .

The boy looks a little pale with delicate features and a refined manner . He is Qian Bixie .

Hearing the steps, Qian Bixie raises his head and sees Li Xing, then cracks a smile, “It is rare for Father to bring a guest home . ” Standing up, the boy nods his head at Li Xing smilingly .

In a good mood, Qian Yi introduces Li Xing to his son, “Bi Xie, this is the tutor I find for you . He is a brave warrior with level three blood power . ”

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Li Xing smiles back at the boy, saying, “I’m Li Xing . ”

Qian Bixie doesn’t seem to care whether Li Xing is a brave warrior or not, and replies, “Nice to meet you, Warrior Li . Please have a seat . ”

After sitting down, Li Xing sees the book in Qian Bixie’s hand which is titled Ancient Poetry . He can also tell the young man doesn’t have any blood training .

Qian Yi says with a smile, “Bi Xie, you will learn a lot from Warrior Li . ” Then he says to Li Xing, “Warrior Li, I will leave you two alone . The restaurant is busy, so I have to go . ”

Qian Yi takes off, and both Li Xing and Qian Bixie remain silent for a while .

Qian Bixie goes back to reading as if Li Xing weren’t there, while Li Xing sits silently practicing blood, which is exactly what he has looked forward to .

An hour passed without either notices . Qian Bixie finally raises his head from his book and looks at Li Xing, asking with a smile, “Warrior Li, as my tutor, do you know any poetry?”

To Li Xing’s knowledge, the literary trend prevails in Tianyuan Isle, with the development of different genres including various forms of poetry . The poetry Qian Bixie refers to are very similar to those he learned in his previous life .

Hearing him asking, Li Xing opens his eyes, answering with a smile, “Yes, I know some . ”

Qian Bixie continues, “A month ago, I met a few poets in Ping State and one of them was Murong Jiaojiao from Hailan City who is adept at poetry writing . The two of us agreed that one month later we each would write a poem about people bidding farewell . ”

“As long as Warrior Li is well versed in poetry, can you give any suggestions?”

Li Xing thinks, “I’m a tutor, so I can’t just sit idly . I must let Qian Bixie believe I’m worth the money . ”

Then a smile comes to his face, “Speaking of parting poetry, I know about a poet who once wrote a piece . Do you want to hear it?”

A condescending look appears on Qian Bixie’s face . Although the boy has no blood training, he is extremely intelligent with an extraordinary memory and he is also skilled at writing poetry . Despite being a teenager, Qian Bixie is already a well-known poet across Ping State .

Hearing Li Xing’s words, the boy is almost sure that the poem is written by Li Xing himself .

“Alright, you have my full attention,” Qian Bixie smiles .

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