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Published at 14th of December 2019 10:57:41 AM

Chapter 24

The next morning, Li Xing feels a little exhausted after a night of fist training, even though he has level three blood power . But he still sets off to the Qian’s .

After arriving at the Qian residence, he is told that Qian Bixie is away . Qian Yi hands a note to Li Xing, which says: “I’m taking a trip to the capital city and I will be away for one to three months . I’ve told Father to pay you three months of salary in advance . Please wait for me to come back with good news . ”

After waiting Li Xing to finish reading the note, Qian Yi gives nine thousand coppers to Li Xing laughingly, and says, “Bixie has never looked up to someone like he does toward you . Warrior Li must be extraordinary to have earned such high esteem from my son . ”

Li Xing guesses, “Maybe the poems have made Qian Bixie admire me so much . ”

Considering he is in a cash crunch, Li Xing receives the money, extends his thanks to Qian Yi, and takes off back home .

Now that there is enough money to cover living expenses and no need to go out to work for a while, Li Xing realizes he has more time at his hand . Xiaoxiu is surprised to see Li Xing back so early, and asks curiously, “Young Master, why are you home so soon?”

Xiaoxiu knows Li Xing has been working for money . Although she doesn’t want to see him toil as a servant, with Zhang Zhong already gone, she can’t figure out another way to cover the everyday expenses in the family .

With a smile, Li Xing hands the nine thousand coppers to Xiaoxiu, saying, “This money will be enough to cover our expenses for a year . ”

Xiaoxiu exclaims and holds the money with both her hands like a miser holds his treasures . Overjoyed, the girl asks, “Young Master, where did you get so much money?”

“I robbed someone!” Li Xing feigns seriousness .  

Xiaoxiu bursts into laughter and rolls her eyes at Li Xing playfully with girlish innocence, and giggles, “You must be joking . ”

Li Xing, who is in a good mood today, also laughs and tells the truth, “This is the advance pay from my boss . ” Xiaoxiu says, “You must be really great at this job, so the boss is willing to pay you nine thousand coppers . ” After gladly putting away the money, the girl tells Li Xing, “Young Master, Li Hu went to see the butler . He wants to ask for permission to stay by your side . ”

Li Hu is not a servant of Purple Bamboo Community but works at the stable and is tasked with feeding the horses . After realizing he is able to practice blood, the boy wants to work for Li Xing as his servant . But for that to happen, he needs the permission of Li Yuan, the butler .

After hearing Li Hu went to Li Yuan, Li Xing feels something bad might happen . He immediately tells Xiaoxiu to stay home and walks out of Purple Bamboo Community in a hurry .

At Bibo Building in Three Cavalries Garden .

There is where Li Yuan, the butler of the Li family, lives and also the place where he handles all kinds of affairs in the family . As the butler, he is in charge of everything and everyone needs his permission to do anything in the family .

Li Yuan looks confused at Li Hu who is kneeling on the ground in front of him .

“Your wounds are healed?” Li Yuan asks .

Trying to come up with an explanation, Li Hu thinks, “This is bad! He knows I was badly injured the other day . I can’t tell him it’s Young Master Li Xing who saved my life . But how can I explain?”

Seeing Li Hu remains silent, Li Yuan’s look becomes cold and menacing . He scoffs and asks again, “Why are you not answering?”

In a state of panic, an idea comes to Li Hu’s mind . He cracks a bitter smile and says, “I was supposed to be dead . But somehow I woke up and found my wounds all healed . I don’t know why either . ”

After telling this, Li Hu feels a bit ill at ease, thinking, “Could he find out I was lying?”

Li Yuan, however, seems to be greatly startled, and instantly stands up from his seat and asks again, “You really have no idea who healed you?”

His reaction causes consternation in Li Hu who immediately answers in fright, “No, I have no idea . ”

“Where were you the day you were injured? Were you in Purple Bamboo Community?” Li Yuan continues with his questions .

Realizing there is no way to lie anymore, the boy nods, “Yes . ”

For a moment, the color seems to have gone out of Li Yuan’s face . At last he says in a raised voice, “You can work in Purple Bamboo Community starting tomorrow . Leave!”

Li Hu didn’t expect Li Yuan could agree to his request so easily, so he is greatly excited, saying “Thank you so much, Butler Li!”

On his way back, Li Hu runs into Li Xing .

Li Xing immediately asks, “Li Yuan agreed?”

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Li Hu replies with a hearty smile, “Yes, he did . I had expected he would give me a hard time, but he said yes . ”

Li Xing then asks for more details, and the boy goes on and tells him everything .

After hearing what Li Hu said, an uneasy look comes to Li Xing’s face . He tells the boy in a low voice, “Li Hu, go back to Purple Bamboo Community right now!”

At Lingxiao Building in Three Chivalries Garden .

This is the residence of Li Ying, the head of the Li family .

Li Ying is well respected in the family because he is the chieftain and a country warrior with level two breath power . Lingxiao Building, where he lives, is also the most guarded place and no one can enter without authorization .

Li Yuan, in hastened steps, walks into the building and asks to report to Li Ying .

Li Ying is in his room fondling a small dart that is only several centimeters in length . The dart seems to be special and is of great value to him .

“Elder Master!” Li Ying calls him on the side of the door .

The man has been a loyal servant to Li Ying since the latter was at a young age . After recognizing it is Li Yuan, Li Ying puts away the dart and says, “Come in . ”

Li Yuan pushes the door open, and before he opens his mouth, Li Ying speaks first because from Li Yuan’s hurried footsteps, he senses the man is really worried about something . “Calm down . You are supposed to stay composed as always . ”

Taking a step closer, Li Yuan says in a hushed voice, “Elder Master, Li Ziran is probably already sober now . ”

“What?” Li Ying stands up abruptly, “Are you sure?”

Li Yuan starts recounting the whole story, and after hearing it, a cold smile is seen on Li Ying’s face, “He is sober after all . ”

Li Yuan continues, “The other day, I found out Li Xing seemed to have been practicing blood . How could that loser suddenly practice? Li Ziran must have helped him . Li Ziran himself was a country warrior with level three breath power . It would be easy for him to break through the meridians of his loser son . ”

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“Li Xing was once seriously wounded but managed to survive, so did Li Hu . It must have something to do with Li Ziran, because he is the only person in the entire Three Chivalries Garden who can bring back a man’s life . So I can almost tell for sure that Li Ziran must have sobered up . ”

After a long silence, Li Ying lets out a sigh, “What has made him suddenly sober up? Because of Zhang Zhong’s death? Or because he decided to let go of his troubles?” He pauses a little and adds, “Li Yuan, look into this and make sure whether Li Ziran is really sober, and report back to me after you find out . ”

Li Yuan takes a bow, saying, “Yes! I will start right away!”

Li Xing hurries back to Purple Bamboo Community without delay, followed by Li Hu who keeps wondering why Li Xing is in such a rush, so he asks, “Young Master Xing, why are we rushing back?”

Li Xing steps inside the bamboo building with a grim face, “Li Yuan wanted to know if my father is sober by asking you questions just now . ”

Being no fool himself, Li Hu thinks for a moment and comes to realize that Li Ziran has been away for more than ten days and everything that has happened lately starts coming together . Both surprised and excited, the boy asks hesitantly, “Has Second Elder Master really… become sober?”

Li Xing nods affirmatively, “Yes, he has . And he went away on something important . ” That grim look returns to his face again . “But we must hide this from everyone else and think of a way to let them believe that Father never left Purple Bamboo Community . ”

Li Hu, however, still doesn’t understand why Li Xing is determined to cover this up, and asks, “Young Master Xing, it is a good thing that Second Elder Master is sober . Why do we have to be nervous about this?”

As Li Xing walks into Li Ziran’s bedroom and starts going through his clothing, he explains to the boy quickly, “Li Hu, if I ask you who has the most power in Three Chivalries Garden, who would you say it is?” 

“It’s Li Ying, of course,” Li Hu answers without hesitation .

“But if Second Elder Master becomes sober and wants to be the head of the Li family again, do you think that will happen?” Li Xing asks again .

Li Hu nods, saying, “Of course it will . Second Elder Master is a country warrior with level three breath power . Even Li Ying can’t compete with that…” In that instant, he seems to understand . “Young Master, I get it . Li Ying must not want to see Second Elder Master sober because that will threaten his place in the family . ”

As the boy speaks, Li Xing quickly changes into a robe with a faded color, and responds with a grave tone, “That’s right . People can easily be addicted to power . Li Ying has been the head of the family for more than ten years . There is no way he will give up his position that easy . ”

His words make Li Hu sweat and worry . In a shivering voice, the boy says, “Young Master, it’s my fault . Damn me for letting it out! I…”

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“Enough!” Li Xing cuts Li Hu off with a stern look .

“They would find out eventually even if you hadn’t gone to Li Yuan . The most important thing now is to let them believe Second Elder Master is still in Purple Bamboo Community . ” he says .

“Why?” Li Hu is still clueless .

Different than Li Hu, Li Xing comes from a world with advanced media, so even though he is not a very shrewd person, he has learned quite enough about the government circle, the business world, love affairs and many other aspects from television, movies and novels, although he hasn’t had the chance to make use of his experience in real life .

That’s why Li Xing has been able to envisage all kinds of possibilities, because he has learned so much about the human nature that Li Hu can never imagine to match . He has had access to so much more information that he is able to make clear and informed judgments .

Intending to clear the boy’s doubt, Li Xing says, “Second Elder Master is away for something . I don’t know what it is, but I assume it’s something important . If Li Ying knows Second Elder Master has gone out, he may try to obstruct him, or threaten us, or maybe something else could happen out of our control . So what we need to do now is hide the fact . That is the best option . ”

“Now there is no way for us to hide the fact that Second Elder Master is sober, but we still need to stop everyone else finding out that he is out . ”

“Where has Second Elder Master gone exactly?” Li Hu asks .

Li Xing shakes his head and speculates, “I’m not sure either . He used to be a heavyweight in Qingyun City, so he probably has a lot of matters to deal with after spending over ten years as a drunken person . ” As he says, he turns his back at Li Hu and asks, “Do I look like Second Elder Master now?”

Li Hu looks carefully and recalls, “I think he has broader shoulders…”

Li Xing starts steering his blood essence and breaks through all his dermal, muscular and sinewy meridians, which makes his flesh and skin bloat and expand . The next minute, the muscles on the sides of his shoulders swell, making them look broader than before .

Li Hu, far from that level of blood power, is greatly amazed by what he saw, “If you want to look more like Second Elder Master, you have to mess up your hair a little…”

With the boy’s help, Li Xing finally manages to make himself look ninety percent like Li Ziran seen from behind .

After finishing doing this, Li Xing calls Xiaoxiu in and tells her in all seriousness, “Xiaoxiu, if anyone asks to come in, stop them . Under no circumstances should they be allowed in the bamboo building . If they insist, don’t be afraid . Just remind them of Second Elder Master and scare them off . ”

Xiaoxiu nods her head hard, “Trust me, Young Master!” Ever since Zhang Zhong died, the girl has suddenly grown up .

It doesn’t take long before Li Yuan shows up with two jars of good liquor . He strides his way through Purple Bamboo Community and reaches in front of the bamboo building . Somewhat deterred and hesitant to step in, he says, “Li Yuan is here to visit Second Elder Master!”

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