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Published at 6th of October 2019 08:40:02 PM

Chapter 3

Proofread by Dai Jiangwen

“What happened?” Li Xing is astonishedbutcan’t get his head around what makes his injury recover so quickly .

Li Xing just lets it go, pondering on how to live in the future .

 “No one respects coward in this world . No strength, no dignity! Here, strength is even more important than power and fortune in the previous life, and you can only gain superior position by strong strength . The stronger your strength is, the more honorableyour position is!”

Li Xing thinks deeply that he was a nobody in the previous life, living a normal life after going through all the hardships, but he fell off a cliff and died because of hisweak strength .

“Struggle to live on now that I’m reborn . ”

Li Xing was a man of perseverance in the previous life, never to say give upeasily . Although he knows his body condition is not right for practicing blood, he still decides to give a try . He tries to proceed transporting blood according to the former owner’s method .

Li Xing sits straight, crossing his legs and clenching his hands, with his thumbs up and fists leaning on each other, one on the top, and the one on the bottom . His blood starts to move quietly and begins to transport blood and Qi .

The first step to practice blood is to sense the existence of blood and Qi . Such a simple step is hard for former Li Xing, let alone practicing blood .

At the same time, an ideato sense blood and Qi flashes into his mind, named “Blood listening” .

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So-called blood listening is to listen to slight movementsof blood with heart, including heartbeat, flowing of blood and all kinds of sounds conveyed by blood vessel . Through “blood listening”,the cultivatorcan master the flowing law of blood and Qi movement gradually, andrespond toblood and Qi until he keeps it under control .

  “Bang! Bang!”

With a little bit concentration on mind, Li Xing hears his strong and powerful heartbeat, and the sounds of blood flow and clash in his vessels, which are sometimesscreeching, and sometimes, oppressive . They are coming from all directions intoLi Xing’s ears .

“How…how can I hear it?” Li Xing opens his eyes with astonishment, and in disbelief . Could it be that his poor body condition becomes better after time travel?

Li Xing is surprised and joyful, and after trying several times continuously, he finally makes sure that he can listen to blood and Qi easily .

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“As I can practice ‘blood listening’, perhaps I can also practice blood and go on !”Although Li Xing goes into raptures, his mind still stays clear .

Li Xing forgets he is the man in next life when he puts all his efforts in ‘blood listening’ . He sits there almost the whole day without moving,eating anddrinking .

Inthe process of ‘blood listening’, Li Xing comes to realize that a vigorous and firm breath rests in blood, as fine as silk yarn, indistinctly, partly hidden and partly visible, which is the essence of blood, called ‘blood essence’ .

As the Chinese saying goes, ‘in the green’ means blood and Qi that Li Xing has sensed . There are three treasuresin a man’s body: the essence, the Qi, and the spirit, of which the essence can be transformed to Qi, and Qi breeds spirit . They are fundamental elements of life, and resources of power .

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Humans have super power by developing the essence, Qi, and spirit .

Li Xing listens to blood everyday, getting to know Qi and blood deeper and deeperuntil he feels hungry . He stops practicing, and goes out of the stone houseto find food .

It’s early morning now . When Li Xing goes outside, a purple bamboo forest leapsinto his eyes, an unique scene, elegant and beautiful . Deep in that bamboo forest stands a bamboo house .

In the bamboo house lives Li Xing’s father Li Ziran, the drunkardof Li family, but he used to be the prodigy of Li family .

At this moment every day, Li Xing will go to the bamboo house to attend Li Ziran . The man of today can not compare with the man of yesterday . Li Xing hesitates for a while before he strides in the direction ofthat house .

Since he has replaced Li Xing, he will take the place thoroughly by leading Li Xing’s life

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