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Chapter 32

Chen Shuang, a third level blood practicer, can bear hundreds of kilograms’ strength . So she can easily hold a man up . She observes Li Xing while riding and discovers Li Xing has just lost his consciousness, not dead . This gives her a little hope .

She closely holds Li Xing, in case jolting makes his injuries worse .

At this moment, Chen notices Li Xing’s face turning red . Is this a sign of dying? She becomes anxious .

In fact, Li Xing’s face turn red because of excitement . How can a man not be turned on when he is held tight by a beauty and rubbed with her body?

In his previous life, Li Xing had a girlfriend, but he never had sex with her . Li Xing planned to end his virginity on his last travel, but unexpectedly he ended up dying with the robbers and became ‘dead virgin’ .

Six strong horses run through north gate of Qingyun City . People on the street see a young lady holding a man on the horse and back there are nine bleeding people dragged by the horses . People are scared and make way for them immediately .

Finally they arrive at Three Chivalries Garden . Chen Shuang shouts, “Send for the doctor!”

The whole Garden is in shock . Chen Shuang’s footman is being attacked! This is big news . Three Chivalries Garden is no longer in peace .

Chen Shuang orders someone to guard the nine captives, and then bring Li Xing to her bedroom at full speed . The doctor arrives in a hurry . Seeing the dart stabbing into Li Xing’s chest, he gives up,

“My lady, I can’t save a man with his heart broken . ”

Chen Shuang gets furious, “Bullshit! He is not dead yet . How can’t you save him?” Being so worried about him, Chen Shuang, a young lady coming from noble family, says rude and vulgar words .

The doctor calmly says, “My lady, people with a broken heart will definitely die unless he reaches the tenth level of blood practicing . This is common sense . ”

Chen Shuang exactly knows it . She stares at flushed Li Xing and whispers, “Is he really dying?”

At this moment, someone hurries in, “My lady, Master wants to see you . ”

Chen Shuang feels restless; she glances at Li Xing and goes with that guy sadly .

Li Xing is already a ‘dead man’, in other words, he is a ‘dying man’ . No one would like to spend time looking after him . He is left alone in the bedroom .

About five minutes later, Li opens his eyes and unplugs the darts quickly . The wounded areas bleed a little, but stop soon . On their way back, the bead has already begun to repair Li Xing’s injuries . And now he almost recovers .

Unplugging the darts, ten minutes later, Li Xing can stand up without efforts, ‘I couldn’t explain why I recover . It’s better to leave soon . ’

Think of this, Li gets up to leave . But before leaving, he goes to the study next to this room, writes a few words by the writing brush, “My lady, I beg your pardon . I have a secret way to cure myself, but I need to find a quiet place first and can’t come back in a short time . ”

After finishing writing, Li Xing thinks, “With this backup, I can come back to be Zhao Yun whenever I want . ”

Li Xing returns to Purple Bamboo Community, but he doesn’t mention this to Xiaoxiu and Li Hu . Instead, he begins to practice blood . Suffering severe injury and then getting mystic power from the bead may let him break through more bone meridians .

Li Xing is right . This injury exactly improves his practicing aptitude . He easily breaks through the bone meridians that he couldn’t before . Interlaced bone meridians are broken through by Li Xing one after another . More and more blood essence blend in, strengthening his blood force .

Li Xing has been practicing for three days . On the fourth day morning, he comes out . And today is a big day . Li Xing and other fourteen disciples of Three Chivalries Garden will compete for the nine spots .

“What exactly the bead is? Why can it improve my aptitude? Does Li Ziran know this? What on earth is the power?” Li Xing has many questions that no one can answer .

After thinking for a short time, he goes out of the room .

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Now Xiaoxiu is still sleeping, while Li Hu is practicing blood . It is so quiet in the bamboo house that they can hear the birds chirping .

When Li practiced, something had happened in the Garden .

That day, Chen Jinsong calls up Chen Shuang and asks the whole story . Chen Jinsong is not interested in ‘Zhao Yun’s injury . He just wants to know who did that to the Garden .

His face looked a bit different when Chen Jinsong hears the dart thing . Then he demands someone to bring the captive here . Being tied up and dragged the whole way back by horses, the captive gets bruises all over his body .

But the captive had completed practicing blood to the fourth level, so he has already broken through dermal meridians . The bruises are not severe, and what deadly hurts him is the pellet .

Chen Jinsong comes to the man, stretching one hand on his shoulder, and sneers, “Liu Yunjin . It really is Dart Sect! Tell me, what’s your position in the sect?”

Chen Shuang feels shocked . Dart Sect is on the second position in Qingyun City, next to Three Chivalries Garden . Although its power is not as strong as the Garden’s, but it cannot be neglected . And Dart Sect and Castellan have very close relationship .

Just because of this relationship, Three Chivalries Garden doesn’t step in when Dart Sect becomes stronger and stronger .

If the Sect chooses to betray the Garden, there will certainly be a massacre . Then the Garden will not easily let it go, even Castellan and the Sect are in close relationship .

Though berated by Chen Jinsong, the man laughs, “What is Dart Sect? I never heard of it!”

“Never heard of it?” Chen Jinsong pats on the man’s shoulder . Chen has completed ninth level and reached the ultimate completeness realm . He has blood elixir in his body and tidal force on his hand . With the superb tidal force, he can shatter the clothes on one’s shoulder  without causing any harm to one’s body .

Under the clothes, there is a red dart-shaped tattoo on his shoulder .

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Chen Jinsong coldly says, “Dart tattoo is a sign of Dart Sect disciples . Why don’t you just admit it?”

That man closes his eyes and says, “Kill me now . I’m expelled by Dart Sect, so it has nothing to do with it . ’

Chen Jinsong slightly nods, “As an expeller, you’re still loyal to your Sect . Good!” Then put one hand on the man’s forehead .

After a muffled sound, everything inside the man’s brain is smashed into a pulp, though his head looks intact . The man is dead .

Chen Shuang is astonished, “Father, why do you kill him?”

There is a strange expression on Chen Jinsong’s face, he sighs, “If Dart Sect dares to provoke us, and it has to pay the price!”

“But father, this man is an expeller, so what he did may have nothing to do with the Sect . ” Chen Shuang stops, because she sees the desire of killing in her father’s eyes . At the same time, Chen Shuang suddenly understands Chen Jinsong’s purpose . Three Chivalries Garden wants to root out Dart Sect long time ago, is there any better excuse than this?

“Chen Shuang, go and have a rest . I will deal with the rest things . ” He steps out to discuss with Li Ying and Bai Pingdu about the punitive action .

Li Ying, Bai Pingdu and Chen Jinsong think the same way . In Qingyun City, no force can compete with Three Chivalries Garden, even the Castellan .

Castellan, representing the Marquis Fang, is responsible for managing all the forces and maintaining the stability in the City . Three Chivalries Garden ostensibly obeys and respects the Castellan . But when its position is threatened, they will reveal their true face and take revenge on the ones who threatens them .

Discussion lasts one hour . The three most powerful men in the Garden make up a strategy against Dart Sect .

Three Chivalries Garden has many talents, which help it go so far . And Li Ying practices breath power to the second level; Chen Jinsong and his brother Chen Liang, Bai Pingdu and his nephew Bai Shaoqing all reach the ultimate completeness realm .

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Besides the five people mentioned above, there are also many masters practicing blood to eighth or ninth level . Depending on these strong forces, Three Chivalries Garden becomes No . one in Qingyun City .

Qingyun City has a population of over one million . Its commercial area is controlled by the Garden . With huge annual profits, commerce is the economic lifeline of the Garden . But newly appeared Dart Sect also reaches out to commercial trade, because of which it become an enemy of Three Chivalries Garden .

So once they find an excuse, their action is fast and thorough, like a tornado .

On the night, 25 men including Li Ying break into Dart Sect . They see, they kill, without any words . Thousands of people in Dart Sect, men and women, the old and the young, are killed .

Some escape but are rounded up and killed by the Garden’s disciples outside .

On this night, blood flows like river in Dart Sect . Dense bloodiness drifts all over; people can smell it even miles away . But no one dare to come out and ask what has happened .

In this world, only the stronger can have their voice heard, for the weak, they are not even allowed to be curious .

The massacre lasts a few hours . Dart Sect is wiped out and no one remains alive . Three Chivalries Garden also suffers some loses . Three eighth-level warriors die of severe wounds . The darts are sharp and stabbed into their hearts .

Another 13 powerful men are injured in different ways . Death brings some loses to the Garden . But the three masters think it’s worth it .

The advantages eliminating Dart Sect brings are far more than the disadvantages .

When the massacre happens, Castellan Zhu Jin stands in Qingyun City, looking up at the stars . Behind him stands a man in blue robe, wearing a silvery mask .

“So much bleeding! Three Chivalries Garden’s power really deserves its reputation . There probably is no one alive in Dart Sect . ”

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