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Published at 16th of January 2020 10:42:30 PM

Chapter 34

Chen Xia’s height seems to have put him at a position of advantage and makes it possible for him to overpower Li Xing . Gasps can be heard from under the stage one after another, with some eager to see the ending; some looking forward to witness Li Xing losing or even worse, being punched to death by Chen Xia . Of course, there are also people hoping for the best for Li Xing .


It is as if the mountain had collapsed, the ground crumbled, the river reversed direction, and the sky rumbled with cracking lightning . With an incredible bombing, Chen Xia’s body is seen flying far away backward like a kite losing from its string . In the air, Chen Xia’s eyes close like a dead person, and blood keeps coming out from his eyes, nose, mouth and ears . He has been defeated, completely conquered!

Li Xing’s fist carried at least one hundred thousand jin in strength .

Chen Xia’s near-dead body drops to the ground . Struggling to keep his consciousness, he doesn’t feel so much pain but refuses to accept the fact that he is defeated .

Li Xing didn’t move an inch and stands where he is like a stone statue, with blood also coming out of the millions of pores all over his body . In order to use the lighting blow in fight at will, one must first complete the fifth level of blood practicing . However, Li Xing used the move without taking that into account . Consequentially, it has caused great harm to his body .

But Li Xing doesn’t care about this at all, and even hopes to suffer much worse injuries so that his constitution will further improve .

With Chen Xia’s defeat, the square becomes so silent for a second that one can even hear the drop of a pin . Everyone is stunned and filled with nothing but awe .

“I heard Li Xing’s father is Li Ziran who is the No . One master of Three Chivalries Garden . It really is true!”

“I was told that they had resumed supplying for Purple Bamboo Community . Maybe something had happened?”

“Hey! All we know now is that Li Xing is not a loser like he used to . He is a prodigy!”

“I remember he used to be pushed around in Three Chivalries Garden . I wonder whether his bullies would just rather hang themselves for what they did to him,” some are heard gloating .

“They say you don’t add salt to injury when a young man is down on his luck . I used to treat Young Master Xing well . I suppose he will remember that,” some are thinking about what to gain from the situation .

Seeing Chen Xia being routed, Chen Jinsong slowly sits down with a sigh, asking Li Ying, “Li Ziran is sober?”

Neither the Chen family nor the Bai family has learned the news about Li Ziran, except for Li Ying .

Li Ying calmly replies, “I guess so . ”

Chen Jinsong doesn’t say another word but a fleeting, anxious look is seen in his eyes .

Chen Xia is carried off the stage by people from the Chen family, as the elderly servant announces, “Round One, Li Xing wins . ”

Worried about Li Xing’s injuries, Xiaoxiu climbs up to the stage with a tear-stained face . The girl takes out a white handkerchief, walks up to Li Xing and dabs away the blood from his face . Just now, Li Xing overexerted himself by steering all his blood essence, causing his capillaries to burst and seriously injuring him .   

Li Xing smiles at the girl, saying, “I’m fine . ”

But his blood soon soaks the handkerchief in Xiaoxiu’s hand . Li Hu jumps onto the stage and says to the girl in a low voice, “Xiaoxiu, let’s stop disturbing Young Master!” After persuading her, he accompanies the girl down the stage .

The elderly servant then says, “Round Two, Li Xing versus Bai Ling!”

“What?!” Everyone can’t believe what they just heard . Why do they make Li Xing fight another round?

Like Chen Xia who is considered as a young genius in the Chen family, Bai Ling and Bai Leng are also both outstanding talents in the Bai family, each with level five blood power!

“Why on earth? Young Master cannot possibly keep fighting like this without a rest!” Li Hu also gets anxious and intends to object the arrangement, but it occurs to him that a servant like him has no place to speak on such an occasion .

“This is not fair!” Xiaoxiu shouts out without giving much consideration to the consequences . Her loud and clear voice echoes across the square .

Everyone turns their eyes at Xiaoxiu who seems suddenly changed from being a meek girl to someone brave .

The elderly servant’s face turns dark, “How dare you little ignorant girl speak on such an important occasion? Take her to the penalty chamber right now!”


Li Xing slightly moves his feet, his eyes shooting a look of murder . The servants who are about to charge at Xiaoxiu all suddenly freeze out of fear .

The elderly servant frowns and lets out a grim laugh . He is about to say something when all of a sudden he is also frozen up feeling gripped by a bloodcurdling force . Slowly he turns his stiff neck around and looks in another direction,

There, about three hundred meters away, on the tip of a branch of a giant willow tree straightly stands a white-clad middle-aged man gazing down on everyone with an overbearing aloofness and detachment, his clothes slightly swaying with the gentle breeze .

The man exudes a horrifying and pressing sense of death that has deterred the elderly servant .

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Li Ying, Chen Jinsong and Bai Pingdu all abruptly stand up and cup their hands in front of them toward the man respectfully, “Brother Ziran, it’s been a long time!” Bai Pingdu roars with laughter .

It really is Li Ziran!

Everyone turns their head at the legendary No . One master of Three Chivalries Garden .

“Who wants to touch a person of Purple Bamboo Community?” There comes the casual voice of Li Ziran .

The elderly servant feels numbness in his legs and immediately kneels on the ground, “Second Elder Master, I beg for your forgiveness! I’m old with terrible eyesight and didn’t recognize that girl . ”

“Old with terrible eyesight? Then what’s the point in keeping those eyes?” Li Ziran asks rhetorically, in a chilly voice .

The elderly servant shivers and looks at Li Ying imploringly . The latter, however, seems unconcerned and turns his face to another side, devoid of feeling .

Suddenly becoming hard-hearted, the servant raises one hand, spreads out two fingers, stick them in his eye sockets and digs out two bleeding eyeballs . Even with level nine blood power, the pain makes him tremble and moans in a muffled way .   

What happened on the stage leaves everyone else paralyzed in fear . Many young people among them haven’t heard much about Li Ziran, nor are they aware of his capabilities . But now they see what true power looks like with their own eyes! A mere sentence of his can render a person with level nine blood power defenseless and makes him gouge his eyes out .

“I deserved this punishment . Please spare my miserable life, Second Elder Master!” The elderly servant keeps begging .

“Get out of here!” Li Ziran steadily walks down from the tree branch in the air one step after another as if he is walking on the ground, and soon passes three hundred meters and lands on the stage .

Li Xing walks up and bows, calling, “Father!”

Zi Liran smiles . It’s the first time in years that Li Xing has seen such an expression on his face . He stands in front of Li Xing, pats on his son’s shoulder and says in a low voice, “My fault . You’re a bigger success than me . ”

Then he turns around and looks at Li Ying, “Long time no see, Big Brother! Congratulations on reaching level two breath power . ”

Li Ying also forces a smile, “I should congratulate you as well on finally sobering up . ”

Li Ziran returns with a grin, “It’s about time . ” Then he walks to Li Ying’s seat and sits down in a natural and resolute manner .

With a calm look, Li Ying turns to another seat nearby and sits down, while Chen Jinsong and Bai Pingdu also take their seats on each side .  

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Now it is clear to everyone which position Li Ziran holds in Three Chivalries Garden . The sleeping dragon of yesterday has awoken and is about show himself to the entire world .

After the elderly servant is carried off the stage, another man walks up to host the rest of the competition .

This man is middle-aged and with a terror-stricken look . As he is about to re-announce the fight between Li Xing and Bai Ling, Xiaoxiu stumbles onto the stage again . In the girl’s eyes, Li Ziran is the Second Elder Master instead of the No . One master of Three Chivalries Garden with level three breath power .

The girl runs up to Li Ziran and protests, “Second Elder Master, it’s not fair!”

Li Ziran asks with a caring smile, “Really? What’s unfair?”

Xiaoxiu points at Li Xing, who is now smiling uneasily, and says, “Young Master has just finished a fight . Why does he have to fight another one? Someone is doing this on purpose!”

Li Ziran nods his head, “That makes sense . ”

The middle-aged man shivers a little, his face white as sheet .

Instead of paying attention to the man, Li Ziran asks Li Xing, “Li Xing, what do you think?”

Li Xing still maintains his standing posture . The blood all over his body, instead of making him bedraggled, adds to his fighting spirit instead . He answers casually, “Just a few more inferiors . I’m not afraid . ” 

Li Ziran laughs with satisfaction, saying, “Good!” Then he glances at the man and gives an order, “Continue . ”

Xiaoxiu is tongue-tied and before she speaks further, Li Ziran waves his hand, “Go back, little girl . ” Suddenly a soften force carries Xiaoxiu away and brings her back to where she was under the stage .

“Round Two, Li Xing versus Bai Ling!” The middle-aged man announces .

There comes up Bai Ling who is about the same age as Li Xing at sixteen or seventeen years old and is dressed in spotless white . Different from Chen Xia, the boy has no intention of looking down on Li Xing .

He slightly makes a salute and says politely, “Brother Li, please!”

“Please!” Li Xing says back .

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Following the fight with Chen Xia, the bead worked again by transferring its energy into Li Xing’s body . It only took a short moment and most of his broken capillaries were restored .

Before all his injuries were fixed, the second round begins .

At the moment, those under the stage all look at Li Xing with envy as well as respect .

With Li Ziran as a powerful backup, Li Xing has every right to reject such an unfair arrangement and rest for a while before taking another fight .

But Li Xing chose to continue fighting and facing off with another opponent with level five blood power! It’s a decision made with not only strength, but also courage and confidence!

The color on Li Jie’s face is already ugly as hell . When has this damn Li Xing become so powerful? He actually defeated Chen Xia! The unbearable feeling inside makes it hard for him to face the fact .

In his imagination, Li Xing should have been wounded seriously and collapsed in defeat under Chen Xia’s feet!

“Young Master, you may as well pace yourself now that Li Ziran has showed up . ” Li Yuan reminds him in a very low voice, which makes Li Jie furious, “He is nothing! My father is the head of the family!”

Despite the noisy crowd, Li Jie’s words are heard by Li Ziran who casts a random glance in his direction . The look in his eyes is like a lightning striking in the night sky and makes Li Jie transfixed with terror .

It is only a while later that he comes to the realization that Li Ziran merely cast him a glance .

“That’s impressive! Is that what a man with level three breath power man capable of?” Li Jie breaks into a sweat and gives a violent shudder .   

Frightened out of his wits by the casual glance, Li Jie ducks his head in humility . However, the murderous look lingers in his eyes and he contemplates secretly, “Li Ziran, I will kill you on day even though you have level three breath power!” On the stage, the fight between Li Xing and Bai Ling begins .

Contrary to Chen Xia, Bai Ling makes his moves with caution, attacking in a steady and controlled way .  

A discreet adversary like him poses a formidable challenge . Li Xing, however, has no plan of engaging with him for a long time, since he has twelve more fights, and intends to end this round as soon as possible!

The back and forth sees each make over ten moves, but neither manages to overpower the other and gain the upper hand .

Both can tell from the confrontation that they are on par with each other in strength and the fight could take a long time before one manages to defeat the other in a quick way .

All of a sudden, Bai Ling throws his fist at Li Xing’s chest . Li Xing, instead of escaping, unexpectedly throws his fist straightly at his opponent as well . The move he uses is the lighting crumbling which is immensely powerful and much quicker .

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