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Published at 17th of January 2020 08:52:58 PM

Chapter 35

Bai Ling is staggered to see Li Xing attacks in a way that could endanger his own life . He immediately draws back, afraid of being hit by Li Xing .

Chen Xia’s defeat has had a great impact on Bai Ling, and he is dead set on avoiding Li Xing’s punch . That’s why he decided to pull back .

His pullback gives Li Xing the upper hand at once . The ultimate fist combative skills are the top of the best martial arts that carries overpowering lightning force . With Li Xing gaining the advantageous position, Bai Ling keeps being forced to back away .

Bai Ling is impressed by the move, thinking, “Good for you, Li Xing, for taking the upper hand with this move!” He realizes Li Xing intends to put him at a disadvantage by deliberately making the move .

Seeing Li Xing pressing head on and himself being forced to the edge of the stage, Bai Ling hardens his heart, “I may as well try forcing him back in the same way!”

After making up his mind, Bai Ling stops retreating and just like what Li Xing does, he swings his fist at his opponent’s chest as well .

Because both men have level five blood power with over thirty thousand jin in blood force, their punches carry hugely destructive power that can reduce a boulder to pieces, let alone a human being .

Bai Ling is armed with the willow force, an exclusive and abstruse martial art of the Bai family which is known for overcoming toughness with softness and reversing the enemy’s strength to his defeat, in a way that is completely different from the thunder force .

However, what happens next makes Bai Ling doubt his own eyes: Li Xing isn’t backing away at all! Right when he is hit, Bai Ling even suspects that Li Xing is engaging a test of bravery with him .

Unfortunately for Bai Ling, since Li Xing didn’t think of backing away at all, he was punched hard by Li Xing’s fist carrying the powerful lightning crumbling force .

The second he is struck by the thunder force, Bai Ling realizes the man across him is horrifyingly mad! Knowing it’s too late to draw back again, he has to push all his might into his punch in the hope of hitting and injuring Li Xing .


Bai Ling’s palm lands on Li Xing’s chest . Li Xing doesn’t move at all, but feels as if there are tens of thousands of needles penetrating his chest into his internal organs .

Bai Ling, one the other hand, is sent flying like a shell and crashes on the ground far away . The key to the lightning crumbling is “crumble” . Li Xing’s single punch is able to shatter a hard rock and turns cold water into mist .

The punch is hard and hits right on Bai Ling’s body before he could evade . The fierce thunder force immediately tears Bai Ling’s meridians apart, severely wounding him,

When Bai Ling drops to the ground, his eyes are filled with fear rather than regret .

“Li Xing is a mad man!” For a very time, Bai Ling would find himself hounded by the idea .

Everyone in the crowd is dumfounded at what they saw and keeps staring at the stage, speechless .

Li Xing shakes his body from one side to another and slightly closes his eyes while standing on the stage . During the course of the fight, the bead on his chest has been healing his wounds nonstop . The injuries caused by his reckless use of the lightning blow previously haven’t completed healed, and now with new injuries piling on, Li Xing feels as if his body is being cut by a knife .

The good news is that the pain is far less severe and more bearable than the stabs from the awl the other day .

While watching Li Xing recklessly confronting the opponent, Li Ziran slightly frowned, secretly disapproving his son’s ill-considered strategy . How could one risk getting wounded along with his enemy? Every time Li Ziran faced an enemy, it always ended with him killing off the enemy and himself unscathed .   

The middle-aged man comes up to the stage and announces, “Round Two, Li Xing wins!”

It is immediately followed by all kind of comments and sighs from the crowd, with everyone filled with mixed feelings .   

Xiaoxiu gives Li Hu a good kick out of great excitement and keeps jumping around .

Li Hu, grimacing, can’t hide the happiness on his face either .

Far away from the stage, Chen Xue looks at Li Xing with a stunned face . And out of nowhere, she also somewhat feels a sense of joy deep within .

Behind her is the girl servant whose face has turned stiff from astonishment . She mumbles in disbelief, “Miss Chen, did you see that… He has won two rounds!”

Trying to maintain her composure, Chen Xue says, “It’s just two rounds . Didn’t you see he’s also wounded? I doubt he can continue fighting . ”

The girl servant seems to disagree, “But Li Ziran is there, and there is no way he will just keep sitting there and watching . Miss Chen, you are still young . You have no idea the way Li Ziran uses to handle things . For him, everything would be decided not with reason but strength . ”

Chen Xue is a little rattled, suddenly concerned about what she would do if Li Ziran really follows through his words .

Back to the stage, the third round is announced, “Round Three, Bai Leng versus Li Jue!”

Not hearing his name, Li Xing slowly walking down from the stage to a place far away from the crowd and sits down to rest and restore his body .  

Soon, Li Hu and Xiaoxiu follow over and stand by Li Xing’s side without disturbing him .  

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Perhaps due to the presence of Li Ziran, it’s been a while before Li Xing is called back to the stage .  

Time keeps ticking away and about two hours later, all of the wounds on Li Xing’s body are healed .

“Round Thirty-six, Li Xing versus Bai Leng!”

Eventually it is Li Xing’s turn again and he stands on the stage for the third time .

Same as Bai Ling, Bai Leng is also a martial arts talent in the Bai family . He looks at Li Xing with confidence because he was told by Bai Ling that Li Xing had suffered serious injuries . So why does he have to be afraid of a seriously injured person?

Bai Leng originally believed that even if Li Xing wasn’t injured, he wouldn’t necessarily lose . Now having learned that Li Xing does sustain serious injuries, he is completely certain that he will win!

“Make your move . ” Like Bai Ling, Bai Leng is also dressed elegantly in white . He talks down to Li Xing in an arrogant tone as if he is speaking to a servant .

With a quite strange smile on her face, Li Xing swings his fist straight at him, but his punch seems very soft with little force .  

“He really is severely wounded!” Secretly delighted, Bai Leng immediately steps forward, aiming his punch at Li Xing’s shoulder .  

Unexpectedly, Li Xing’s seemingly forceless arm suddenly straightens even more, causing a thunderous bang in the air as if someone draws out a whip in a split second . A sense of foreboding flashes across Bai Leng’s mind .  

The he sees the look in Li Xing eyes, a look so death-like that makes him shiver .

“No need to be afraid! He is just bluffing!” With that thought, Bai Leng speeds up and hardens his punch toward Li Xing .

Unfortunately for Bai Leng, he is even more mistaken than Bai Ling for being unaware that Li Xing has already recovered from his injuries and that he was only feigning feebleness while actually coming at him with much stronger force .



The palm strikes right against the fist which carries the lightning crumbling force . Li Xing staggers a little but manages to steady himself, while Bai Leng is sent flying high in the air backward before hitting the ground with a thud like a piece of meat .

Everyone under the stage is struck dumb by the scene .

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Li Xing wins again!

How on earth did a seriously wounded man manage to defeat Bai Leng? Or was he not injured at all! Was he just acting?

Many start to suspect the possibility of Li Xing playing shady tricks or carrying an elixir on his body that can quickly heal his wounds .

Regardless of all the conjectures, the fact is that Li Xing has emerged victorious yet again in a swift and resounding way .

Li Ziran seems to have something on his mind, while Li Ying looks awful while blinking nervously, trying to wrapping his head around the situation .

“He won again!” Chen Xue is still calm on the outside, but is struck by a vortex of emotions on the inside . Finally, a joyful feeling prevails and a smile sneaks upon her mouth .

Her expression is caught by the girl servant who says unexpectedly, “Miss Chen, it seems Li Xing’s figure, look and strength are not that bad…”

The smile passes fleetingly across Chen Xue’ face, and her tone is cold again, “I don’t care!”

The girl servant immediately shuts up .

Bai Leng ends up being injured by Li Xing’s punch just like Bai Ling did . He stumbles down the stage and returns to his original place for a rest .

Night falls, and Li Xing never returns to the stage again, and the competition for the day draws to a close .

At night, on the bamboo house in Purple Bamboo Community .

Li Ziran is seated in his usual bamboo chair, while Li Xing stands in front of him .

There is no one else in the room except for the father and son . After a long silence, Li Ziran speaks .

“Xing’er, I haven’t been a good father to you all these years . Do you hate me?”

“Yes, I do!” Li Xing answers straightforwardly .

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Li Ziran laughs, nodding his head and continuing, “Good! That’s my son!” Then he pauses a bit before saying, “You were… not yourself today . ”

With a somewhat hesitant look, Li Xing understands that his father wants to know why he managed to recover from his injuries so quickly . Actually, on the way back home, he had been struggling as to whether he should tell Li Ziran about the bead .

As a matter of fact, Li Xing is from another world and has had nothing to do with Li Ziran, so he doesn’t need to care about him at all . But earlier today while on the stage, Li Xing saw the caring look from in Li Ziran’s eyes, which has touched him deeply .

Back in the world he comes from, Li Xing was an orphan who had lived a life without the warmth of the family . That’s why he wouldn’t bear to part with even a tiny shred of care and love in this life .

So he takes out his pouch and puts it in Li Ziran’s hand .

Holding the pouch between his fingers, Li Ziran says slowly, “It belonged to your mother . Why are you showing me this?”

Li Xing replies, “The bead in it can heal wounds . I was able to stick to the end today because of it . ”

With an astounded look, Li Ziran takes out the bead from the pouch and stares at it for quite a while before asking in a low voice, “Do you know where it came from?”

Li Xing shakes his head .

“It’s called the Bead of Nine Yangs . It’s said to have something to do with Founding Master Chun Yang, a very powerful man in ancient times . But no one had any idea what it could do or what’s special about it . You mother left it to you before she got away . ”

Li Ziran then asks the following story about the bead, and Li Xing recounts every single detail to him without hesitation .

After learning that Li Xing attempted suicide, Li Ziran lets out a sigh, “I assume the drastic change in your temperament had something to do with that . After a person has a near-death experience, he will develop a sense of equilibrium about everything in life . ”

Eager to find out why the Bead of Nine Yangs has a healing effect, Li Xing asks, “Father, is the bead used specifically to heal wounds?”

Li Ziran, however, shakes his head, “I kept it on me for years, and it never worked when I was wounded . ” Then he looks at Li Xing, “Xing’er, I guess this bead can only work on people in blood practicing, as it did to you and Li Hu, because both of you are in the middle of blood practicing . ”

After thinking for a while, Li Xing seems to agree, and then he asks again, “Father, where did Mother go?”

The old Li Xing had always wanted to ask this question, but failed to find the courage . But now, the new Li Xing has .

A nervous twitch is suddenly seen on Li Ziran’s face, and he answers, “I will tell you some day, but not now . ”

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