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Published at 24th of January 2020 09:20:43 PM

Chapter 37

It’s Li Xing’s turn again, which the onlookers somehow starting to get used to and watch with more calmness .

Never has Xiaoxiu climbed onto the stage again because she firmly believes that no one among the large number of contestants is able to defeat Li Xing .

Li Xing laughs inside with indignation, obviously understanding what this arrangement is for . It has become abundantly clear why he is made to fight with people with level five blood power on end .

Li Xing is only allowed a short break between fights, which is far from enough for the injuries in his arm to heal . However, he is still fearless and is soon seen standing on the stage once again, stony-faced and unyielding .

There finally comes Li Jie with a menacing and murderous look . After a quick glance, he finds that Li Ziran is not present, so he lets out a roaring laughter, saying arrogantly, “Li Xing, which way do you prefer to die?”

Li Xing also laughs and slowly responds while looking down at the chieftain’s son, “Li Jie, you are nothing but a pompous and stupid pig . Even a pig would have reached level six blood power by now if it’s in your place . ”

Li Jie is three or four years older than Li Xing and has a father with level two breath power, which makes it long overdue for him to reach level six blood power . But in reality, Li Jie has only started the fifth level of blood practicing .

Li Xing’s insulting words make Li Jie mad with rage, “You bastard! You are a dead man!” He immediately plunges at Li Xing .

An ice-cold look appears in Li Xing’s eyes . Despite the fact that he doesn’t have much feeling toward Li Ziran and the woman who gave birth to him, under no circumstances will he stand to be called a “bastard” .

Li Jie’s level of rolling stone force is evidently inferior than Li Jue’s, which makes him much slower in attack .

Li Xing also moves, launching the lightning blow straight in his opponent’s direction, during which time he quickly dodges Li Jie’s fist and keeps driving his own fist right at the man’s face .

All of sudden, an eerie look is seen on the face of Li Jie who slightly opens his mouth, revealing a black copper pipe between his teeth .


Three steel nails whistle out of the pipe .  

Puff! Puff! Puff!

One sinks into Li Xing’s arm, and the other two penetrate into his chest .

The pain is so sharp that anyone else would be forced to retreat, but not Li Xing . Although his wounds keep bleeding profusely, he doesn’t slow down his fist at all and strikes right on Li Xing’s face .

The face is usually among the most venerable parts on a person’s body, and Li Jie is no exception .  


A broken nail plunges into Li Jie’s cheek, and the bridge of his nose is flattened, causing blood to spurt out . His teeth are also knocked out while the pipe in his mouth is pushed down to this throat, puncturing his trachea .

Li Jie’s eyes immediately pop wide open, bulging in blood red . With a rumbling sound coming from his throat and a deeply frightened look, he keeps pulling back

Then Li Xing gives him a hard kick immediately afterwards .

The kick, carrying the lightning crumbling force, sends Li Jie flying backward into the air before dropping to the ground like a dead dog . This attack breaks at least half of the Li Jie’s bones and delivers a heavy blow to his internal organs .

The crowd bursts into an uproar with everyone looking incredibly at the stage .

Li Ying sprints up to his son and quickly applies his impressive breath power to his wounds and manages to keep him alive . He shoots a cold and resentful look at Li Xing and has Li Jie carried off the stage .

Li Xing also gets down from the stage amid the awe-stricken faces of the onlookers .

“With a powerful backup, he even dared to harm the chieftain’s son!”

“Considering that Li Ziran’s place is no lower than the chieftain’s, Li Xing has every reason to fight hard . ”

Hearing those comments, Li Xing knows he’s already made it clear to everyone that Li Ziran is with him, because he had planned to make everybody in Three Chivalries Garden believe that his father never left .

Had it not been for Li Ziran’s influence, how could he possibly have had the courage to wound the chieftain’s son?

Li Xing has got what he wanted .

A long time passes before Li Xing gets back on the stage again . Till three hours later does he hear the host announcing, “The next round, Li Xing versus Chen Rui . ”

Chen Rui is a disciple of the Chen family . Realizing he is about to face off with Li Xing, he refuses to go up and shouts from the crowd, “I admit defeat . ”

He has already been intimated by Li Xing’s ferocious way of fighting, so he decided to give up .

With the first one backing out, a few more follow suit by giving up the fight as well . After all, given that those with level five blood power have lost, others with only level four blood power couldn’t image what it would end up for them by fighting with a mad person .

But the competition is not over yet . After Li Xing’s wounds heal to seventy to eighty percent, he returns to fight again .

“The next round, Li Xing versus Zhou Qing!”

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The crowd starts buzzing again .

“This Zhou Qing has only been Three Chivalries Garden for a few months, but he is already very powerful . ”

“Zhou Qing has level six blood power with over thirty thousand jin in blood force . Li Xing is definitely going to lose . ”

“Not necessarily . Li Xing is practically nuts . There is no way to tell who will win or lose . ”

Li Xing stands on the stage and in front of him is Zhou Qing who is only slightly older with a rather frosty look .

Li Xing realizes he is confronted with the most powerful opponent of his life . Reaching the sixth level of blood practicing means one has started to break through his visceral meridians and that the most vulnerable internal organs in his body has become very strong and is no longer injury-prone .  

For instance, the attack from a person with level five blood power will inevitably render another person of the same level to spew out blood and suffer significant injuries, but a brave warrior with level six blood power will merely feel pain and not sustain any injury .

Zhou Qing looks at Li Xing with a chilly look, saying “Please!”

Li Xing slightly nods, “Please!”

After a short pause, the two move almost simultaneously with Li Xing unleashing the lightning strike and Zhou Qing displaying the mountain flattening force from the Book of the Rolling Stone Arts which causes the ground to tremble as he takes each step forward .

Li Xing is well aware that he wound definitely be defeated if he didn’t make all-out efforts in face of someone with level six blood power . So he launches the first move with all his might .  

But actually, Li Xing doesn’t plan on getting himself wounded along with his opponent since he is still unclear about what wound happen if he recklessly fought a man with level six blood power without thinking about the consequences . Would he end up being injured, or would he be annihilated and lose the power to fight any more? So he decides to find out what Zhou Qing is really capable of with the first move .

Boom! The two’s fists crash and Li Xing is blown over ten meters away and almost falls off the stage .

While Zhou Qing remains on his spot with an even more determined look .

Zhou Qing was originally slightly concerned about Li Xing’s overly fierce and aggressive way of fighting, but the first move of their confrontation manages to dispel his fear and makes him realize that he has overestimated his opponent .  

Li Xing, on the other hand, is a bit delighted for finding out that Zhou Qing is only capable of seriously wounding him but he is not so powerful as to completely destroy him .

As a matter of fact, the power between a level six blood practicer and a level five blood practicer isn’t that far apart, which is why Li Xing is able to keep fighting with Zhou Qing instead of getting routed so quickly .

As the two try hurling their fists and kicks at each other, Li Xing keeps alternating between the lightning strike, the lightning crumbling, the lightning drill and the lightning cracking moves, with that familiar sensation of a keen onlooker observing the fight far away, enabling him to apply every one of his moves precisely and properly while denying Zhou Qing the chance to overpower him at the same time .

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As the fight persists, Li Xing is able to get a clear insight into his blood essence, which makes him an increasing tough rival for Zhou Qing .

“Master ordered me to defeat Li Xing in this round, so I must come up with an idea!” With that thought, Zhou Qing starts focusing on navigate the blood essence all over his body .


All of a sudden, Zhou Qing grows to over two meters tall, covered with blue veins and shrouded by a ray of some three-centimeter-tall, fiercely-looking blood red light around his body .

“Aha! It’s the ultimate blood warrior!”

When one reaches the sixth level of blood practicing after breaking through all the six layers of meridians including all the postnatal meridians, he is able to steer his blood force in its entirety which makes him invulnerable to any sword or blade, thus the name “the ultimate blood warrior” .

The ultimate blood warriors have different level of power, and first of all, only one completes the sixth level of blood practicing can he be called an ultimate blood warrior . And with higher level blood power, an ultimate blood warrior becomes stronger, so strong and destructive that he can almost single-handedly flatten the mountain and overturn the ocean .

Li Xing smiles anxiously inside, realizing that Zhou Qing is resorting to his dead-or-live moves .

But the next second, that determined and cold look returns to Li Xing’s eyes, “It seems I need to use the lightning blow again!”

Perhaps it’s the effect of the Bead of Nine Yangs that has made Li Xing more resistant than others . For what’s worth, this advantage has given him the competitiveness and confidence to fight Zhou Qing till the end .  


Li Xing launches the lightning blow for the third time . Fortunately, he has grown stronger after the previous two times and only a small fraction of his capillaries are affected and damaged this time because his meridians have grown used to the impact caused by such a highly concentrated level of blood essence .   

“Drop down!” roars Li Xing whose fist lands hard on Zhou Qing’s chest .

Pow! Li Xing feels as if he had hit a giant column of log . The stone ground under Zhou Qing’s feet cracks, but he doesn’t move at all . And almost at the same time, his palm strikes Li Xing’s shoulder .


There comes the sound of broken bones which is so loud that even people under the stage are able to hear .

“Indeed there is a disparity between us! A man with level six blood power is a lot stronger than me!” Li Xing cannot help but sighs as it turns out that even the lightning blow is not powerful enough to significantly hurt Zhou Qing like it did to others .

“Drop dead!”

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Anyhow, Li Xing’s fist still manages to harm Zhou Qing who feels such intense pain inside his body that almost makes him soft on the knees . His internal organs are damaged and nearly rupture . The furious man raises his palm and aims it right on the top of Li Xing’s head .

But before Zhou Qing realizes, Li Xing suddenly jumps to his side, stops behind him and immediately swings his right fist at him .

All the moves of the ultimate fist combative skills can be used successively one after another, combining to become even more destructively powerful . Right now, Li Xing is using the lightning blow and the lightning drill at the same time in the hope of unleashing a twice powerful attack .  



The force of the lightning drill is just like a drill whirling its way inside Zhou Qing’s body while the crushing force of the lightning blow destroys the man’s defense and drives into his vital organs .


Zhou Qing spits out a mouthful of blood; his eyes are lifeless and his body turning stiff . His internal organs have taken a severe blow, with his liver and spleen rupturing, making him unable to fight any further .

Unsure about the level of Zhou Qing’s injuries, Li Xing steers his blood essence and gives him another punch .


Zhou Qing’s giant body is sent flying backwards in the air before crashing to the ground . He keeps convulsing in pain with a terribly agonizing look .

Li Xing is no better - the simultaneous use of the lightning drill and the lightning blow leads to multiple injuries on his meridians and causes painfulness no less than Zhou Qing’s . However, he keeps steeling himself and standing straight like a statute .  

A dead silence falls over the crowd under the stage . The consternation everyone felt after Li Xing defeated several level five blood power warriors has already replaced by a strong sense of awe and veneration after the defeat of Zhou Qing - a man with level six blood power .

“I heard Li Ziran had practiced the lightning force back then, and now Li Xing has practiced, too! The lightning force belongs to golden stage of martial arts!”

The world’s martial arts follow a hierarchical classification, namely the low level, the medium level, the high level, and the super level, out of which the super level martial arts are esoteric and a large majority of cultivators never have the chance to practice in their lives .    

Moreover, the super level consists of four stages - the golden stage, the jade stage, the heavenly stage, and the spiritual stage .

In the entire Qingyun City, only a rare one or two people are able to master the super level of martial arts .

Before Li Xing is able to restore his strength, the announcement is heard again, “The next round, Li Xing versus Sun Lang!”

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