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Published at 7th of February 2020 08:00:59 PM

Chapter 40


Third Childe Zhao’s entire retinue of bodyguards is stricken dumb with the scene, madly scrambling forward to the assistance of their master, with two of whom charging at Li Xing for revenge .

“You’re a dead man for wounding the childe!”

The two, who both have level five blood power, lunge at Li Xing from the right and left side, respectively .  

Li Xing pushes Xiaoxiu aside for fear of hurting her and with a cold laugh, unleashes the lightning fist attacks at the two men .


Li Xing’s fists packing the force of the lightning blow simultaneously collide with the two men’s fists


There comes the sound of breaking bones from the two men’s arms, with both retreating while screeching in pain from the severe wounds on their bodies .

One of the other three men stays behind to keep an eye on Third Childe Zhao who has already passed out, while two of them dash toward Li Xing, each holding a sharp dagger .

With an even colder look, Li Xing quickly navigates his blood essence and suddenly his body expands to over two meters tall, turning him into the ultimate blood warrior . The roaring blood essence inside his body becomes an impenetrable layer of defense that keeps him perfectly safe from any common swords and daggers .

The two assailants are taken aback when seeing Li Xing releases the power of the ultimate blood warrior, and instantly come to the realization that the man they are facing now has at least level six blood power .  

“Who is causing a disturbance here? Stop right now!” Out of nowhere, a convoy of horsed troops comes rushing to the site .

The troops belong to the army of guards under the leadership of Qingyun City’ s ruler . The nine soldiers are each carried by a large horse and dressed in shiny protective armor, with the lead officer, who has fierce-looking eyes and a broad face, reprimanding and calling for a stop of the scuffle .

Due to the presence of the soldiers, Third Childe Zhao’s lackeys have to back away, staring at Li Xing maliciously .

Li Xing also knows better than cause a conflict with the subordinates of the city ruler, so he pulls back, cups his hand as a salute, and points at Third Childe Zhao, saying, “I’m Li Xing from Three Chivalries Garden . This man was acting disrespectfully toward my servant, so I knocked him down . ”

Hearing Li Xing is from Three Chivalries Garden, the lead officer’s eyelid gives a violent and uncontrolled twitch . It’s widely known that although Three Chivalries Garden is under the administration of the city ruler, it is the de facto uncrowned leader of Qingyun City .

The officer is a bit surprised, secretly weighing the situation, “I must not clash with Three Chivalries Garden . The ruler has given his mandate that everything must be dealt with great care when it involves Three Chivalries Garden . ”

After thinking of a way to appease both sides, the officer laughs out loud facing the sky, “This is merely a minor incident . Why don’t both of your each take a step back and let it pass? Hahaha…”

After saying that, he waves at his fellow soldiers, “Now it’s settled . Let’s go . ”

Evidently, the patrolling troops were meant to stay out of this feud .

With the troops gone, Third Childe Zhao’s bodyguards are still panic-stricken and dare not to make another move . After all, who in the entire Qingyun City has the guts and capability to cross people from Three Chivalries Garden?

Li Xing sneers, pulls over Xiaoxiu whose face has already turned pale from fear, and struts away .

Third Childe Zhao, who has recovered consciousness, is fuming with resentment and spite, “Three Chivalries Garden! Li Xing! I will kill you! I swear you will pay for this!”

On their way back, Xiaoxiu is still scared, asking Li Xing in a panicked voice, “Young Master, it looks that man is from an important family . Did we get ourselves in trouble by beating him?”

Li Xing smiles assuringly, “Don’t scare yourself .  No family is more powerful than Three Chivalries Garden in Qingyun City . Remember that . ”

As the two talk, they soon arrive at the gate of Three Chivalries Garden . This is a quite impressive and large estate with two ten-meter-tall and ferocious-looking jade lions sitting at the front entrance, as well as nine tall and strong servants guarding by either side .   

Back then, the servants wouldn’t bother to pay attention to Li Xing whenever he was seen walking in and out of the front gate . But today as soon as Li Xing shows up, all the servants immediately bow respectfully, “Young Master Xing!”

Li Xing slightly nods and as he is about to cross the threshold, he sees several horses running from the opposition direction, each carrying a person he knows - Li Fei and Li Zheng, the sons of his fourth uncle Li Changyuan, and Bai Jing and Bai Qiong, both from the Bai family .

Seeing Li Xing walking up to them, all the four look unexpected . Li Fei and Li Zheng pull their horses to a stop while the two sisters from the Bai family follow suit, each looking at one another, puzzled .

Li Xing finds the scene delightful and intends to play a trick on the two men . So he grabs Xiaoxiu and stops in the middle of the road with an ice-cold face .

“Too bad! Li Xing is about to get back at us! What should I do? I’m no match to him in fight . Should I just run?” Both Li Fei and Li Zheng are seized by the terrifying idea .

But the thought of bolting like cowards makes the two feel humiliated .

Mustering up his courage, Li Zheng says loudly, “Li Xing, what are you doing here?”

Li Xing answers, “Nothing . I have a few words to say to you . ”

Trying to look tough outwardly, Li Zheng continues angrily, “We are going out on business, and we got no time . ”

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At the moment, another two horses run over, carrying Chen Xue and Chen Shuang . Since the four is in the way, the two sisters have to stop as well to see what is going on .

Li Xing is intrigued, wondering why all of them are heading out . So he asks smilingly, “What are you going out for?”

Eager to leave, Li Zheng thinks, “If I tell him, he cannot possibly have the nerve to stop us!” So he answers, “The princess of Ping State, Murong Jiaojiao, is hosting a scholars’ banquet and we are going to attend . ”

It at once occurs to Li Xing that Murong JiaoJiao is a poet . Because of his lack of interest in poetry and the heart to seek vengeance on the two brothers, he decides to step aside and get out of their way .

Li Fei and Li Zheng finally feel a relief, quickly hastening their horses and making a run for it out of the gate . Chen Xue casts Li Xing a cold glance passing by, which makes him very confused and wonder what he had done to offend her .

“Li Xing, if you want to go as well, you had better hurry up . ” Chen Shuang reminds him with a smile and hurries off on her horse .

Xiaoxiu is also curious, asking, “Young Master, who is Murong JiaoJiao?”

Li Xing thinks for a while and explains, “Just an affected woman who likes making a fuss about nothing . ”

Xiaxiu sticks out her tongue, “You’re fooling me . I don’t buy it . ”

Li Xing chuckles and heads back for Purple Bamboo Community along with the girl .

About three hundred meters away, a middle-aged man looks a bit surprised, muttering, “How daring this man is to have such a comment on Miss Murong! But…” Then his surprised look is replaced by an eerie expression, “He thinks the same way as I do . ”

The moment Li Xing is back in Purple Bamboo Community, Li Hu hurries forward holding an invitation note in his hand, “Young Master, Miss Murong has sent an invitation to you!”

Hearing this, Li Xing immediately wonders why Murong JiaoJiao also wants to invite him .  

Taking a step forward, he takes the note from Li Hu’s hand and starts reading: Childe Li, I have heard a great deal about you and have long been impressed by the knowledge that you are a man of extraordinary talent and profound learning . Today I am hosting a banquet at the city ruler’s mansion and sincerely hope you will attend . Your presence will be a great honor for me .

At the end of the note is the signature of Murong Jiaojiao .

For a moment, Li Xing can’t decide whether to go or not .

Li Hu, however, seems more excited and tries to persuade him, “Young Master, you have to go! You will be enjoying good food, nice wine and the chance to see a pretty girl . Why not go?”

Xiaoxiu stares at Li Hu and says with an angry tone, “What kind of thinking is that?”

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Li Xu argues, “What kind of thinking? Don’t you want to have delicious food?”

Li Xing hesitates for a short moment and says with a smile, “It won’t be such a bad idea to go and see what the fuss is all about . ”

Therefore, Li Xing returns to his room where he changes his clothes and lets Xiaoxiu comb his hair . After being spruced up, he tells Xiaoxiu to stay at home by herself before taking the invitation note and heading out along with Li Hu .

The residence of Zhu Jin, the city ruler, is a luxurious garden second in scale only to Three Chivalries Garden in all Qingyun City . Upon the arrival of Li Xing and Li Hu, there would already be a throng of guests along with their horses and carriages . Almost all the influential families are represented at the event .

The congregation of all the renowned attendees is put together by Princess Murong Jiaojiao, the daughter of Jade Marquis Murong Tianxing of Ping State who will be playing the hostess for the banquet in Qingyun City .

Marquises in Ping State are categorized into four ranks, namely the Divine Marquis, the Jade Marquis, the Local Marquis, and the Township Marquis . There are only four jade marquises in the entire Ping State, with each holding an exceedingly prominent position in their respective administrative region .

Despite the fact that Qingyun City doesn’t fall under the administration of Murong Tianxing, it has attached great importance to the event, with Wang Zixing - one of the thirty-six local marquises in Ping State and the superior of Qingyun City’s ruler – specially sending an envoy to the banquet as a way to show respect .

Li Hu quickly prepares a horse-drawn carriage which then rushes the master and the servant to the residence of the city ruler .

After arriving, Li Xing and Li Hu get off the carriage, have their invitation confirmed by a servant at the gate and are then led in . The two are impressed by the beautiful scenery as they walk deep into the mansion which is not as imposing as Three Chivalries Garden but possesses quite the appeal and charm of its own .

All of the invitees, numbering about on hundred people, are from the young generation of the influential families across Qingyun City, and they are all descendants of wealthy or official households, among whom some are well-known talents and prodigies in literature or marital arts .  

Even in the crowd, Li Xing stands out due to his distinctive bearing and manner .

All the rest of the invitees are either behaving cautiously or showing off their literary accomplishments while trying to compose themselves . But evidentially each and every one of them looks a bit uneasy on such an occasion, because after all, they are about to be graced by the rare presence of a princess, the daughter of a jade marquis .  

Some young men in the crowd secretly hope they can impress the princess so that they can get to know, and hopefully forge kinship with the jade marquis, which would be a significant boost to their future social status .

All in all, everyone else has a goal in mind, some hoping to get to know the princess, some intending to impress everyone present with their learning or strength, while some trying to distinguish themselves from their kind by acting aloof yet with the aim of attracting the princess’s attention . However, it seems Li Xing is the only one here for pleasure as he watches everyone with indifference and a casual smile .

A man’s temperament is always molded by his state of mind, and usually it doesn’t matter if he is born and raised in a noble family or not - he can still stand out in a crowd with his striking manner and behavior .

Li Hu, on the other hand, keeps looking around, trying to find out where the princess is and what she looks like . After a while, he whispers to Li Xing, “Young Master, what do you think the princess looks like? Is she beautiful?”

Li Xing rolls his eyes, answering “Of course!”

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“Really?” Li Xing’s eyes sparkle, “How do you know that?”

“I was joking,” Li Xing playfully replies .  

Li Hu twitches his mouth a little and keeps looking around .

Li Xing is seated relatively in the front according to the arrangement marked in his invitation . Everyone next to him is of noble descent, such as Li Fei, Li Zheng and Chen Xue, who all sit behind him .

It turns out that the attendees include not only those from Qingyun City, but also young admirers from nearby cities .

It doesn’t take long before Li Xing’s unique bearing and his front seat start attracting envious look from the crowd . Li Xing, however, cannot care less about the attention and just focuses on blood practicing with his eyes closed, because clearly he doesn’t want to waste any time .

In the meantime, Chen Xue and Chen Shuang turn their eyes at Li Xing curiously from far away, with Chen Shuang whispering, “Sister, that’s odd . Why on earth is Li Xing seated over there?”

Hearing Chen Shuang’s question, Chen Xue feels somehow a bit annoyed and gives a cold reply, “Why can’t he be seated over there?”   

But Chen Xue immediately realizes she might have acted a bit indiscreetly, so quickly responds again, “Maybe that man is so thick-skinned that he stole another person’s seat . ”

With a teasing expression, Chen Shuang gives her sister a nudge and says in a low voice, “Sister, I find that Li Xing actually has a lot of potential!”

Chen Xue returns with a snort, “What does that have to do with me?”

Chen Shuang seems to have recalled something and gives a sigh, “I know you haven’t forgotten about that arrangement . Back then Li Ziran…”

“All right now . Let’s stop talking about that,” Chen Xue abruptly cuts her sister off .

Chen Shuang shrugs her shoulders and giggles without speaking further .

Different from the curious look from Chen Shuang and Chen Xue, Li Zheng and Li Fei both appear outright furious seeing Li Xing sit in the front .

“Who does he think he is? How did he get the nerve to have taken such a front seat? Damn it!” Li Zheng says in a low voice, being so exasperated that he even spills the wine in his  cup onto the table .

Li Fei also clenches his teeth in hatred, saying, “That bastard! Who knows if he has managed to get that seat from the assistance of a high-ranking official?” At that moment, he suddenly catches the sight of another young man sitting nearby .

That man is around twenty years old and dressed in luxury, but he looks proud and distant, drinking in his seat without paying attention to anyone else .

Li Fei lights up a bit and whispers, “Isn’t that Xu Guang from Qixing Sect in Tianxing City?”

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