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Published at 27th of February 2020 02:14:53 PM

Chapter 44

A malicious look is seen on the servant’s face, “Childe, I saw Feilong City’s Ma Boxiong in Qingyun City yesterday . ”

“Ma Boxiong? He is a big shot in Feilong City . Why are you bringing him up? Zhao San is confused . Feilong City is not far from Qingyun City and since both are under the administration of Local Marquis Wang Zixing, the two cities have maintained close exchanges between them .

The servant explains, “Childe, Li Xing is from Three Chivalries Garden which, as we all know, is very powerful . No matter how much you hate him and want him dead, you can’t just get rid of him by yourself openly . So I think maybe we can ask someone else as our tool to kill him . ”

Zhao San is still doubtful, “Will Ma Boxiong be up for it? I heard he has level two breath power, but he’s a man with a lot of pride . I’m afraid it’s not going to be easy to ask that man for help . ”

The servant smirks, “Childe, to tell you the truth, my sister is a concubine of Ma Boxiong, so I know what kind of man he is . He is greed, lecherous and very vindictive .  He always makes sure to settle a score with whoever dare to offend him . ”

Attempting to murder someone from Three Chivalries Garden is no small matter, which Zhao San is aware of . Therefore, he is forced to come up with a surefire plan .

The servant continues, “Childe, I’ve also learned some information about Li Xing . He lives in Purple Bamboo Community and had been treated poorly for a long time . It was only recently that he has managed to get himself some attention . I also learned that he is on bad terms with the rest of the Li family . So I don’t think that family would bother to ask if he ends up getting killed . ”

Zhao San keeps weighing the ramifications . Despite being a spoiled brat, he is, nonetheless, not dumb .  “I don’t care how Li Xing dies, but he is still one of Three Chivalries Garden . I doubt Ma Boxiong has the nerve to do that . ”

The servant is still high-spirited, saying, “Childe, do you know why Ma Boxiong came to Qingyun City?”

“Why?” Zhao San asks .

“Ma Boxiong is a big lecher . He keeps a mistress in Qingyun City, so every year he would come and stay in town for a while . Ma Boxiong can be a soft touch in front of a woman . I’ve got a plan . What if…”

After the servant spills his plan, Zhao San bursts into a fit of violent laughter, “Brilliant! This way, even if Three Chivalries Garden looks into it, we will be able to stay in the clear . But it must be handled carefully . If you really pull this off, I’ll make sure that you are rewarded!”

The servant is elated and immediately sets off on his mission .

Since returning home, Li Xing has been focusing on practicing blood for three days . On the fourth day, Xiaoxiu runs into his room looking strange, saying, “Young Master, you have guests . There are a large group out there and they all came with gifts . ” Then she hands a visitation notice to Li Xing .

Wondering who the gift-givers are, Li Xing opens the notice and starts reading before realizing none of the visitors are from Three Chivalries Garden, but those who attended the scholars’ banquet the other day .  

“Li Hu, go and lead them here,” Li Xing says .

A short moment later, Li Xing steps out to greet the guests before meeting with them at the second gate . He smiles while cupping his hands, “I’m honored to have all of you gentlemen at my residence!”

In total, there are a dozen or so guests, all of whom either scholars or officials, with some returning the courtesy, “We all admire Mr .  Li’s outstanding talent in literature and we were impressed by the glory you brought for Qingyun City . So we decided to come over together and pay you a visit . ”

Realizing that Purple Bamboo Community doesn’t have a good place to properly accommodate so many guests, Li Xing tells Li Hu, “Go and make reservations at Qingyun Hotel…”

Before he finishes speaking, a voice is heard, “No need for the trouble . ”

Li Xing looks pass the crowd to find the speaker, only to see Chen Shuang walking over from nowhere, “It’s not appropriate to treat our guests outside . Why not come to Shixiang Pavilion?”

Seeing Chen Shuang showing up, everyone else quickly shows their respect now that they also consider her a great poet after listening to the girl’s lines the other day .  

Li Xing is curious as to why Chen Shuang happened to show up at the right moment, but he realizes hers is a too good an offer to decline . So he accepts it with a wide smile, “Thank you very much, Second Miss Chen . ”

Then Li Xing and Chen Shuang lead the guests to Shixiang Pavilion . This is where the Chen girls usually hold small get-togethers and it’s an ideal place to host guests given its nice surroundings and spacious area .  

On their way, the hosts and the guests keep chitchatting politely to each other and a few minutes later, they arrive at the pavilion .

The pavilion is built near a small pond where the water glistens in the blowing gentle breeze and the reflection of a few old willow trees in the water adds to the beauty of the place .

Chen Shuang invites all the guests into the pavilion where she’s already had several girl servants prepare refreshments on the tables . Then she sends a servant over to have the cooks prepare food and wine .

After everyone is seated, the place is alive with cheerful talking and laughing . As it happens, a group of people walk pass the pavilion .  One of them is a middle-aged and stony-faced woman . She stops and looks into the pavilion, asking, “Who’s there?”

A girl servant comes to the front and says respectfully, “Madam, Young Master Li Xing is hosting some famous guests at the pavilion . ”

The woman immediately flies into a rage and starts shouting curses, “Who said he is entitled to be called a Young Master? That bastard dared to harm my son!” It turns out that the woman is Li Jie’s mother - Madam Liu, who is the first wife of Li Ying .

Li Jie has been bedridden all these days since getting severely wounded by Li Xing during the competition, which has filled Madam Liu with resentment and the urge to stab Li Xing to death with a sword to avenge her son . Knowing that her enemy is now enjoying himself right under her nose, Madam Liu can barely contain her wrath .  With a murderous look, she says indignantly, “Maybe Li Ying is afraid of Li Ziran, but I’m not!” With her mind made, she turns around and heads right for the pavilion .

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Madam Liu is also on ordinary person, because she has reached level seven blood power .

Li Xing is talking to his guests when he sees a middle-aged woman and a group of sturdy male servants barging in . All the others present are taken by surprise, wondering what is going on . Li Xing recognizes Madam Liu and knows she is Li Jie’s mother, so he cups his hand toward her, saying, “Madam . ” 

Trying to contain her fury, the woman shouts out, “You bastard! Today I will make you pay for wounding my son!”

Hearing her abusive words, Li Xing puts on a cold and solemn face and returns with a sarcastic comment, “You son has only himself to blame . He is a lost cause and useless loser . This family would have been better off if I did beat him to death!” 

Madam Liu, in an outburst of fury, yells, “How dare you bastard!” She takes one step forward, all the while aiming her hand at Li Xing’s eyes, intending to dig them out .

Different from that of the Li family, Madam Liu’s blood force has a feminine but venomous quality as it’s usually aimed at the vital parts of the target’s body with the first move .  

The woman is one level above Li Xing in blood force . Li Xing, who didn’t expect she would come directly at him, quickly ducks by throwing his head backward before swinging his fist at the woman’s face .  


Madam Liu, who is quite skilled at using her fingers as a weapon, misses Li Xing’s eyes but manages to cut into his chest for about one centimeter, causing him to bleed profusely . And simultaneously she also manages to fend off Li Xing’s fist using the other hand .  

Pop! Li Xing is driven three steps backwards by her explosive force, with his chest stained with blood .

Successful in her first move, Madam Liu is more dead set on killing Li Xing and quickly aiming her fingers at him again .

Burning with rage, Li Xing yells, “You vicious woman! You really think I won’t fight back?” Then he starts pulling together his blood force and with his bones cracking loudly, he unleashes the lightning blow force, aiming his fist at her, without caring about what move she is using .

All the guests are shocked to find out that Li Xing is not only an excellent poet, but also a fierce and capable fighter .

Madam Liu is forced to pull back, realizing that even if she manages to hurt him again during the second attack, she will sustain injuries as well . Her retreat gives Li Xing a leg up and with a loud sneer, Li Xing comes at his enemy in full force .

Once launched in full, Li Xing’s thunder force is able to strike a target like rolling thunders and roaring rivers, gaining momentum during the attack until it reaches its highest lethality . As a result, even though Madam Liu has level seven blood power, she keeps pulling back in the face of Li Xing’s vigorous offensive .   

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Crack! Li Xing sweeps his legs across the surface of the ground, smashing several tables and chairs into pieces .

With that, he has fully demonstrated the destructiveness of a person with forty thousand jin in blood force when reaching level six in blood practicing .  

After fending off three attacks from Li Xing, Madam Liu finds her arms are already numb, appalled to realize why her son had been wounded so badly at the hands of Li Xing .   

“This man must be killed no matter what, or he’ll definitely be a major threat someday!” In that moment, the idea crosses Madam Liu’s mind . But she no longer has time to think, as Li Xing’s fist is roaring at her once again packing immense power .

Chen Shuang has already turned pale, shocked by the unexpected appearance of Madam Liu . However, the fact that she is from the Chen family while Madam Liu is from the Li family puts her in an awkward position, unsure about whether she should step in to stop the confrontation .

At the moment, Li Xing is almost coming close to hit Madam Liu with the lightning blow move, and once it’s done, he is confident to cause serious harm to the woman .

Unfortunately, out of nowhere, a shadow suddenly appears between Li Xing and Madam Liu .

“How dare you!”

The man lashes out at Li Xing . And with one flick of his sleeve, the man unleashes an eerily powerful crushing force that is much stronger than blood force and can only be accomplished by a breath power warrior .


As if being clobbered by a giant hammer in the chest, Li Xing is sent flying backward like a lifeless scarecrow and crashes hard onto a wall, ripping open a big hole in it which is made of stone and measures as thick as one meter .

The pain is so overwhelming that it almost causes Li Xing to pass out . With just one flick of sleeve from that man, Li Xing ends up getting his bones fractured in the chest, half of his ribs broken and his vital organs severely wounded, with blood coming out of his eyes, nose, mouth and ears at the same time .

Lying on the ground like a corpse, Li Xing is able to recognize that it was Li Ying .

The grim-faced man casts a cold glance at Li Xing and turns to Madam Liu, asking, “Are you hurt?”

Seeing Li Xing too wounded to fight back, Madam Liu is finally able to get her anger vented, laughing, “I’m fine . I don’t know who this bastard thinks he is to fight with me!”

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Li Xing doesn’t even bother to take another look at Li Xing, saying, “Leave him alone and come back with me . ”

With Li Ying and Madam Liu gone, all the guests are still in shock, unsure of what to do next .

As Li Xing is temporarily unable to move due to his injuries, he struggles to raise his hand at Chen Shuang .

The girl rushes over, saying, “I’m sending over the doctor right away . ”

In that moment, Chen Shuang is surprised to see Li Xing trying to force a smile, which makes her wonder how someone can still smile in such agony . All of a sudden, it strikes her that the man lying in front of her is no human .

To the girl, the scene also brings back the memory of Li Xing standing on the stage during the competition that day, with blood all over his body .

“No need . Just take care of the guests for me . Thanks,” Li Xing utters .

Even at this moment, he is thinking about the guests! Chen Shuang looks at Li Xing with a confused expression, saying, “Rest assured . I will . ”

Following Li Xing’s request, Chen Shuang decides not to send in a doctor and just leaves him there on the ground, while the guests step over one after another to check on him .

“Mr . Li’s moves were brilliant . You were really awesome despite your injuries . ”

“It’s amazing that Mr . Li is able to live . Great Fortune awaits you!”

Listening to all the comments which are not helpful at all, Li Xing decides to close his eyes and letting the Bead of Nine Yangs heal his wounds .

Thus a weird scene follows, with Li Xing lying on the ground like a dead person while the others drinking wine and talking about writing and other mundane affairs n their daily lives, such as romance .

Lying on the ground, Li Xing is shell-shocked to have seen Li Ying paralyze him with just one simple move .

“What powerful strength a breath power warrior has! He was capable of maiming me so easily!” Li Xing is in awe of the terrifyingly great power as a sudden and strong urge rises inside that he must strive to reach the level of breath power as well .

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