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Published at 27th of February 2020 02:14:53 PM

Chapter 45

A breath power warrior is also called a country warrior who has acquired the ability to tap into his inner breath essence and form a superior force which, albeit invisible, can be extracted from the human body and used to cause harm to another person, and can also be utilized to harness the Buddhist ware .

Although a brave warrior is powerful enough, but compared with a country warrior, the former is still an infant, while the latter is already an adult with immense strength .

About one and a half hours later, most of Li Xing’s wounds are healed and he is able to pull himself up from the ground . The moment he starts moving, all the others turn their eyes at him .

Smiling to the guests, Li Xing says, “Pardon me for keep you waiting . ” As he speaks, he brushes the dust off his clothes and returns to his seat .

“Mr . Li, are you really all right?” Someone asks in disbelief .

Li Xing tries to downplay his injuries, “It’s just insubstantial internal wounds . I feel fine now . Thank you for your concern . ”

Chen Shuang finds it hard to believe what he said, because she clearly saw the man had actually sustained very serious injuries . How could it just be “insubstantial internal injuries”? Had she been wounded to such an extent, she would definitely end up lying in bed for months under the constant care of the doctor .

Somewhere else, Li Ying is meeting with his two brothers -- Li Xianren and Li Changyuan . As is already mentioned, Li Ying is the oldest in the Li family; Li Ziran is the second son, while Li Xianren and Li Changyuan is the third and fourth, respectively .

Li Xianren looks very young and has a light complexion . Dressed in a blue robe, he has the manner of an educated and refined scholar .  Li Changyuan, the youngest one, is a quite thin and darker-skinned man with a mustache and eyes that make people feel cold .  

Among the three, Li Ying has level two breath power, while both Li Xianren and Li Changyuan have completed the highest level of blood practicing .

With a worried look, Li Xianren speaks, “Elder Brother, you hurt his son .  This is no way that mad man will let it go . ”

Li Ying, however, smiles grimly, “Actually, I did that on purpose today . ”

The other two are surprised by his words, with Li Xianren asking, “Why would do you that?”

Li Ying answers by asking another question, “Do you remember why Li Ziran became a drunk?”

Li Changyuan quickly replies, “Of course! It’s all because of that woman . She was so mysterious that none of us knew where she came from . But there’s one thing that can be said for sure - she must be no ordinary woman . ” 

Li Xianren agrees by nodding, “That’s my guess, too . Although we don’t know why, we can tell for sure that Li Ziran knew he could never find that woman again . And that drove him to become a down-hearted drunk . ”

Li Ying nods while smiling coldly, “As far as I’m concerned, the man is already gone . ”

“Gone?” Li Xianren almost jumps from his seat, with an apparently shocked face yet a hint of uncontrollable joyful expression simultaneously .  It’s a known fact that the presence of Li Ziran always means oppression to the three brothers .

Li Ying continues, “That’ right . Gone . As long as a person is stuck in his setback, he will never easily bounce back . When I saw him on that day, I had this thought that he would probably go and look for that woman . Obviously, it’s just a hunch . But recently I have been secretly pressing toward Purple Bamboo Community and he never showed up . Nor did I feel any presence of that man . ”

“Is he gone for real?” The thought makes Li Changyuan clench his fists nervously .  

Li Ying says without emotion, “That’s why I deliberately injured Li Xing . If Li Ziran is still here, he would definitely come for me! But if he doesn’t show up, the only explanation is that he has already left!”

As the three brothers discuss, Li Xing is also trying to figure out why Li Ying suddenly intervene, which is unexpectedly uncharacteristic of him .

“Isn’t Li Ying afraid of making Li Ziran angry? Why on earth did he choose to step in and seriously wound me?” Li Xing keeps thinking and moments later, his heart sinks with the most plausible explanation .

“Li Ying is too smart a guy to offend Li Ziran for no reason . ” Trying to think from the perspective of Li Ying, Li Xing quickly comes up with one reason .

"The fact that Li Ziran is gone cannot possibly be kept a secret for long . I hear that when a person has breath power, he is capable of sensing his surroundings and finding out if there is another breath power warrior nearby . If Li Ziran is in Three Chivalries Garden, Li Ying must’ve already known . Is it possible that the reason Li Ying hurt me today is to check whether Li Ziran has actually left Three Chivalries Garden?

Thinking of this, Li Xing sighs, realizing that his comfortable life is mostly likely about to come to an end .

The guests all have a good time before taking their leave hours later . After everyone is gone, Chen Shuang says cheerfully, “Li Xing, come to me when you got free time . As members of Three Chivalries Garden, we are supposed to bond with each other . ”

Li Xing wants to say that free time is difficult to come by considering that he must keep practicing blood nonstop, but he replies politely, “Sure . Thank you for everything today . ”

Chen Shuang laughs, “You’re welcome . I believe you will be successful someday because you are really special . When that day comes, I hope you won’t forget about me . ”

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Knowing that half of the girl’s remarks is meant as a compliment and half as a joke, Li Xing only reacts with a half-heartedly smile .

After returning to Purple Bamboo Community, Li Xing calls Li Hu and Xiaoxiu over .

Ever since Li Hu was pulled back to life by Li Xing using the Bead of Nine Yangs, he has been able to practice blood and has now already completed the second level and is on his way to level three . Xiaoxiu, however, still cannot practice at all . Li Xing has been trying to find a way to help her, but kept missing the chance .  

Right now, seeing Li Xing’s solemn expression, both Li Hu and Xiaoxiu start to get nervous, wondering what has happened .

Li Xing speaks, “I believe they have found out that Father is gone . Perhaps in a matter of days, they will stop providing to Purple Bamboo Community and we will return to our old life . But that’s only going to affect our finance, not anything else . ” 

“The real problem is that as the situation drags on, there is possibility that Three Chivalries Garden may give us a hard time,” Li Xing warns .

Xiaoxiu sighs and says, “Although Second Elder Master was drunk every day back then, everyone was still afraid of him and no one dared to cause any trouble . But now Second Elder Master is gone . They will definitely treat us like dirt again . ” Thinking of the hardship ahead, the girl starts tearing up a bit .

Trying to comfort the girl, Li Xing says while smiling, “Don’t worry, Xiaoxiu . I’m no longer the loser I used to be .  I promise you if anyone dare to bully us, I will definitely let them taste the consequences . The reason I said what I said just now is that I want the two of you to be careful and take care of yourselves at all times . ”

With a determined look, Li Hu vows, “If anyone dares to hurt Young Master, I will fight them to death!”

Li Xing says, “It won’t come to that .  I don’t think any of them knows where Father is now or when he will be back . As long as it remains that way, they won’t cross the line too much . Most likely, Three ChivalriesGarden will suppress me for a while . ” 

Li Hu finds it reasonable, saying, “As long as Young Master keeps boosting your strength until you reach the level of Second Elder Master’s . We won’t have to worry about anyone!”

Li Xing feels amused, “I’m far from reaching level three breath power! But as long as you and I keep practicing, I have faith I will manage someday . ” Then after thinking for a while, he says, “Starting tomorrow, you two should avoid going out as much as you can . Li Hu, you keep practicing blood . Xiaoxiu, I’m going to help you right away so that you can also practice . ”

Xiaxiu blushes, “Young Master, I’ve tried so many times myself, but I failed every time . ”

Li Xing smiles mysteriously somehow at the girl, “Maybe you did it wrong . ” Then he become serious again, “Li Hu, go back to practice . I have something to tell Xiaoxiu . ”

Although the boy wants to know how Li Xing is going to help Xiaoxiu, he has to follow his order, so he steps out mumbling .

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Even more intrigued, Xiaoxiu keeps staring at Li Xing and wondering what exactly he is going to do . In a serious tone, Li whispers, “Xiaoxiu, you’re going to feel a bit pain in the process . ”

The girl is not deterred at all, saying, “I’m not afraid . ”

“This kind of pain may be too much to take,” In order not to frighten the girl, Li Xing tried to use less scary words as possible .

Xiaoxiu bursts into a chuckle, “Young Master, do you think I’m incapable of taking any pain?”

Li Xing doesn’t say one more word and starts to remember that this young girl has only lost her father not long ago . The pain of losing a loved one can be much more excruciating than physical wounds . Despite Xiaoxiu’s age, Li Xing has no doubt that she is strong enough to withstand anything that comes her way .

A moment later, Li Xing makes up his mind and speaks in earnest, “Xiaoxiu, you can’t tell anyone about what is going to happen next, including Li Hu . ”

Although getting a bit nervous, the girl nods her head hard, “Young Master, I promise not to say a word . ”

Li Xing smiles with satisfaction, “Good . Follow me to the bedroom . ”

Instantly, Xiaoxiu blushes, wondering why Li Xing asks her to do that .

She lowers her head in embarrassment while wringing her hands and biting her lips, saying in a timid tone, “Young Master, when I was little, my father told me that I would belong to you no matter what would happen .  I was born to be a servant to Young Master and you can do whatever you can . But right now, I… I’m not ready yet . ”

Li Xing immediately realizes that the girl must have misunderstood him and quickly explains, “What are you talking about, silly? I’m just going to teach you how to practice blood . ”

Hearing this, Xiaoxiu is even more embarrassed and immediately covers her face with her hands .

Li Xing pulls her to the bedroom and closes the door and windows . Then he tells the girls in a low voice, “Xiaoxiu, try and work with me . ”

Before the girl could answer, Li Xing has already pulled out his finger and hit one of Xiaoxiu’s acupoints on her upper body . As a brave warrior with level six blood power, Li Xing is well aware of the way blood circulates inside the human body . So he decides to temporarily block Xiaoxiu’s blood circulation so that she will remain unconscious for what’s about to happen to her body .

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Li Xing knows that doing this will greatly reduce the pain or even make the process pain-free, since the loss of consciousness is sometimes, the best way for self-protection .

After doing that, Li Xing carries on to remove Xiaoxiu’s clothes .

The girl hasn’t turned thirteen yet, so her bosom is only starting to develop but it’s already quite appealing . At one point, her youthful and beautifully soft body makes Li Xing unable to avert his eyes .

Xiaoxiu’s skin is snow-white and fair like milk and her long, straight legs are perfectly round and smooth, full of life .

Li Xing rubs his fingers a bit, mumbling, “I might not be able to control myself if the little girl was older and more mature . ”

But he quickly gets that pointless thought out of his mind, reaches to his back and takes out a sharp knife .

Even though it is really a sharp knife, Li Xing makes up his mind and starts to cut the skin and flesh on Xiaoxiu’s back .

As blood keeps coming out from the girl’s wounds, Li Xing cannot help but feel he is doing something extremely cruel .

“If I don’t do this, she will never be able to practice blood . I may as well be cruel this time and make her wish come true!” With that thought, his quickens his cuts .

As a matter of fact, Li Xing has “mutilated himself” more than once, which has taught him what kind of wounds will achieve the best outcome . As the blade moves, the pain causes Xiaoxiu’s body to shake slightly and her face to twitch unconsciously . Fortunately, the blood essence in her body has been blocked, making the pain much less intense .    

As it proceeds, Li Xing breaks out in a sweat since he is much nervous than any other time when he did this to himself . Long cuts can be seen on Xiaoxiu’s delicate and tender skin and blood keeps dipping from her smooth back, staining the sheet on the bed .

Half an hour later, Li Xing stops and takes back his knife . Even though he has been careful, the sight of a blood-covered Xiaoxiu still makes him shudder .

“She will be fine,” While telling himself this, Li Xing quickly pulls out the bead and gently rolls it on Xiaoxiu’s body . As expected, the bead is working its magic once again, pouring its energy into Xiaoxiu’s body and healing her wounds .

As time passes, Xiaoxiu’s wounds are fixed one after another in an visible way . And about three hours later, her back is smooth again, as if it had suffered no cuts at all .

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