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Published at 27th of February 2020 02:14:53 PM

Chapter 46

Li Xing takes a sigh of relief, helps Xiaoxiu put her clothes back on and unblocks her blood circulation .

With a moan, Xiaoxiu slowly opens her eyes .  Scratching her head, the girl asks curiously, “Is it done, Young Master?”

Li Xing smiles and says, “Yes . But you need to rest for the day, Xiaoxiu, and tomorrow, you will be able to start practicing blood . ”

Xiaoxiu is over the moon, “I’ll really be able to do that tomorrow, Young Master?”

Unable to predict what exactly will happen, Li Xing is not completely certain for the time being, so he just says, “There is a ninety-percent chance that you will be able to practice . Let’s just wait and see . ”

A ninety-percent chance is enough to make Xiaoxiu ecstatic, given that the girl has spent a long time regretting that she’s unable to practice, just like Li Xing did .  Once a person is able to practice blood, he or she will not only have physical power but a higher social status, as well as higher chance at having a longer life span and more wealth than ordinary people .

“Thank you, Young Master!” Too emotional to contain herself, the girl keeps holding onto Li Xing’s arm and weeping . It takes a while for Li Xing to calm her down before the girl falls asleep leaning against his shoulder .  

Deep into the night, Li Xing walks out of the bamboo building .

Standing in the middle of the open yard, he looks up into the sky with his hands crossed on his back .  

Overhead is a vast, starry night sky which is more clear and blue than Li Xing has ever seen in his previous life .

Although it’s been a while since he was brought to this world, Li Xing knows he is still his old self, with the same, unchanged personality from his previous life .

“Blood power! Breath power! Spirit power! The ultimate level of martial arts! How far exactly can I go with the help of the Bead of Nine Yangs?” The question pops into Li Xing’s mind . After all, even though he hasn’t lived long enough in this world, he has already had several narrow brushes with death .  

All those experiences have made Li Xing realize that if he wants to live, he must become strong, and for that to happen, he must make unthinkable efforts and endure untold hardships that most people can’t .  

And although the Bead of Nine Yangs can improve Li Xing’s aptitude, it has been quite a painstaking process during which he had to suffer numerous injuries from knives, awl and bashing . Too many times has he escaped death and endured unimaginable pain .  But thanks to all that pain and the Bead of the Nine Yangs, Li Xing has finally got where he is now .

“If Three Chivalries Garden doesn’t have a place for Li Ziran, it most likely won’t tolerate me, either . I wonder what they will do to me from now on,” Li Xing finds himself gripped by a sense of threat .

“At the end of the day, it all comes down to my lack of strength . If I had level three breath power, I seriously doubt anyone in Three Chivalries Garden would dare to challenge me . ”

With that thought, he suddenly turns around as a shadow appears from nowhere near him . It’s the messenger .

He bows to Li Xing and says, “Young Master, I learned that Zhao Guang is trying to contact Ma Boqiong .

Zhao Guang is the name of Third Childe Zhao (sometimes people also call him Zhao San), the third son of the Zhao family .

Li Xing is a bit confused as to why he came with this message and asks, “Does that have anything to do with me?”

“Yes,” the messenger explains, “Not long ago, you beat up Zhao Guang . That man is very vindictive . Ma Boxiong has level two breath power . I looked into Zhao Guang and learned that he has a servant named Qian Jun . So I have reason to believe that Zhao Guang is plotting against you using Ma Boxiong . ”

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The tip-off makes Li Xing feel alarmed, as an ominous thought rising in his mind that he could literally be left without much to do to protect himself if someone with level two breath power came after him . Actually, it wouldn’t need to take a level two breath power master, because a person with level ten blood power will easily end his life .

With a whirlwind of thought in mind, Li Xing tries to calm himself down, asking, “Do you think if there is anything we can do, Messenger?”

The man says, “Yes, Young Master . As long as you leave with me, you can avoid whatever harm Ma Boxiong may cause you . ”

Li Xing shakes his head, “I can’t leave Purple Bamboo Community now, because I will officially be enrolled into Qiyun Sect within a year . ”

“If that’s not the option, I have another idea,” the messenger says, and after explaining his plan, he continues, “But it’s kind of risky . Unless it is necessary, I would advise against you going though with it . ”

However, Li Xing laughs and says, “Wonderful! I know what to do . Thank you for your work, Messenger . ”

The man immediately bows with respect and humility, saying solemnly, “It’s just what I’m supposed to do . I will die before I disobey you, Young Master . ”

Li Xing cannot help feeling it a valuable asset that a group of people have remained loyal to him under all circumstances . Putting his hands on the messenger and letting him to stand straight, Li Xing says, though in a not very effusive way, “With Father gone, I consider myself lucky to having all of you around helping me, especially at the moment when I’m still far from being successful . But if I become more powerful someday, I will still treat you as my most intimate followers . ”  

The message in his sentence is clear: If he, Li Xing, reaches the level of high power and social status in the future, the three emissaries will be considered the most meritorious and commendable people around him .

Hearing what he said, the messenger bows again, “No matter what happens, I will remain your loyal servant for the rest of my life . I will be damned if I break my promise!”

Li Xing replies, “As long as you are always there for me, that’ll be enough . ”

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Suddenly, a thought comes to the messenger, “Young Master, if you need anything from now on, you can shoot one of these short arrows as an alert . ” Then he pulls out three arrows, hands them to Li Xing and tells him how to use it to send out messages .

Li Xing, whose memory has greatly sharpened ever since he started practicing blood, manages to quickly memorize how to use the arrows .

After the messenger is gone, Li Xing returns to the bamboo building and continues practicing .

Aware that it takes time to complete the sixth level of blood practicing, he is more adamant to stick to it and do everything in his power to persevere .

So far, Li Xing has managed to break through one to two tenth of his pulmonary meridians and most of his intestinal meridians and right now, he needs to concentrate on breaking through the splenic meridians . As long as all his visceral meridians are broken through, it will greatly increase the resilience of his vital organs . More importantly, after the pulmonary meridians are broken through, he will enter the seventh level of blood practicing and be better at navigating his blood essence . Level seven, as a minor milestone of blood practicing, is seen as a crucial stag .

At a plush brothel, in Qingyun City .

Qian Jun, Zhao Guang’s servent, and Ma Boxiong are each holding and groping a woman in their arms . Actually, as opposed to regular prostitutes, both women are maiden dancers with long and sturdy legs .

Although the two women aren’t supposed to please the patrons the way other women do, they have succumbed to the temptation of a large sum of money offered by Qian Jun .

In his thirties, Ma Boxiong has a purplish complexion and thick, low-lying eyebrows and he is dressed in a bright red robe with an air of authority . The man keeps laughing loudly and moves his hands all over the woman’s body, while the woman tries to humor him in a coquettish way .

With a fawning face, Qian Jun holds up his wine cup to toast the man, “Country Warrior Ma, since you are the number one powerful man in Feilong City, my young master has specifically told me that it will be our honor to have a friend like you . If you need any help from us, please let me know . I will offer you assistance to the best of my ability no matter how hard it is!” 

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Ma Boxiong, who is already aware that Qian Jun has an ulterior motive, says laughingly, “Let your master know that I said thank you . ” Then he continues, “That mistress of mine is a greedy woman who keeps asking for stuff, and it has cost me a lot of money . ”

Qian Jun is smart enough to take the hint and immediately offers a solution, “Women all come with a price, and Mr . Ma, since you are the best at conquering them, I believe you’re aware of the way they are . My master’s family happens to have opened a jewelry shop recently . If that mistress of yours likes, fell free to ask her to come by and choose whatever she fancies . ”

The flattery words manage to put Ma Boxiong in an even better mood, and after a few cups of wine, the two start calling each other brothers . It turns out that aside from being lascivious, he is also fond of freeloading . And having known what kind of man Ma Boxiong is, Qian Jun manages to get acquainted with him by pandering to the man .

Meanwhile, elsewhere in the city, inside an elegantly built house .

A beautiful, sultry woman is thinking about something apprehensively and standing in front of her is a sneering handsome young man who is reaching to the woman’s hand while saying, “Zhou Zhenzhen, what do you think Ma Boxiong would do to you if he found out that you’ve been seeing another man behind him?”

The woman, Zhou Zhenzhen, is the mistress Ma Boxiong was talking about, while the young man is Qian Jun’s brother, Qian Shi . Through an investigation, Qian Shi found out that Zhou Zhenzhen had been quite intimate with a young scholar .

After catching them together, Qian Shi killed the scholar and started threatening the woman .  

Zhou Zhenzhen looks outside the door where the scholar’s body is lying and shudders . Then she says in a shaking voice, “Fine . I will do what you said . ”

Satisfied with her answer, Qian Shi laughs with a fleeting menacing look .

In the meantime, Li Xing has no idea that Qian Jun and Qian Shi are plotting against him .

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