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Published at 28th of February 2020 01:40:18 PM

Chapter 47

The next day when Li Xing is in the middle of practicing, Xiaoxiu runs into the room yelling in excitement . As Li Xing is about to walk towards her, the girl fails to pull to a stop and dashes right in his arm . Li Xing smiles and after making sure the girl is okay, he asks, “Xiaoxiu, what is going on?” 

Beaming with joy, Xiaoxiu says, “Young Master, I can practice blood! I can practice blood!”

It turns out that Xiaoxiu started trying practicing right on that night and she was delighted to find that it went very well, even faster than Li Hu did . After only one night, Xiaoxiu was able to manage blood listening .

The news also makes Li Xing happy, “Looks like Xiaoxiu is also constitutionally fit for blood practicing . Good for her!”

Then Li Xing returns to practicing and soon three uneventful days pass . On the last day when Li Xing is practicing, Li Ying is more certain about the absence of Li Ziran, so he orders Li Yuan to take action .  

Alerted by the approaching footsteps, Li Xing walks out of the Purple Bamboo Community to see who is coming . When Li Yuan arrives with a dozen or so servants, each of whom having level three or four blood power, he finds Li Xing is already there, so he speaks in a cold voice, “First Elder Master is asking to see Second Elder Master!”

Li Xing sneers and replies with derision, “You already knew my father is not here . Why bother asking?” 

Li Yuan snorts, “Li Xing, it’s true that First Elder Master has learned about Second Elder Master’s absence, so he sent me over to ask to if there is anything you need . ” 

Apparently, Li Xing already realized why Li Yuan is really here, so he says, “Thanks for your concern . We don’t want anything . ” 

Li Yuan understands by nodding, “If that’s the case, I don’t need to worry .  “ Then he gives an order with a wave of his hand, sending the servants running into the bamboo building . Instead of stopping the intruders, Li Xing orders the furious Li Hu and Xiaoxiu to not move and remain where they are .

The servants quickly emerge from the building, each carrying something originally sent over by Li Yuan .

Li Xing remains indifferent to what is happening, but Xiaoxiu looks more sad and is about to cry . She has grown attached to all those things since she has been cleaning and polishing them all these days .

Li Xing takes the girl’s hand to his and tries to comfort her smilingly in a gentle voice, “Xiaoxiu, we will have all those things again, ten times or even a hundred times better .  When that day comes, I assure you will be complaining about how much we own . ”

Xiaoxiu pouts, “You lie, Young Master . ”

Li Xing keeps smiling, “You’ll know I’m right when it happens . ”

Li Yuan takes off in triumph, followed by the servants . At the time, Chen Shuang happens to pass by and asks the girl servants following her, “What is Butler Li doing?”

A quick-tongued girl servant says, “I heard they came to take away all the things they sent to Purple Bamboo Community . It’s really odd, though, because it’s only been a few months since they sent all those things over . ”

After hesitating for a while, Chen Shuang turns around and heads for Purple Bamboo Community .

As a matter of fact, she rarely comes to Purple Bamboo Community . During the last few times she came to that place, she was at a very young age . As she grew older, she was told that Li Xing was a good-for-nothing and that Purple Bamboo Community was practically deserted, so she lost interest in learning more about the place . It has been ten years since she stepped foot in here the last time .

Purple Bamboo Community is far from being a picturesque place, with a dull color and scenery, which makes it look quite dreary and desolate . This is a place with nothing but bamboo trees .

Before Li Xing returns to the bamboo building, he sees Chen Shuang coming in . He rushes over and greets her respectfully with a smile, “I didn’t expect Second Miss Chen would be here . ” 

Chen Shuang giggles before saying, “You don’t have to keep calling me ‘Second Miss Chen’ . Just call me Chen Shuang . ” 

Li Xing nods and says banteringly, “Chen Shuang, I just got ‘robbed’ at my own home . Are you here to mock me?”

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Chen Shuang is still unable to tell why Li Xing has changed into someone else that is completely different from the man he used to be and someone with whom she can easily strike up a light conversation with . Hearing Li Xing’s joke, she returns with a faked angry tone, “I specifically came to check on you . Too bad you would think like that . ” Then she continues, “You are not going to invite me in?”

Li Xing laughs, “I’d like to, but it’s a mess inside the house now . ”

With an idea coming to her mind, Chen Shuang decides to change the topic, “Li Xing, my sister and I are going to the mine to check the account book . Would you like to come with?”

Three Chivalries Garden owns a blood crystal mine and the laborers working there are all those who committed capital crimes with nothing to lose and all had martial arts training . Therefore, going to the mine could be quietly a risky trip .

Li Xing is disinclined to go due to a lack of interest, but is a bit swayed by Chen Shuang’s expectant look . However, as the decisive man he is, he decides to turn down the offer anyway .  

Unexpectedly, Chen Shuang says, “If you don’t come, you will regret it . ”

Li Xing is intrigued, repeating the girl’s words, “I will regret it?”

A meaningful but mysterious smile comes to Chen Shuang’s face, “Anyway, I’ve warned you . If you change your mind, you know where to find me . ” After saying that, she turns around and takes off with her servants .

“I will regret it?” Li Xing keeps thinking why Chen Shuang said that, but failed to even come close to an answer .

Xiaoxiu seems to take exception to the girl’s words, saying, “Young Master, Miss Chen was just saying that on purpose . You don’t have to go if you don’t want to . ”

But Li Hu disagrees with Xiaoxiu, “I don’t think Miss Chen would care to bluff about something like that . Young Master, you may as well go . Maybe you’ll learn something . ”

Xiaoxiu gives Li Hu a kick and tries to make him stop, “Don’t say anything if you don’t know . ” 

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Li Hu complains, “I’m just thinking for Young Master . ”

Having decided what to do, Li Xing makes both stop by saying, “Stop bickering .  I’ll go and check it out . ” 

After finishing preparing, Li Xing comes to Chen Shuang’s residence half an hour later . Seeing Li Xing showing up, the girl stands up with a smile, “You came after all . Good!”

Li Xing asks calmly, “Chen Shuang, why don’t you stop keeping me in suspense and tell me why exactly you said I would end up regretting?”

Chen Shuang takes a look around her and orders all the servants to go outside, before asking merrily, “Li Xing, what do you think of my sister?”

Li Xing is surprised by her question, thinking, “What does that have to do with me?” But he still pauses to think before saying, “First Miss Chen is very demure and…” Before he finishes saying, Chen Shuang bursts into giggling .

“What are you laughing about?” Li Xing starts to get impatient, seeing that the girl isn’t being very forthcoming,

Chen Shuang finally stops giggling and become serious, “Li Xing, you father, Li Ziran, made a unilateral decision before you and my sister were born . He said that if the Chen family had a girl and the Li family had a boy, they would wed when they grow up . ” 

Li Xing is shocked to hear that and after he is able to react normally, he asks, “Are you joking with me?” 

Chen Shuang says with a cold face, “Do you really think I would joke about something like that?”

Li Xing is left thinking, “So it’s a pre-birth marriage . Although that Chen Xue is a bit unfriendly, she is beautiful . ” Then a million thoughts pop up in his mind as he tries to wrap his head around this newly found knowledge .

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Right before he came to this world, Li Xing was still a virgin with no experience with the opposite sex . Seeing Li Xing unresponsive, Chen Shuang asks with a bitter tone, “What? Is my sister not good enough for you?”

Li Xing immediately replies, “Absolutely not . I was just trying to process that information . ”

Chen Shuang returns to her kind and lovely self again and looks Li Xing up and down before saying, “Li Xing, you should know that all the girls born into Three Chivalries Garden don’t have a say on their marriages . I didn’t like you before because you couldn’t even practice blood . How could someone like you marry my sister? But now you have level five blood power and I think you will make a good match . ”

Li Xing starts to understand what Chen Shuang is saying . Obviously, she is trying to bring him and Chen Xue together . Suddenly he is at a loss for words .

Chen Shuang keeps smiling, “I’ve been watching you for a while . I said before that you reminded me of someone else . So I believe you must be the same type of man as he is and that makes you reliable . Instead of watching my sister end up marrying a stranger, I’d rather she became you wife . ”

Li Xing is still trying to comprehend the situation, and finally get stuck on one thought: Is Chen Xue really going to marry him?

No matter in which world, there is a common consensus among all normal men that they will never turn a beautiful woman away .  Although Chen Xue is a bit unfriendly, she is so much prettier than many other girls that even Li Xing cannot forget about her after meeting her just once .

It’s every man’s dream to hold and wake up next to a beautiful woman, so is Li Xing who is also an ordinary person with feelings and thinking the way every other man does .

That’s why the news has filled Li Xing with a myriad of thoughts and expectations, leaving him tongue-tied .

Chen Shuang has seen it through and sneers, “You men are all alike . Are you beside yourself with excitement now that you’ve found out my sister will probably marry you?” 

Li Xing is finally able to think clearly, and answers with an awkward grin, “I just feel surprised . ”

Chen Shuang warns, “Don’t get excited now . There is still a possibility that my sister won’t marry you . That’s why I said you would regret it if you didn’t come with us to the mine . ”

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