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Published at 3rd of November 2019 10:27:02 AM

Chapter 5

Three people stand opposite, two boys and one girl .

The two boys are about seventeen or eighteen years old, one with a square face, the other with a round face . They are a little older than Li Xing . The girl in a white dress is about the same age with Li Xing . She looks graceful and proud, staring at Li Xing with coldness and contempt .

According to the memory of the former body owner, Li Xing recognizes Li Fei with the square face and Li Zheng with the round face, who are respectively the eldest son and the second son of Li Changyuan, the fourth uncle of Li Xing . The girl is Chen Xue, the daughter of Chen Family in Three Chivalries Garden . She is of the same generation with Li Xing .

Li Ziran and Li Changyuan are half-blooded brothers and do not get along well with each other since childhood . In the past, Li Ziran was mighty and born with excellent aptitude, overshadowing Li Changyuan all the time . So now, the family of Li Changyuan certainly do not show kindness to Li Xing after Li Ziran became a drunkard .

Li Fei and Li Zheng are especially unfriendly to Li Xing . They take delight in bullying Li Xing . In a manner of speaking, the suicide of “Li Xing” is caused by both the weak personality of Li Xing and the extreme bullying of the two brothers .

Li Fei and Li Zheng are astonished at Li Xing’s response . Li Xing does not look scared and timid as usual but gives them a scornful look .

In the previous life, Li Xing was a scrupulous person and minored in psychology . Based on memories of the two lives and all things known, he figures out the mentality of the two brothers . What they have done is the typical syndrome of psychological compensation, which seems ridiculous to Li Xing .

Li Fei and Li Zheng look at each other, wondering why Li Xing is so bold today .

Li Zheng uses his finger to poke Li Xing’s chest, asking with a smile, “Young Master, why don’t you speak?”

In the previous life, Li Xing believes everyone is equal; he does not look up to anyone due to their status and fortune or laugh at anyone due to their lowliness and poverty . This temperament and perception were formed since childhood and is kept till now . Taking a small step back and calmly looking back at the two brothers, Li Xing says imperturbably, “Li Fei and Li Zheng, isn’t it ridiculous that you do such things over and over again?”

“What did you say?” Li Fei is astonished and raises his eyebrows . He ponders, “How dare Li Xing talk back? He must be more unbridled next time if I do not give him a lesson” .

Without any fear, Li Xing says calmly, “Did I offend you? No, I didn’t . My father used to be a martial talent and did not get along well with your father . Your father has good aptitude too but were still no match for my father . So you bully me to get the sense of superiority back, am I right?””

“But what you did is too ridiculous! Strong ones win honor only by strength, not this cowardly action!”

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Li Xing’s words just hit the nail on the head . His tone and expression of disdain prick the brothers’ hearts, making them rage .

“Asshole! How dare you!” Li Fei gives Li Xing a kick at a fit of anger .


Li Fei has cultivated to the third level of practicing blood and can lift an ancient cooking vessel with the weight of 1500 kilo . This kick was full of anger, so the power certainly can be imagined .

Li Xing feels to be dashed against by a big stone . He is flung to the sky in an arc and falls heavily to the ground, with his blood sprayed in the air .

Li Fei’s attack has severely wounded Li Xing .

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Li Xing falls to the ground like boneless meat, keeping motionless . He still has consciousness, suffering intense pain all over his body . He is dying for going faint, but his head is still quite clear .

A somewhat surprised look appears on the indifferent face of Chen Xue: Why such a coward dare to contradict the two bullies, Li Fei and Li Zheng, today?

Li Fei also says in mind, “Damn, I probably beat him to death this time!”

Li Family consists of three branches, with Li Ziran and his three brothers belonging to a same branch . The prosperity of this branch mostly attributes to Li Ziran who honorably led the three big families in the Garden . At that time, Li Ziran made great contribution to the Garden by defeating Iron Sword sect, which was equivalent to the Garden in terms of fame and power .  That is also the reason why Li Ziran and Li Xing can live in Purple Bamboo Community after Li Ziran became a drunkard .

Li Fei does not have a good reason to kill Li Xing . If he did it, he probably will be punished by the Li Family . Li Fei thinks of it immediately, then lightly kicks Li Xing, cursed, “Coward, stop playing dead . ”

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Li Xing feels the vital organs of his body have been broken . Indescribable pain stops him from saying a word . He can only fix his eyes on Li Fei, with the expression just the same as what he showed when he perished with the gangsters in his previous life .

Scared by the chill in Li Xing’s eyes, Li Fei shouted, “Drop the act, or we’ll just leave you here . ” With a guilty conscience, he takes Li Zheng’s hand and strides away .

Seeing Li Xing lying there still, Chen Xue hesitates for a moment, then gives an order to the servant girl standing behind her, “Send him back to Purple Bamboo Community . ”

That servant girl, showing steady vigor, actually reaches the second level of blood practicing . She is surprised first, then becomes worried, “My lady, we’d better stay out of this . ”

Chen Xue waves her hand, “Don’t worry, just do it . ”

The servant girl dares not say anything else, just picks Li Xing up and rushes to Purple Bamboo Community in the Garden .

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