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Published at 12th of March 2020 10:54:29 PM

Chapter 50

Chapter 50: Being Discarded and Left to Die

Translator: Flying Lines

Completely stunned, Li Xing immediately realizes all of this has been a setup! But he finds it difficult to comprehend as to who would want to harm the Chen sisters .

Judging from what just happened, Li Xing can tell that Ximen Tai had obviously thought about how to murder Chen Xue . By giving her a deadly punch from the back, he could both avoid an ugly death for the girl and a bloody scene for himself at the same time, because he is a person who likes to keep it neat and clean .

Then a loud, complacent laugh is heard from somewhere behind and there walks over Li Jie, new from his recovery with an uncontrollable grin on his face .

“Thanks to Mr . Ximen’s genius plan, I was able to get away with this,” Li Jie says as he takes a look at Chen Xue and adds with ostensible regret, “Such a shame that a beautiful girl ended up dead . Well, she only had herself to blame for having coming here to check the account . ”

Ximen Tai follows, “As along as we have enough money and influence, we will be able to get any woman we like! Mr . Li, it’s crucial that we keep the discovery of fantasy crystals here a secret from anyone else . ”

Li Xing replies with a grin, “Rest assured, Mr . Ximen . No one else will ever know . ” Then he stops grinning and looks a bit worried, asking, “But I’m afraid that with the two girls being killed, their old man Chen Jinsong will look into their deaths . ”

With a well-thought plan in mind, Ximen Tai says calmly, “I’ll handle it . We can just say we ran into bandits halfway to the mine and that the two girls got snatched away . I’ve already had everything set up and I assure you it’s going to be a perfect plan and no one will suspect a thing . ”

Hearing this, Li Jie is relieved, “Thanks a lot, Mr . Ximen . All we need now is three to five days and by then, all the fantasy crystals will be moved out of here with no one noticing . ”

As the two men scheme, some of their underlings have already carried Chen Shuang over here and dropped her next to Li Xing .

Ximen Tai takes an extra look at Li Xing and the two girls to confirm the three are all fatally wounded before nodding and issuing an order, “Throw them into the death pit . ” Then several people come forward, pick up the three unconscious people from and drag them towards a deep pit .

It is a long-discarded mine pit which drops as far as one hundred meters below the surface of the ground . Li Xing is the first to be tossed down . For any normal living people, falling from such height would no doubt end their life almost immediately .

The moment he was hauled near the mouth of the pit, Li Xing slightly opened his eyes, but unfortunately, he was too wake to do anything to stop them from throwing him into the pitch-dark pit .

Li Xing can feel wind whizzing over his ears and his body falling and falling, and suddenly he feels being caught by a gentle force which grows stronger and steadier till his body stops falling and starts bouncing upward .

It isn’t until a few uncontrolled ups and downs of his body that Li Xing realizes he has been caught by a giant spider web which emits a green glow against the utter darkness around it .  The spider web, with a diameter of over ten meters, stretches all the way from one side of the pit to the other .

Seconds later, Li Xing senses the web bouncing up and down two more times and knows that Chen Xue and Chen Shuang have also been tossed down and caught by the web .

Realizing it has been another close call, Li Xing breathes a long sigh of relief . Had it not been for this life-saving spider web, the three of them would have definitely ended up dropping to their death . And even if he somehow managed to survive, there would’ve been no other ending for both Chen Xue and Chen Shuang but death .

“Looks like a reserve of fantasy crystals was discovered here and Li Jie wanted to keep them to himself . That’s why he colluded and formed an alliance with Ximen Tai to kill Chen Xue and Chen Shuang on their trip to account-checking . The nerve he has!” By putting the pieces of conversation he just heard together, Li Xing is now clear on what has taken place . Although he is unable to draw a whole picture, he knows he is really close to the truth .

Even though the Bead of Nine Yangs has started working to heal his wounds, Li Xing has trouble even moving his head . After struggling to turn his face, he finds Chen Shuang has landed on his left, while Chen Xue on his right, with both slightly breathing . Li Xing knows that if he didn’t do anything to save the two girls, they would both end up dead .

“I must keep them alive . ” After a sigh, Li Xing struggles to roll over, trying to reach Chen Shunag . Puffing amid his movement, he finally uses up whatever strength he has left and drags himself on top of that girl’s body, a soft and fragrant body of a young woman .

At a time like this, the last thing on Li Xing’s mind is to take advantage of an unconscious woman, because he knows even the most lecherous man wouldn’t debase himself to that level in a moment of life and death .  By doing this, he is trying to use to Bead of Nine Yangs to save Chen Shuang’s life .

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The second Li Xing presses his chest onto Chen Shuang’s, he is stricken by an unexplained but pleasant sensation .

Between their bodies, the Bead of Nine Yangs keeps working and healing the wounds on both of their bodies with its magic energy .

The process lasts about ten minutes or so until Li Xing feels Chen Xue’s breath is getting shallower, indicating that the girl is getting closer to death . Feeling torn by this predicament, Li Xing has to roll off from Chen Shung and inches towards Chen Xue . After the last ten minutes of healing, he finds he already feels better and is able to move more quickly .

Similarly, Li Xing rolls on of top of Chen Xue and at that time, he distinctly feels her bosom is ampler than her sister’s and that she has a different but equally pleasant scent .

However, instead of dwelling on the intimate position, Li Xing keeps thinking about saving the girl’s life .

Another ten minutes pass and Li Xing can feel Chen Xue is getting better .

Just like this, Li Xing keeps moving between Chen Shuang and Chen Xue to help fix them injuries, and in the meantime, he is also recovering . Apparently, the bead works much better on Li Xing than the two sisters .

About an hour later, Li Xing is able to feel himself again and regain most of his strength .  But in order to save time and strength, he keeps rolling on and off on the girls’ bodies alternately .   

Time keeps ticking away and it has been nine hours since the three of them were tossed down and fell on the giant spider web . Finally, Chen Shuang whose injuries were less severe regains consciousness as well . Slightly groaning in pain, the girl opens her eyes, only to find Li Xing on top of her and looking at her with wide-opened eyes .

The scene of getting wounded flashes back in Chen Shuang’s mind . Unable to move, she asks in a surprised and ice-old voice, “What are you doing?”

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Li Xing smiles awkwardly and explains, “You were badly injured, so I had to heal your wounds with a technique I’ve learned . Glad you’re fine now . ” Then he rolls off Chen Shuang and back on top of Chen Xue .

Unfortunately for him, Chen Xue has also opened her eyes and she gives a much stronger reaction than her sister, flushing with shame and humiliation as she struggles to raise her arm and strike Li Xing . But feeling drained, her soft hand ends up gently stroking his cheek before falling down powerlessly .

Li Xing instantly rolls off from the girl back to the middle, sweating from a freshly-recovered body and all the efforts he made to save the two sisters .

He immediately explains himself, “Please don’t take it the wrong way .  I was really just trying to save your lives . ” 

Chen Shuang believes his words because she clearly remembers she suffered life-threatening injuries, but now she finds herself much better and has almost recovered, which means Li Xing was telling the truth .

But the question is how exactly has Li Xing managed to help her and what could he possibly have used to make all her wounds go away? That is most puzzling for Chen Shuang, as she starts to feel grateful to Li Xing for what he did .

Meanwhile, Chen Xue also recalls what just took place and remembers Ximen Tai suddenly attacking hee and that Li Xing stood forward to protect her and take a blow for her . Thinking of this, Chen Xue’s heart softens and her anger caused by Li Xing’s offensive behavior is completely gone .

With thoughts still in a muddle, the two girls try to recall the details and start asking Li Xing for more information at the same time .

Li Xing then recounts the whole thing as well as his speculation to the girls in detail .

After hearing what he has to say, Chen Shuang is outraged, cursing, “That goddamned Li Jie! He actually tried to kill us!”

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Chen Xue sighs and says, “Fantasy crystals are extremely valuable .  One of them is worth as many as a thousand blood crystals . No wonder Li Jie has gotten so crazy . ”

Both girls then turn their eyes at Li Xing and in the faint glow of the spider web, they find the man has blood all over his body, but fortunately, he is out of danger .

“What did you do to fix our injuries?” Chen Shuang is eager to know the answer .

Li Xing feels being putting in an awkward position because he is not ready to tell them about the Bead of Nine Yangs . Luckily, an idea crosses his mind and with a mysterious smile, he says, “Do you know anything about the fantasy elixir?” 

His words surprise Chen Shuang and Chen Xue with so much that they turn on their bodies on the side at the man at once .  At that moment, Li Xing is able to see Chen Shuang’s lips right in front of him and suddenly feels a bit regret that he missed out the chance to kiss them moments ago .

The astonishment of the Chen sisters comes from the fact that the fantasy elixir is known for being beyond valuable .

Across the vast expanse of Tianyuan Isle grow an enormous variety of medicinal herbs, but the effect of a majority of the herbs are too strong for the human body to absorb, and therefore, medical specialists are trained to refine and combine different types of herbs into magical, highly-effective elixirs .

The elixirs comes in four grades, namely the golden grade, the jade grade, the heavenly grade and the fantasy grade, with each including four sub-levels, which are the lower rate, the medium rate, the top rate, and the rare rate .  The fantasy elixir Li Xing just mentioned is ranked as the most valuable of all types of elixirs

As legends have it, many rare-rate elixirs have unimaginable effects in healing wounds and sometimes, these elixirs can even help talentless people reach a high level in martial arts training .

The sisters haven’t had the chance to see with their own eyes how effective a rare-rate elixir can be . All they can tell for sure is that the fantasy elixir possesses the most amazing healing effects of all .

Trying to make it sound more believable, Li Xing goes on by adding more details to his story, “And do you know why I have turned from a talentless loser to someone constitutionally perfect for blood practicing?” 

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