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Published at 19th of March 2020 10:11:01 PM

Chapter 51

“Is it because of the fantasy elixir?” Chen Shuang ventures a guess .


Li Xing smiles while nodding yes, “That’s right . My father gave one of those magical pills to me and it has greatly improved my aptitude . And I think this panacea has continued working inside me ever since, which is why I have its powerful efficacy in my body . ”

Faking a laugh, Li Xing continues with his made-up story, “So after realizing the two of you had sustained serious wounds, I decided to help you in this way .  Please forgive me for behaving disrespectfully just now . ” 

Buying into this seemingly perfect explanation, the two girls are both filled with gratitude rather than anger .

With a slightly bitter smile, Chen Shuang says, “What good fortunate you have for having a fantasy elixir pill!” Then an idea crosses the girl’s mind and she asks eagerly with wide-opened eyes, “Li Xing, will the pill inside you be of help for my sister and me in our practicing?”  

Although Li Xing is affirmative, he dithers over how to answer and it is only a moment later that he finds himself replying, “Given the power of this elixir, I suppose it will . ” 

His words immediately brings hope and joy to Chen Xue and Chen Shuang, both of whom have been stuck at level three blood practicing for a long time and struggling to accept the fact that the lack of progress would definitely impact their future .  But there is a glimmer of hope now that they’ve learned the elixir inside Li Xing’s body will actually help improve their aptitude as well . All of a sudden, the thought of that somehow makes both sisters blush and become silent .

Sensing the awkwardness again, Li Xing decides to break the silence by changing the topic, asking, “Chen Shuang, do you feel better now?”

As of matter of fact, most of Chen Shuang’s injuries have gone, although she still feels a numbing pain all over her body . Before answering his question, the girl thinks, “Seems the only way to improve my aptitude is by getting ‘physically intimate’ with Li Xing like before . But…” Despite having an extravert personality, Chen Shuang finds it embarrassing to make that request .

Meanwhile, Chen Xue feels something has changes in her heart .

“Turns out he has had the fantasy elixir, and with its help, there is almost no doubt that he will achieve something someday . ” Chen Shuang cannot help but recalling the pre-birth marriage arrangement made for her and Li Xing and in that moment, something is suddenly brought back from the back of her mind, an idea that she has long refused to consider until now .

“If I marry Li Xing…” As the idea pops up, Chen Xue instantly looks away, blushing in a way she never did before .

Due to the dim light, Li Xing misses the expression on the girls’ faces, adding, “I assure you’ll recover gradually . But we must think of a way to get out of here . ”

Hearing what Li Xing said, the two girls realize that they are stuck in a precarious situation .

Chen Shuang sighs, “Thanks to this web, or the three of us are as good as dead now . ” The second she finishes this sentence, the web underneath starts shaking and they all turns their eyes at the other side .

Around the pits are walls of hard rocks and in the front is a large cave perpendicular to the wall and it measures about five meters in width and four meters in length . There, an abnormally giant spider is slowly crawling out, staring at the three people in front of its with its green, hideous eyes while hissing his way forward, filling the air with a revolting stench .

Through the faint light, Li Xing is able to see that the spider is blood red all over its body and has huge green mouthparts that resemble the edges of sharp knives, from which strands of finger-sized web is spinning out . The giant insect is over two meters long and has already put two of its legs on the web . Apparently, it seems to have taken the three people as something delicious to eat .

Seized with terror, Chen Xue and Chen Shuang burst out screaming right away . Although both have level three blood power and been taught well in a strict family, they are still betrayed by their female instinct at a time of freight and shock . Li Xing immediately feels two soft shaking bodies holding tightly onto him .

Li Xing tries not to show his panic although it’s the first time he has seen such a terrifyingly giant spider in life other than those he had only seen in movies in the world he came from .

“I may have to confront it as best as I can . ” Li Xing has no choice but struggles to pull himself up in spite of the pain . Since the web is too soft and unsteady, he is forced to stand on his feet and hands . Then he takes a few steps forward in front of Chen Xue and Chen Shuang, facing the spider head-on .

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With a determined and cold look, Li Xing starts to navigate his blood essence, causing a severe pain all over his body since his meridians haven’t fully recovered yet .

Behind him, Chen Shuang pinches Li Xing’s heel, intending to remind of him something .

Li Xing doesn’t look back and keeps staring at the red spider, asking, “What?”

“I still have three arrows left .  I think that’ll be enough to kill it . ” For a moment, the girl was so sacred that she forgot about her secret weapon .

Li Xing reaches his hand to the back and takes over an arrow from Chen Shuang . Knowing that he can easily throw the arrow from his hand, he warns the animal, “You hideous insect better stay away from us!”

“Young man, it’s rude to say something like that to someone much older than you . ” All of sudden, a hoarse voice is heard from inside the cave .

Li Xing and the girls are startled to hear the voice of a human, with Chen Shuang asking, “What are you?”

A different voice is heard saying, “I can speak . Of course I’m human . ”

Realizing there is more than one person inside the hole, Li Xing becomes more vigilant and asks in a calm voice, “How did you end up here?” 

“How did you end up here?” The first voice repeats his question, “Senior Red saved your lives, and now you are paying him back by calling him hideous?”

Trying to understand what he said, Li Xing replies, “You mean the spider?”

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“Who else? If it hadn’t been that web, all of you would have fallen to a very ugly death . Shouldn’t you be thanking Senior Red?”

Unsure about what kind of people he is dealing with, Li Xing decides that it’s best to ask for more information instead of making an enemy of them . So he puts away the arrow and cups his hands, saying respectfully, “Thank you for saving us, Senior Red . ”

There comes a loud laugh from the cave, “You sound like a nice and reasonable young man . ”

Li Xing explains, “I apologize . I thought Senior Red wanted to eat us . ”

One of the voices says, “Senior Red doesn’t eat human . He only feeds on blood crystals . ”

Having calmed down along with her sister, Chen Xue asks, “Who are you?”

“Who else would have be tossed down here except miners? In the past twelve years, two thousand seven hundred and twenty-three people have been thrown into this pit, and only the two of us survived, and crippled . ”

Following that voice, two unkempt and pale men in rags pop their heads out of the cave . Both men are walking on their hands, dragging their legs which seem to have long been broken with closed-off meridians .

Li Xing is astonished to find that both men are still young after twelve long years, making him realize that they must have been thrown into the pit as teenagers . And he can also tell that the two men had both practiced blood and reached high levels .

After getting a clear look at the men, Li Xing asks, “What did those people do that caused them to be thrown into this place?”

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“The miners here have no freedom and people can slaughter us like we are livestock, and even if they do everything right, they can end up getting killed .  But the story was different with us . Back then we were two unruly laborers who couldn’t be tamed, so they beat us to a pulp and tossed us down here . It is called the death pit and it’s the place they drop all the dead bodies, the injured and the sick . ” Then one of the men points at the spider and continues, “Senior Red, which is what we call him, have caught every fallen man with his web all these years, but only the two of us have survived and the rest of the people were either already dead when they fell onto the web or too wounded to live . ” 

As the two keep adding more details into their story, Li Xing and the two girls are surprised to find that both used to have level eight blood power, and that they reached that level when one of them was just fifteen and sixteen years old .

It’s without question that both men have exceptional aptitude for blood practicing .

Then they are told that one of the men is named Zhang Jie who is twenty-eight years old and the other is Cheng Bin who is twenty seven years of age .

Over the past twelve years, they have been stuck in the pit and lived off the dead bodies that had fallen on the spider web . According to what they say, sometimes the spider would bring them some blood crystals to help with their blood practicing .

After finishing his story, Zhang Jie asks, “I see all of you have survived despite your severe injuries .  Is it really the work of the fantasy elixir?” Evidently, he had been listening to the conversation between Li Xing and the two girls .

Li Xing has no choice but to admit by nodding, “Yes . ”

Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin look at each other and both let out a sigh, with Cheng Bin saying, “Unfortunately, we have lived with our injuries for too long . I guess even the elixir inside you wouldn’t be able to help us recover any more .  We haven’t been able to get out of here all because of our injuries .

Li Xing looks up, only to see smooth and slippery walls which are difficult for even an able-bodied person to grab hold and climb up, let alone two seriously wounded and crippled men .

“These two men managed to reach level eight blood power in their teens, which means they both are very talented . Being stuck in the death pit has left them to waste away their gift . If I can heal their wounds with the Bead of Nine Yangs, perhaps I can recruit them as my followers . ”

With that thought in mind, Li Xing says in earnest, “It must be fate that I get to meet both of you here . I don’t think the efficacy of my elixir is ineffective as you think . Do you mind if I give it a try and see what it will do for you?”

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