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Published at 19th of March 2020 10:11:02 PM

Chapter 52

Zheng Jie and Cheng Bin had meant to try asking Li Xing for help, but the fact that they just met kept them from asking for that favor . Now, hearing Li Xing is willing to offer help, the two is thrilled and filled with gratitude .  Cheng Bin says appreciatively, “Thank you so much! We will be grateful for the rest of our lives even if it doesn’t work out . ”

Li Xing says smilingly, “But first thing first, before I do that, I must help my two friends . ”

Zhang Jie replies, “Of course, please go ahead . We will be excused . ” Then, the two men turn around and retreat into the cave, along with the spider .

Knowing what Li Xing is going to do, Chen Shuang blushes again, telling him, “I feel much better now . ”

Li Xing whispers to the girl, “Before we figure out whether the two men are friends or foes, it’s best that the two of you make a full recovery first . ” Hearing this, Chen Shuang immediately understands that Li Xing is doing this on the side of caution .

After hesitating for a second, she says with an unnatural smile, “You…you can start now . ”

“To save time, there is another way to do this,” Saying this, Li Xing pulls out his pouch and grasps it in his palm without the girl noticing and presses it against her shoulder .

Chen Shuang, who is completely conscious this time, can clearly feel a strange energy is finding its way into her body and is seized with great joy believing that the fantasy elixir is working . However, what she doesn’t know is that the healing energy comes from the Bead of Nine Yangs carried by Li Xing in his pouch .  

It isn’t until five long hours later that Chen Shuang is able to fully recover . The girl marvels, “What major power the fantasy elixir has! I feel as good as new now . ”

Li Xing then turns to Chen Xue .

Realizing that Li Xing will not be treating her the way he did before, Chen Xue is less nervous and gives him her hand, blushingly .

With a smile, Li Xing holds the girl’s hand while trying to look cool, but the moment he touches her soft skin, he cannot help but feel a bit affectionate and gently squeezes the girl’s hand .

Chen Shuang’s hand gives a little shake but doesn’t pull away .  In that instant, Li Xing starts to regret for what he just did, so he decides to focus all his attention on healing the girl’s wounds instead of having any inappropriate behavior towards her .    

Via Chen Xue’s hand, the Bead of Nine Yangs starts sending its energy into her body and another five or six hours later, the girl’s wounds are all gone as well .

Now Chen Xue finds it much more comprehensible as to why Li Xing couldn’t be killed during the competition back then . It is all thanks to the fantasy elixir that Li Xing has had on him all along rather than the assistance from his father, Li Ziran .

After making sure the two girls are fine, Li Xing calls into the cave, “Please come back to the web now . ” 

Zhang Jie is the first to come out, and walking on his hands, he soon reaches to Li Xing and saying with a hopeful laugh, “I see you’ve helped them recover very quickly . Does this mean it will work the same way on us?”

Li Xing answers, “I can’t tell for sure, but there is a seventy to eighty percent chance . ”

Zhang Jie says with excitement, “That’ll be good enough . Please!”

Li Xing checks Zhang Jie’s body first and finds out that close to eighty percent of his meridians have either been damaged or atrophied, including those in his bones, muscles, sinews, skins and internal organs . The fact that the man has survived for all those years is a pure miracle, and also a testament to his extremely strong resilience and amazingly high aptitude for blood practicing .

“Please turn around,” Li Xing tells the man .

Zhang Jie turns his back at Li Xing right away .

Li Xing presses his palm on the man’s back, letting the Bead of Nine Yangs send its energy into his body . In the process, Zhang Jie can distinctly sense something inside his body and soon, he starts shaking .

Instead of feeling pain, the man is delirious with joy, believing there is a great chance that he will recover today .

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But due to the severity of his injuries, it takes thirty hours for Zhang Jie’s meridians to start recovering and the old wounds all over his body to disappear, during which time, Chen Xue and Chen Shuang have been taking turns to stay by their side .

Finally, Li Xing pulls back his hand from the man’s back and says with an assuring smile, “I believe you’re all fixed now . ”

Zhang Jie lets out an ear-splitting cry into the air in a sudden explosion of blood essence which is so loud that it makes the Chen sisters turn pale .  

“I’m finally my old self again!” In a state of rapture, the man turns around, gets down to his knees and keeps kowtowing while saying, “I’m deeply indebted to you, my savior!” 

Cheng Bin, who has been waiting there all this time, asks excitedly and eagerly, “Have you really recovered? Completely?”

Zhang Jie laughs out loud, “Completely! This savior of mine really has had fantasy elixir!” 

Similarly, it takes Li Xing another thirty plus hours to treat Cheng Bin . By the time the two men’s wounds are all healed, Li Xing and the girls have been stuck in the pit for nearly three days .

After Cheng Bin fully recovers, Li Xing suggests, “Now that all of us are in good health, we must think of a way to get out of here . ”

Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin both turn around and take one more look at the giant spider with the former bidding his goodbye, “We will come back to visit, Senior Red . ”

The spider hisses as a response while Zhang Jie springs off the web and swiftly bounces his way up against the walls before reaching the mouth of the pit . The rest, including Li Xing, soon followed suit and ascend to the top of the pit after jumping about one hundred meters up .  

Zhang Jie, the first to get out of the pit, is now able to apply his level eight blood power at will .

Soon afterwards, Cheng Bin, Li Xing, Chen Xue and Chen Shuang all get out one after another .

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Chen Xue turns to Li Xing with a question, “What do we do now?”

Li Xing pauses before suggesting, “All we know now is that Li Jie has discovered fantasy crystals, I think it would be wise if we get to the bottom of the situation first before taking action . ”

Chen Shuang follows, “Should we alert Three Chivalries Garden?” Apparently, the two sisters now have complete faith in Li Xing as both ask for his opinion instinctively .

Li Xing chuckles before saying, “I think it wound be easier if we handle it in private . ” Then, pointing at Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin, he adds, “Now we have two powerful helpers by our side, I think we will be safer . ”

Therefore, after reaching an agreement, the five find a temporary hiding place and decide to search for more information on the ground after it gets dark .

And the clock winds back to two days ago when a bloodied Ximen Tai returns to Three Chivalries Garden alone, with his clothes torn, sending a shockwave across the all three families .  Faced with Chen Jinsong’s inquiries, Ximen Tai, who has already fabricated a story about what happened at the mine, informs him that Chen Xue and Chen Shuang have both been abducted by a gang of masked bandits .

He further says that several gang members had level ten blood power and that he was vulnerable to stop them and only managed to escape with a message .

Chen Jinsong bursts into fury and immediately orders an investigation into the incident . However, never has he expected that it is Ximen Tai who had orchestrated everything . As Three Chivalries Garden puts all its energy into the investigation, the account-checking has to be postponed as a result .

And the targets of this investigation are the other major clans inside Qingyun City .

For three days, the investigation has seen no progress .  On the night of the third day, Ximen Tai returns to the mine without any idea that Li Xing and others have managed to get out the death pit and fled to safety .

Li Jie, who arrived earlier at the mine, is dressed in dark-colored clothing as a cover and followed by five servants, each of whom has either level four or five blood power . They are the close body guards that Li Jie trusts the most .

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Seeing Ximen Tai arriving, Li Jie quickly walks up to him and says, “Everything is set and ready to go . ”

Ximen Tai nods, “My people are waiting . All we need to do now is move everything out as fast as we can . ”

Li Jie is a bit anxious as he says warily, “The fantasy crystals are too valuable . We can’t afford to have any accident on the way . ”

Trying to downplay the risks, Ximen Tai pats Li Jie on the shoulder, saying, “Don’t you trust me? After we get them out, I will sell part of the fantasy crystals . With that amount of money, you will be able to build a new Three Chivalries Garden!”

Excited over the prospect, Li Jie’s eyes sparkle in the dark as he grins, “That’s true!”

Afterwards, Ximen Tai and Li Jie depart from the mine in the dark night followed by the five servants, each carrying a giant metal chest weighing as much as thousands of jin .

And almost the same time, Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin emerge from their hiding place and trail after the men immediately, followed by Li Xing and the girls who are all relatively inferior in blood power .

After Ximen Tai and Li Jie clear out of the mine, they are seen heading right up a small hill .

After over one hour and several kilometers away from the mine, the group of people is seen sliding into a valley where ten brave warriors have been waiting, each of whom has level six or seven blood power .

Delighted to see the powerful helpers there, Li Jie says, “Wonderful! Now I have nothing to worry about!”

But before Li Jie can realize, Ximen Tai suddenly hurls a punch at him .


Like a kite loose from its strings, Li Jie is sent flying far away backwards . At the same time, the ten brave warriors all jump at Li Jie’s servants .

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