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Published at 28th of March 2020 09:29:23 PM

Chapter 55

The next moment, his attention is shifted to the rumbling sound of the confrontation that is taking place outside, and the realization that he has once again managed to escape death makes him breathe a sigh of relief, but there is still lingering fear in him, as the man thinks, “It’s been such high stakes today! If it hadn’t been the bead, I definitely wound have been killed by Ma Boxiong’s Buddhist ware . ”

All Buddhist wares are weapons built by masters with the ultimate level of martial arts and because those people have surpassed the level of spirit power training, they possess all kinds of surreal and unbounded capabilities, such as travelling freely to every part of the universe and killing off an enemy at a distance of five hundred kilometers away .

Due to its immense value, Buddhist wares are usually found in the possession of spirit power masters and it requires at least level seven blood power to control the weapons . The higher of one’s level in martial arts training, the better he is able to control a Buddhist ware .

Li Xing is also no stranger to how important a Buddhist ware is in boosting one’s strength . Apparently, he is now the owner of the Cicada Wing Sword whose attacking capability enabled by breath essence has now been nullified by the Bead of Nine Yangs .

After carefully putting away the sword, Li Xing steps out the bamboo building to secretly observe the fight outside .

Since Li Ying and Ma Boxiong are both country warriors with level two breath power, they are practically equal in strength with the same level of marital arts training, which leaves them in a deadlock with neither able to overpowering the other after over countless times of back-and-forth .

As it starts to get light, Ma Boxiong realizes he is powerless to get his sword back and forced to come with a contingency plan, “I might as well let Li Ying keep the sword for a while given that he is not going to take off with it!” So he pulls back and shouts, “Li Ying, I will reckon with you later until I get my treasure!”

After dropping the warning, Ma Boxiong quickly withdraws from Three Chivalries Garden . Li Ying, thinking that it will be pointless to pursue him, decides to let him go .

After Ma Boxiong is gone, Li Ying takes a look at the bamboo building before flying off as well .

Although the night almost sees Li Xing getting killed by a Buddhist ware, he has been blessed with unexpected fortune because he can now keep the Cicada Wing Sword to himself . Li Xing is certain that this precious weapon will no doubt greatly improve his strength as he is on the cusp of completing level six blood practicing and entering level seven .

Having witnessed firsthand the power of the Buddhist ware, Li Xing starts to have reservations about staying in Purple Bamboo Community . Therefore, after a lot of thinking, he comes up with an idea and changes into his other identity -- “Zhao Yun” before setting off to find Chen Shuang .

Chen Shuang has just got out of bed and started washing up when she hears a maid servant reporting, “Miss, Zhao Yun is asking to see you . ”

Chen Shuang is a bit caught off-guard as she turns around to make sure she heard rigth, “Who did you just say?”

“It’s Brave Warrior Zhao Yun,” the servant repeats .

Promptly, Chen Shuang feels a rush of joy as she calls the maid servant inside to help her put on makeup and get dressed, before walking out of her room to see Zhao Yun .

After waiting in the living room for a dozen or so minutes, Li Ying, disguised himself as Zhao Yun, hears approaching footsteps and the next second, Chen Shuang is walking inside .

“Have you fully recovered, Zhao Yun?” Chen Shuang runs her eyes up and down the man, asking with great excitement .

With a smile, “Zhao Yun” stands up and salutes to the girl, “Thank you for your concern, Miss . I’ve recovered completely . ”

Then He sits down at the invitation of Chen Shuang who has no man has come to her in order to find somewhere to hide from Ma Boxiong . After what happened on that night, Li Xing has learned more about what a breath power master is capable of and also become aware that a brave warrior doesn’t stand a chance of living when confronting a country warrior .

And evidently, he is making the right decision to seek temporary refuge at Chen Shuang’s because no one will suspect that Zhao Yun is Li Xing in disguise .

“Zhao Yun, I must thank you for saving my life last time . ” Chen Shuang looks at Li Xing with sincere gratitude . Actually, whenever the memory of “Zhao Yun” taking the dart for her flashes back in her mind, Chen Shuang can clearly sense an unexplained feeling arising inside her .

Slightly lowering his head, Li Xing responds, “It’s my job to protect you, and there is no need for you to thank me at all, Miss . ”

Chen Shuang smiles and decides to drop the topic before going on by asking him questions like how everything has been going with his family and how he has managed to recover . Li Xing answers each question convincingly since he has already planned on what to say .

After a short conversation, Chen Shuang, as if remembering something, says abruptly, “Zhao Yun, while you’re away, I had the tailor make you a few garments . Why don’t you try them on?”

Li Xing immediately recalls the other day when he ran into Chen Shuang at that clothing store, and realizes that the clothes he tried on were meant for “Zhao Yun” . So he stands up and says, “I really don’t deserve your kindness, Miss . ”

Chen Shuang says smilingly, “It’s just a small way of thanking you after you put your own life to save me that day . Besides, you will be the deputy manager of our family from now on, so it won’t hurt if you have some nice outfit suitable for that title . ”

Li Xing is caught by surprise, asking, “I’m going to be the deputy manager?”

Altogether, Three Chivalries Garden has three managers and six deputy managers, with each position coming with a certain level of power . However, never has Li Xing expected he would be given a job as a deputy manager .

Chen Shuang explains, “I’ve already talked with my father about your job assignment . You will be in charge of the family’s finances from now on . ”

Although he is aware that this is a lucrative position, Li Xing knows he won’t be up for it considering he won’t stay here for long as “Zhao Yun” . Without hesitation, he decides to kindly decline the offer, “Thank you so much for your trust, Miss . But I don’t know much about managing money, and I’m afraid my slothfulness will fail me for that job . ”

Hearing this, Chen Shuang says to herself, “He must have misgivings that the strings attached to being a deputy manager at Three Chivalries Garden will hold him back . Clearly he has bigger ambitions . ” This realization makes Chen Shuang even more delightful and appreciative of Li Xing, so she tries with another proposition, “I understand your apprehension . So how does being a guest martial arts instructor sound to you?”

A guest marital arts instructor has more freedom than regular instructors . The reason Chen Shuang is offering this job is that she wants to give “Zhao Yun” as much as freedom as he needs and avoid him being constrained by his position in the Chen family so that he can go on and make his mark .

After spending a few minutes thinking about her offer, Li Xing finds it a much better choice, so he expresses his gratitude and accepts the job .  

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Seeing Li Xing accept the clothes, Chen Shung says merrily, “I’ve ordered the servants to prepare food and wine . Do you mind sharing the meal with another friend of mine?”

Wondering who she is taking about, Li Xing asks, “What kind of friend, Miss?”

Chen Shuang replies with a smile, “His name is Li Xing and he is one of the descendants of Three Chivalries Garden’s Li family . I feel that you two are a lot alike . Perhaps the two of you will become friends . ”

Li Xing cannot help feeling amused by what the girl suggested, thinking how could that even work given that he and “Zhao Yun” are actually the same person .

Puzzled by Li Xing’s eerie smile, Chen Shuang asks, “You do mind meeting him, don’t you?”

Li Xing quickly responds, “It’s just that I don’t feel comfortable meeting with a stranger . ”

Chen Shuang nods her head and says understandingly, “If that’s case, we can drink alone, just you and me . ”

Soon, after the servants prepare a table full of food and wine, Chen Shuang invites Li Xing to sit down .

In the meantime, ever since Li Xing stepped in, a female servant has been paying close attention to him and Chen Shuang quietly, and after spending a while observing the two, she walks out of the room without Chen Shuang and Li Xing noticing .

Soon, the female servant arrives at Chen Jinsong’s residence and after bowing to the man, she reports respectfully, “Elder Master, from where I’ve observed Second Miss and Zhao Yun has been quite tight . Second Miss even sent him clothes as a gift . I guess she probably likes him a lot . ”

With an angry look, Chen Jinsong snorts, “Nonsense! Who does that man think he is to put his moves on Chen Shuang? You go back, keep watching and report back to me immediately if you find more information!”

“Yes!” The servant follows the order and steps out .

After a few cups of wine, the look in Chen Shuang’s eyes grows more affectionate as she keeps staring at Li Xing while the latter focuses on drinking and eating and chatting with the girl on and off, all the while knowing that the girl sitting next to him has feelings for him .

However, he knows that he will drop the identity of “Zhao Yun” entirely some day and that it would be wise if he doesn’t get too much involved with the girl . With the determination to make “Zhao Yun” completely disappear, Li Xing just pretends nothing is happening and doesn’t react at all .

Meanwhile, Chen Shuang, in a tentative way, tries to find out what Zhao Yun feels about her with words, but is discouraged by the man’s lack of interest . Despite that, she still feels attracted to him as who he is .

After finishing the meal which lasts for an hour or so, Li Xing says goodbye to Chen Shuang and heads out .  

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Soon after he is outside Three Chivalries Garden, Li Xing finds an out-of-sight place and changes back to his original look, before setting off to find Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin .

Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin are the two men whom Li Xing met in the mine pit and whose crippled limbs he went on to heal .

Thanks to Li Xing, the two men who both already have eight level blood power are on the threshold of a breakthrough . Li Xing, who now has the three emissaries left by Li Ziran at his disposal, has been aiming to grow his following, and both Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin happen to be powerful enough to make the cut .

Aside from the fact that Li Xing is the lifesaver of Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin, he believes that he will be able to recruit the two men who have both great strength and potential, given that both are convicted felons on the loose with no other chance of sheltering themselves in Qingyun City .

Ever since the fantasy crystal incident in the valley, Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin have followed Li Xing’s arrangement and stayed in the hotel since both are aware that it’s best for them to stay out of the public eye instead of taking the risk of venturing out of their room . Later, Li Xing finds himself standing at the door of the hotel room . After he knocks, a lowered voice is heard from inside asking, “Who is there?”

“It’s me . Li Xing . ”

The door squeaks open with Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin stand in the room greeting their visitor, “Please come in, Savior Li!”

Li Xing returns with a smile and says, “I came to discuss something with you . ” He walks in and takes a seat, while Zhang Jie stands by his side and Chen Bin goes to pour him a cup of water .

“Mr . Li, if there is anything you need us to do, we won’t bet an eye no matter how difficult it is!” Zhang Jie says straightforwardly, while Cheng Bin adds, “Your wish is our command, Mr . Li . ”

Li Xing nods and says, “Both of you are brave warriors with level eight blood power, which is exactly what I need right now . So I was wondering whether the two of you are willing to stay by my side as my followers . ”

Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin exchange a look as both recall what happened not long ago when they helped Li Xing seize a large amount of fantasy crystals, which makes them believe that Li Xing, with such great wealth at this disposal, must be special and worthy of their loyalty .

And on top of everything, Li Xing is the one who saved their lives . Who else is worth their while to follow but him? Besides, both are outlaws, making it essential that they find someone powerful to rely on so that they can have a chance to live as normal people .

The two men immediately get down on their knees and speak at the same time, “You are our master!”

Pleased to having recruited two powerful helpers, Li Xing stands up, puts each of his hands on the two men and lets them up, saying, “We are a team now . No need for these formalities . ” Then he continues, “The problem is I can’t help change your identities right now, so you are going to follow me to a friend of mine . I think she might be of help . ”

The person Li Xing is referring to is Princess Murong Jiaojiao .

Murong Jiaojiao hasn’t left Qingyun City yet and has been staying in the city ruler Zhu Jin’s house . For all this time, there have been all kinds of visitors showing up at her doorstep, but Murong Jiaojiao has made herself scarce every time a guest comes over .

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But today, the princess gets out in person to greet her visitor that is Li Xing .

Li Xing cups his hands as a polite way to say hello, “Princess . ”

Seeing he is not alone, Murong Jiaojiao asks smilingly after casting at glance at Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin, “To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr . Li?” There is a tinge of sarcasm in her tone, which shows that the girl hasn’t forgotten Li Xing’s unkind comment of her being “affected” which he made a long time ago .

Cutting to the cheese, Li Xing decides to frankly state the purpose of his visit, “I have a favor to ask you, Princess . ”

“Is it about these two people?” Murong Jiajiao is smart enough to figure out what the man is about to say, as she asks while pointing at Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin

“Yes . They are my friends, but they don’t have legal identities . If it’s not too much inconvenience, could you please let them be part of your retinue and give them new identities? Is it too much to ask if you take these two under your wings?”

Murong Jiaojiao didn’t expect Li Xing to make such a simple request, so she says, “That’s easy . I can help you . But how do you plan on paying be back?”

Li Xing asks, “Is there anything I can do for you, Princess?”

Murong Jiaojiao takes a closer look at Li Xing and says, “Looks like you’ve made further improvements since I last saw you, which is very impressive . I suppose your father, Li Ziran, had helped you . I heard he is not in the city right now . Could you tell me where he has gone to?”  

Unable to give an answer, Li Xing responds apologetically, “As a matter of fact, I don’t know where my father is . All I know is that he won’t be back in the short term . ”

Hearing this, Murong Jiaojiao doesn’t say anything back and decides to stop asking . She then continues, “I will deal with these two men by keeping them here temporarily . ”

Li Xing expresses his gratitude and turns to Zhang Jie and Cheng Bin, “You will do what the princess asks of you . ”

The two immediately follow his order .

Thinking that it would be inappropriate to take off after asking a favor from the princess, Li Xing racks his brains and manages to think of a poem to recite it to Murong Jiaojiao as a thank-you . The girl, who likes collecting good poetry, is quite pleased to hear Li Xing’s poem .

As they speak, a middle-aged servant comes in to report, “Prince Wang is asking to see you, Princess . ”

Prince Wang is Wang Yang, the eldest son of Local Marquis Wang Zixing, the immediate superior of Zhu Jin .

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