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Published at 17th of April 2020 07:32:02 AM

Chapter 57

“Li Xing? What is he doing here?” Everyone present is surprised to see him .

Chen Jinsong frowns and reprimands, “Li Xing, we’re hosting an important guest here . How dare you just barge in like this?”

Li Xing says in a firm and calm voice, “If I didn’t show up, my fiancé would have been handed away to someone else! Chen Jinsong, I suppose you remember my father, Li Ziran, had arranged this marriage before we were born and specifically said that if you had a daughter, she would be married into the Li family! Your daughter, Chen Xue, has already been a predestinate part of our Li family!”

“But today, you are trying to go back on your word and marry Chen Xue off into the Wang family! Chen Jinsong, as the head of your family, how could you break your word without shame?” Like a thunderbolt out of the clear sky, Li Xing’s accusation makes everybody dumbfounded .

Some of those present are aware of the pre-birth marriage arrangement, while others have just learned about it . But all are staggered by Li Xing’s audacious announcement and condemnation of Chen Jinsong .

Even if there had been a pre-birth arrangement, how dare Li Xing come out against Wang Yang?

Chen Jinsong’s face becomes even darker and as his eyelids twitch with anger, he yells, “You get out of here now!”

Li Xing, however, gives a chuckle in contempt, “Chen Jinsong, in order to protect your position as head of the Chen family, you would rather sacrifice your daughters . Aren’t you afraid they will feel hurt and betrayed?” Then he turns his eyes at Chen Xue, no longer bothering to say another word to Chen Jinsong .

Ever since Li Xing walked in, Chen Xue’s emotion has shifted from utter astonishment to hopeful joy . She keeps starting at the man with tears welling up in her eyes, all the while starting to realize that this is a man whom she has only had limited association or contact with – one time when she watched him vying for the spot during the competition, and the other time when she got stuck in the mine pit along with him .

But for some unknown reason, Chen Xue feels the two of them had known each other for a long time .

And now, the girl knows very well what the stakes are for Li Xing to stand out . It means he has put himself on the opposite side of the Chen family and the Wang family and that as a result, what awaits him is probably death, or even worse .  

Despite the huge risks, Li Xing has come to her rescue, which the girl had only dreamed of happening .

And to the girl’s delight, what is happening right now is reality, not imagination .

Li Xing takes a look at Chen Xue with an assuring smile before moving his eyes to Chen Shuang .

Chen Shuang is happy for her sister because at a critical moment like this, a man is willing to step up to protect her . But at the same time, she also feels sad and desperate for her own fate, as tears roll down her cheeks .

Someone is here to rescue her sister, but who will rescue her?

“Zhao Yun is most likely not going to show up now . He even doesn’t know I have feelings for him…”

Seeing Chen Shuang’s desperation, Li Xing makes up his mind for further action, “I have nothing to lose now!” Suddenly, he grows taller by several centimeters, changing into “Zhao Yun” .  

Everyone is astounded to see his transformation . Even more so for Chen Xue and Chen Shuang .

Li Xing and Zhao Yun are the same person!

“Zhao Yun” looks at Chen Shuang apologetically and makes another announcement, “One more thing . Chen Shuang and I also got engaged secretly a long time ago . So she is not leaving with Wang Yang!”


Boiling with rage, Chen Jinsong moves and in a split second, he is standing in front of Li Xing with such a fierce and murderous look in his eyes that it sends a chill through Li Xing’s body . Chen Jinsong has completed the tenth level of blood practicing with the ability to condense his blood essence . In a state of great wrath, he looks just like a senseless killing monster .

However, in the face of a powerful person who can end his life with one simple punch, Li Xing only responds with a defiant sneer . All the past near-death experiences have already toughened him up, leaving him with the serenity to face every dangerous situation, even death .

“You really think I won’t kill you because of your father?” Out of his mind with anger, Chen Jinsong keeps pressing toward Li Xing with his sinister look .

Unbowed and with a more determined look, Li Xing takes one step close instead of drawing back and questions in a hard voice, “Chen Jinsong, did you forget the custom about marriage duel?”

Marriage duel?

In that moment, everyone seems to have remembered something, with an extremely weird look seen on each of their faces .

The people in Tianyuan Isle have long-running respect for martial arts cultivators and many are blood practicers . Therefore, there has been an established custom that if two men have their eye on the same woman, the woman’s parents will have no right to decide and instead, the two men are required to fight for the woman in a duel .

In this world dominated by strength, one’s martial arts capability speaks more than everything else, such as look, wealth and social standing . Therefore, after a duel of martial arts strength, the winner is seen as the only one qualified to ask the woman’s hand for marriage .

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As for the woman, she is not denied options because she has the right to reject the winner’s marriage proposal, but that right can only be executed after the duel .  

Although this custom has existed for generations, it has long been neglected by those from the upper class . Instead of following the custom, the patriarchs from all the influential families arbitrarily arrange marriages for their next generation, with the sole aim of boosting their families’ interests .

Rarely has there been anyone who stood up to challenge the rich and influential, as Li Xing is doing right now . Even if there was someone coming forward in defiance, they had ended up getting exterminated secretly and their bodies abandoned in the wild .  

Chen Jinsong didn’t expect Li Xing would raise such a question and is immediately tongue-tied . In Tianyuan Isle, that custom applies to everyone and therefore, should be strictly complied with by everyone, including those from the top stratum of society . Of course, Chen Jinsong can choose not to abide by it, but doing so openly will only incur humiliation for his family .

“How dare you! What makes you think you can steal women from me?”

No longer able to contain his rage, Wang Yang walks slowly to Li Xing, confident that someone with level one spirit power like him is capable of striking down the man with one move .

Wang Yang scoffs at him fearlessly, “Wang Yang, if you are a real man, I challenge you to come and fight me in a life-or-death duel in three months . Whoever lives will be qualified to have Chen Xue and Chen Shuang!”

Wang Yang roars with terrifying laughter and spits out, “Pah! Who do you lowly nobody think you are to fight a prince like me? I’ll finish you right now and tear you from limb to limb!”

In the blink of an eye, a shadow flashes to the front and Muron Jiaojiao is standing right in front of Li Xing, forcing Wang Yang to stop .

“How dare you get in my way?” With the intention to kill, Wang Yang is so mad with rage that he even plans to attack Murong Jiaojiao .  

The stern-faced princess asks with a challenging tone, “Wang Yang, are you afraid that you will lose the duel to Li Xing in there months?”

“I’m afraid?” Wang Yang gives a roaring and disdainful laugh as he points at Li Xing and says, “How is a miserable nobody with only blood power going to beat me? I can kill this guy with one move!”

Murong Jiaojiao continues, “If you truly are confident, why not wait three months and finish him off then? Are you eager to kill him because you are afraid that he will rapidly improve to a high level than you in three months?”

The reason Murong Jiajiao decides to step up and defend Li Xing is that she deeply admires his courage, although she has reservations about him wanting to marry both Chen Xue and Chuen Shuang .

In the whole world, how many men exactly are there who are willing to risk their own lives to rescue the women they like?

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After hearing what Murong Jiaojiao said, Wang Yang’s face twitches as he pushes down his anger before casting a cold glance at Li Xing, saying, “Fine! I will let you live for another three months . Three months later, I will come to Three Chivalries Garden and kill you like a dog!”

Li Xing responds calmly, “Let’s just wait and see who’s going to live . ”

Wang Yang bursts into another laud guffaw and walks out of hall .

Meanwhile, Li Ying, Bai Pingdu and Chen Jinsong are all trying to wrap their heads around the turn of events that was utterly beyond their expectation . None has ever thought that Li Xing would be so daring!

Does he really know who Wang Yang is? He is the son of Wang Zixing – a local marquis and a lawless and unruly brat . Is Li Xing asking for death by contradicting a man like that?

The three heads of family glare at Li Xing, all worried about what his behavior is going to cost for Three Chivalries Garden .

“Li Xing, do you know what you have done?” Li Ying keeps glowering at him and asks .

Li Xing answers without much concern, “Of course I do, but I also know that nothing trumps death . Even if Wang Yang is the number one martial arts master in the world, he can only kill me once . ”

Li Ying is left speechless, shocked to hear that the man in front of him is actually not afraid of death at all, let alone anything else . For a man who is so dead set against flinching from any powerful man or even all of them combined, Li Ying knows there is nothing he can use to threaten him with .

Murong Jiaojiao claps her hands and says appreciatively with a smile, “Impressive! A real man is not afraid of death, but you still need to make all the preparations you need for the duel three months later . When that day comes, you will only have yourself to rely on . ”

Li Ying was meant to say something else, but after realizing that Murong Jiaojiao is on the side of Li Xing, he decides to keep quiet . Li Xing cups his hands at Murong Jiaojiao, saying respectfully, “Thank you!” Then he turns his eyes to Chen Xue and Chen Shuang again, only to find the two sisters having different emotions .

Chen Xue stares into the air blankly with a confused look, while Chen Shuang is left in a complete daze, making Li Xing worried .

It suddenly occurs to him that he has absolutely no idea what the two sisters are thinking or feeling and even starts to doubt what he did today .

Murong Jiaojiao glances at the Chen sisters and warns, “Li Xing, I’m afraid you’ve got yourself into trouble . ” The princess then giggles and walks out of Three Chivalries Garden with her entourage .

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Chen Jinsong blusters, “Li Xing, don’t expect anyone to collect your dead body in three months!” Given the current situation, even he knows killing Li Xing won’t change anything .

Li Xing doesn’t react or even pays attention to Chen Jinsong’s words . Instead, he keeps thinking that if he had only stepped up for Chen Xue, the girl would feel grateful to him or even begin to like him . But the problem is that he might have to marry both sisters, leaving him losing control of the situation .  

For a moment, Li Xing’s head has lost its clarity and is gripped by numerous thoughts .

He walks up to the two girls and says to both in a low voice, “Chen Xue, Chen Shuang, there is something I need to tell you both . ”

“You don’t have to say anything,” Chen Shuang slightly lowers her head as she gives an eerily cold response before slowly turning around and walking out of the door .  

Worried about her, Li Xing grabs Chen Xue and quickly catches up with the younger sister .  

After the three are gone, Bai Pingdu sighs before speaking, “I wonder what Wang Yang is going to do to Three Chivalries Garden . ” His worry is justified because Three Chivalries Garden is merely one of the many prominent clans in Qingyun City, but Wang Zixing, the local marquis, controls many cities and towns and boasts a myriad of powerful fighters at his disposal .

A sinister look in seen in the eyes of Li Ying who follows in a low voice, “Looks like we need to take care of the situation in a special way now . ” Then the same look appears in the eyes of both Bai Pingdu and Chen Jinsong and the three exchange a look between them .

Unable to follow Chen Shuang’s quick steps, Li Xing calls her name loudly from behind, “Chen Shuang!”

Chen Shuang pulls to a stop in the middle of the road, and Chen Xue gets her hand out of Li Xing’s grasp .

Li Xing goes on saying with an unnatural smile, “What I said just now in the hall, both of you don’t have to take it seriously . ”

Hearing this, Chen Xue’s slightly frowns while Chen Shuang raises her head, with both looking Li Xing in the eye with mixed feelings .

Li Xing tries to explain himself by saying, “I know neither of you want to marry a man like Wang Yang, so I decided to step forward to help you . ”

“So you didn’t mean every word you said?” Chen Xue asks in the chilliest voice Li Xing has ever heard .  

Every man under the sun loves beautiful women, and Li Xing, a normal man with feelings, is no exception . So naturally, he also dreams of having beautiful wives and concubines around him . But when it comes to reality, he knows he can only love and have one woman .

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