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Published at 6th of November 2019 11:08:53 AM

Chapter 6

Li Xing’s eyes remain closed, but he somewhat can hear Zhang Zhong’s frightened cry, “Goodness, what happened to you, Young Master? Who hurt you like this?”

Then comes the servant girl’s cold response, “Li Xing got injured and lay in the street, so I brought him back . I shall take my leave . ”

Then follows a young girl’s sobbing, “Father, will Young Master die? He’s so badly wounded . We must have a doctor sent right away!”

Zhang Zhong sighs, his voice choked, “He suffers internal injuries . Only if someone with high breath power is willing to help can he survive . Anyway, I will try to save Young Master’s life even if I have to risk my own . ”

After saying this Zhang Zhong rushes off . All Li Xing can hear is the intermittent sobbing of the young girl .


“Am I dying again? Blood Practicer is so powerful that he can end another’s life with one kick . ” Li Xing’s mind is still clear as he recounts what happened earlier . Afterwards it seems he somehow descends into a trance . Although he is still unable to open his eyes, he can see a bead shinning above his chest .

The bead is emitting rays of bright light which penetrate his body and start healing the wound caused by Li Fei’s kick . His vital organs seem to recover and even become stronger in the process .

Thanks to the blood listening practice, Li Xing is excited to “see” everything that is taking place in his body .

“It’s the bead! It healed the wound in my wrist and now it is healing my injuries in my organs again!” It suddenly becomes clear to Li Xing how the wound on his wrist was fixed .

Li Xing has had the bead on him from a very young age . It is sewn inside his pouch for safe-keeping . But for a long time in his life he has never paid much attention to this bead . All he remembers is that his mother left it to him .

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Li Xing always thinks of the bead as a reminder of his mother, something not of so much value . He doesn’t expect this is a bead with magical healing effect .

“Could this bead be a treasure?” With his mind in state of confusion, Li Xing suddenly regains consciousness .

At the luxurious lobby of the Li Mansion, Zhang Zhong, with his hands and knees on the ground, keeps kowtowing and begging a middle-aged man in front of him, “Chieftain, please save young Master Li’s life! He was severely injured . Only a man with high breath power like you can help him!”

Dressed in a cyan rob with an air of authority, the middle-aged man is the current chief of the Li clan – Li Ying, a country warrior who has mastered the second-highest level of breath power .

With his eyes only half-open, Li Ying says slowly, “Are you talking about Li Xing? No one cares whether a loser like him lives or dies, and it sure is not worth my energy to save him . Leave . ”

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“Chieftain!” Zhang Zhong suddenly straightens his back and says in a stern voice, “Had it not been for elder Master Li, could Three Calvarias Garden have risen to its position today? Had it not been for elder Master Li, could Li family have been able to lead Three Calvarias Garden? I beg you to have mercy and save elder Master Li’s son!”

Li Ying thumps the table and says with a sunken voice, “How dare you presumptuous lackey of a man be rude to me! Guards, take him away, break his limbs and cut off his tongue!”

In a heavily ruled family like this, Zhang Zhong is bound to be punished for contradicting the chief .

But Zhang Zhong is not intimidated . He says defiantly, “An old servant like me does not regret death . I implore you to save young Master’s life!”

But the chieftain has already left . Then come two strong men, both with a level three blood power . They each take Zhang Zhong’s arm and drag him to the penalty chamber . On their way Zhang Zhong keeps begging them to save Li Xing’s life, but they couldn’t care less about an old servant of such a low position .

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Li Xing suddenly opens his eyes and sits up, and then he hears a joyful cry, “Young Master, you’re up!” Li Xing turns around and sees a young girl . Memory tells him her name is Xiaoxiu and that she is Zhang Zhong’s daughter who has grown up with Li Xing . She is now fourteen years old .

“Xiaoxiu, where is Uncle Zhong?” Li Xing asks .

The girl shakes her head and says, “Father left and hasn’t come back yet . You were unconscious for an hour . Do you feel any pain?” She cannot help but feel confused . How come Li Xing’s injuries healed all of a sudden?

Li Xing reaches his chest and feels the finger-sized bead in his pouch . It is the bead that saved his life .

At that moment, a child servant rushes in shouting, “Bad news, bad news! Xiaoxiu, you father has been beaten to death in the penalty chamber!

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