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Published at 14th of November 2019 08:07:32 PM

Chapter 9

But Li Ziran does not react as if he did not hear what Li Xing just said .

Li Xing picks up the guard liquor bottle from the table and shakes it, only to find it is empty .

He cannot help but speak with a slow and deriding tone, “Alcohol intoxicates people . Father, you have been drinking all these years and you are drunk every day, but have you really forgotten your misery?”

“A drunken person will always be stuck in his dream . But eventually he needs to sober up and face reality!” Li Xing smashes the bottle on the bamboo table .


The bottle breaks into small pieces and is tossed to the floor .

Li Ziran seems to be woken up by the sound . He slowly opens his eyes . Still intoxicated, he looks at Li Xing with a confused look, as if he is wondering, “Why did you break my liquor bottle?”

“Zhang Zhong died . ” Li Xing continues without emotion, “The man who served you for more than 10 years has been beaten to death . Ten days ago I slit my wrist and tried to kill myself, but I didn’t die . Do you know all this, Father?”

Li Ziran closes his eyes, about to drift into sleep again .

Rage flares in Li Xing’s eyes like flames . He says slowly, “Li Ziran, you are spineless . I despise you!” A sneer comes to his face . He reaches to Li Ziran’s arm and pulls out two books .

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Both books are thread-bound and very old, with one titled The Book of Ultimate Blood and the other The Book of Ultimate Martial Art . Li Xing remembers his father has had the two books on him for a long time .

Since Li Xing used to fail at the basic blood listening all the time, there was no way he would be qualified to practice the skills in these two books .

He recalls Zhang Zhong told him that these were the exact books that had helped Li Ziran make all the breakthroughs in his practice . The method of blood practicing can vary from person to person, and different methods usually lead to different results . By practicing The Book of Ultimate Blood, one can maximize the force of his blood power . And it is because of the thundering fighting power that the book was given this name .

With the books in his hand, Li Xing walks out of the bamboo building without looking back . Eager to return to practice, he no longer wants to waste another minute on Li Ziran .

Just when Li Xing turns his back, Li Ziran suddenly opens his eyes . Astonishingly, a sharp look is seen in his eyes, the kind of look that would make a person shudder and only befits someone with extremely high breath power .

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On his way back Li Xing runs into Li Hu who is rushing toward the bamboo building with two pieces of clothing in his arms . Li Hu is between 15 and 16 years old with rather heavy features, and he wasn’t a servant of the Purple Bamboo Garden until now .

Since Zhang Zhong died, he has been taking care of Li Ziran .

Seeing Li Xing, Li Hu smiles, “Young Master, you are back . ”

Li Xing walks up to him, puts his hand on Li Hu’s shoulder, and says sincerely, “Thank you, Li Hu . ”

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This few words make Li Hu fluster, who answers hurriedly, “You don’t have to thank me at all, Young Mater . One time when I was little, my mother was ill . You gave us money . Now you are in trouble; how could I stand by and do nothing?”

Li Xing nods his head, “Okay, I understand . ” Without another word, Li turns his back and heads for the stone cottage .

Li Hu stares at Li Xing’s back and cannot help but feel confused, muttering, “That’s odd . Young Master Xing does not look like the person he used to be . ”

Li Xing comes back to the stone cottage and finds there is already hot meal on the stone table . Xiaoxiu must have come by . The girl lost her father not long ago, so she is probably still in grief . But she already started looking after her Young Master .

“I must try harder even if it’s not for myself . How could I let the people around me suffer again?” With that firm look returning to his eyes, he shuts the door and starts practicing again .

Every chapter of The Book of Ultimate Blood is about blood practicing . Reading it makes Li Xing realize how foolish of his previous practicing method and how mistaken he was . No wonder he couldn’t locate his dermal meridians .

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