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Chapter 106

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“Who is that?”

“The bastards that went in first most likely.”

“Is it safe there?”

“I don’t know! Is that really what important right now?”

“They’re coming from behind!”

From where the hunters had just come out, Mukamukas and Tutulips appeared.


“Save me!”

A hunter that was caught by a Tutulips grabbed Won Jong-tak’s foot.

“F, fuck! Piss off!”


“God damn it!”


Won Jong-tak swung his sword to cut off the hand of the hunter holding his leg.

Such a scene was happening in several places. It was not a situation where they could help.

The ones that barely survived by betraying and feeding their allies to the monsters’ mouth all threw themselves into the water.

Splash! Splash!

The hunters that swam the 30 meters in a single breath and took in a deep breath and collapsed on the ground.

The ones who barely survived were 4.

They all looked quite exhausted. Among them, 2 were faces I knew.

Won Jong-tak and Song Han-sol.

“It seems those things know how to swim though?”

Soo-ah pointed towards the lake.

Dozens of monsters were crossing the water and coming towards us.

“Damn it. Everybody prepare for battle!”

I held up my sword getting ready to attack, but for some reason they just hung around in the water and didn’t come up to the landmass.


“It seems to be because of that stone statue.”

Han Joon-suk said. We didn’t know the reason, but it seems they were too afraid to come up to this landmass.

What is this stone statue for them to be so afraid of it.

“That’s funny.”

Edward said.

“What are you saying is funny?”

“Aren’t we trapped here without a place to run to?”

“We won’t have any trouble escaping.”

“Certain. That is true.”

He started nodding as if he only just remembered the existence of the Escape Scroll.

Won Jong-tak who had collapsed on the ground looking at the Mukamukas and Tutulips surround the landmass suddenly raised his head.

“There’s a way to escape this place?”

Even in such a situation he hears everything he needs huh.

“None of your business.”

“Damn it. Do you not feel the urgency of the situation even while looking at that? We can’t stay here forever.”

“The management team will come if we wait. Who told you to recklessly come in here?”

“Damn it. You think I came in here because I wanted to?”

Won Jong-tak grinded his teeth while glancing at Song Han-sol.

He was looking at the ground with tired eyes with half of his equipment missing.

The proud look that he had shown before was nowhere to be seen.

“They’re doomed. Definitely doomed. Looks like the number of dead people is over 10 and if you add the lost equipment wow…… I wonder how much that is?”

At Soo-ah’s words Won Jong-tak turned his head and started shouting at her.

“This crazy bitch…… If you don’t want to get killed shut your damn mouth!”


Won Jong-tak’s head spun around as he rolled on the ground.

Soo-ah who had suddenly appeared while holding up a fist started talking.

“That guy isn’t a friend right?”

“Yep. He’s not. You did well.”

If she hadn’t hit him then I would have. And if I had then it wouldn’t have ended with mere bruises like that.

The other side’s hunters got up while faltering.

It seems they were tense at the sudden violence. However looking at their state, they probably didn’t even have the strength to walk.

I summoned Thor’s Hammer and dropped it on the ground after a few light swings.



“Wh, what?”

“That was something heavy?”

It was some light showmanship but the hostility in their eyes disappeared completely.

It might be a little immature but I have to cut down their moral from the beginning if I don’t want them to start a fight.

Then, Song Han-sol’s line of sight reached me for the first time.

“You are…….”

“Ah. Did you finally recognize me?”

“It’s that bastard from before. Though you died.”

“Is that so? Did Park Jung-bae not tell you that I was alive?”

“How long do you think it’s been since that Jung-bae bastard died.”


I thought he wouldn’t do anything dangerous since he had a fair amount of money.

“He went to that Yellow Sea or whatever and came back as a corpse.

“Well…… It’s the natural consequence of one’s deed I suppose.”

I didn’t think I wanted to feel any pity because he had died. You never knew when a hunter would die and the Yellow Sea was especially dangerous.

He could have lived off of inheriting his parents’ business but he dug his own grave by going their on his own.

“Save me.”


“If you get me out of here I’ll give you whatever you want. I’ll give you all the items if you want them. Fuck…… If you want money then I’ll give it to you after getting out. Please. Just let me leave here alive.”

“……Why do I have to do so? I have a lot of money though?”

“I’m asking you.”

“What bullshit is this?”

Is this guy not fully awake even in such a situation?

I was snickering while thinking so, but he suddenly took off and held his bag upside down.

Dozens of items fell on the ground. It wasn’t only that.

“All of you open your bags!”

“B, but…….”

“Shut up and do as I say.”


At his command the hunters that were still alive all flipped their bags upside down.

Thereupon a bunch of ores and items had stacked up on the ground.

Song Han-sol slowly kneeled towards me and opened his mouth.

“I will give you everything. So please at least save my life.”

The guy bowed down.

Damn. What kind of situation is this?

Poke poke.

Soo-ah poked me in the side. What is it I wonder?

“Accept it.”


Unusual. If it was about grudges with Song Han-sol then this girl has a lot more than me though.

I looked carefully at Soo-ah’s expression. Her eyes that were looking at Song Han-sol had no expression whatsoever in them.

Instead, she was using a calculator in her head trying to figure out how much those things would be worth.

The answer would soon come out since her head processed faster than mine when it came to money.

“If we add everything up it should be worth a few 100m. No, it won’t be that much considering the value of the items will fall but it will still be quite a bit.”

“Are you okay with that?”

“I’m not okay. But I think that is enough as compensation.”

“And an apology?”

“I don’t think that guy will apologize from the bottom of his heart. It might be interesting to see how well he can act but I don’t have a hobby of seeing such things. That’s why the apology will be in the form of money.”

“Well, if you say so.”

Although she said it like that she’s probably not actually alright. She just doesn’t want to waste any emotions on that guy.

I think that it’s a sensible decision. No, I shouldn’t say it so lightly.

It’s not like I can know her inner thoughts in its entirety. She might be crying on the inside while putting up a calm front.

“What are you looking at with such a pitying face?”

“Hm? Did I do that?”

“If I say that I’m fine then I’m fine. I’m saying this because senior brother wouldn’t know if I didn’t say every single thing as it is.”

She pointed at Song Han-sol as she continued her words.

“I don’t care even a single bit about a guy like that.”

“…… You’re an amazing person.”

“Doesn’t love gush up within you?”

“That’s a no.”

“I’m sorry for interrupting. There’s something that you should see.”

Han Joon-suk said. Looking at the place he was pointing at, I could see a crimson ruby.

The size seemed perfect for shoving into the statue’s eye.

“This is……?”

Once I held the jewel in my hand Song Han-sol opened his mouth.

“Do you want that? Then take it.”

“I’ll take all of it so don’t worry.”

I gave the jewel to Edward. The guy nodded and flew up.

“What in the world are you trying to do?”

Won Jong-tak walked towards me with a swollen face. It was a bit pitiful to see him avoid Soo-ah after getting hit once.

However I couldn’t get the scene of this guy cutting his ally’s arm out of my mind.

My expression naturally crumpled up but he continued his words as if he didn’t realize.

“We can really leave here right?”

“We’ll have to see. What that is. It’s only a speculation but…….”

The stone statue that trembling once the jewel was put in its eye.

Edward hurriedly got away from the stone statue.

“……It doesn’t seem like we can leave so easily.”


As soon as the ruby was put in, the entire statue started vibrating and then slowly started cracking.

And then finally it crumbled.

“That is……?”

Han Joon-suk opened his mouth. It wasn’t that the stone statue had crumbled. It was just that the outer layer covered in rock was shed.

The that was left after completely shedding slowly moved its body and looked down at us.

A creature with a humans body as the top and a horses body below, a centaur.

[I am a Centaur Warrior Virun. I will grant the wish of the human that has awakened me.] (Kyle: Virun is pronounced Vai-roon)

“A wish?”

What the hell was this all about?

“Please increase the number of wishes to 3!”

Before I could say anything Soo-ah yelled.

[That is disapproved.]

“Eh, don’t be so narrow minded.”

“…… Does that even make sense?”

“Then he shouldn’t have asked for a wish then. Or put some conditions. Like you cannot increase the number of wishes. Don’t you know you have to do that much if you don’t want to be sued?”

“I don’t think there’s a lawyer with enough nerves to sue that guy.”

The guy’s height was 5 meters.

The landmass had a diameter of 20 meters which the guy was probably capable of going from one end to the other in a few steps.

If we had to fight with this guy, it would be a worst case scenario.

The Mukamukas and Tutulips were lurking in the water while there was a giant centaur in the middle of the island.

There was nowhere to run to. Was the escape scroll the only way as I thought?

No, since it said that it would grant a wish, it would be fine to talk appropriately.

“What do we have to do to clear this dungeon?”

[Is that your wish?]

“It’s just a question.”

[I have no obligation to answer.]

“Then just clear it. That is my wish.”

[That is disapproved.]

“Ah. I told you, that guy seriously has to be sued.”

Soo-ah complained.

At this point I’m coming to agree with her.

He’s not doing anything for us and he’s saying he’ll grant our wish. I don’t have a clue why he’s saying such a thing if he’s going to be like that.

“Then what are you able to grant us?”

[I can kill anybody you want.]

“Sure is a brutal genie of the lamp.”

I don’t need such a wish though.

“How about asking it the way to clear the dungeon?”

Han Joon-suk said. That did seem to be the best choice.

“I will just ask as a wish. What do we have to do to clear the dungeon?”

[Offer me a sacrifice.]

“A sacrifice?”

[That’s right. If you sacrifice a fresh human’s soul then I will let you clear this dungeon.]

This was a bit weird. To have to offer a human to clear the dungeon.

Even if the dungeon was different from a normal dungeon this was far too different. At the very least, it didn’t feel like a normal method.

“I, I will offer a sacrifice!”

Song Han-sol suddenly yelled from behind. I was wondering what kind of bullshit he was talking about when the sound of something penetrating flesh could be heard.

“Arg…… this fucking…….”

A sword was pointing out after going through Won Jong-tak’s chest.