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Chapter 114

The wooden bridge that connected to the forest region was replaced with a assembly type steel bridge . It’s said that the Engineering Corps completed it in four days .

As expected, there was nothing that didn’t work out if the army was involved .

First, the 250 military trucks passed and our van followed behind to cross the bridge .

There was a small guard post next to the bridge where soldiers with guns and a few hunters were standing by .

It seems they were on lookout so that the Chungho Group cannot cross from that side .

They wouldn’t be able to catch the ones that cross the river though .

“We will be inspecting for a bit . ”

Once all the military trucks passed the soldiers holding guns approached .

It seems they will be thoroughly checking since the situation is how it is .

They starting the inspection from the vehicles in the front and it seemed they were doing an inspection of the vehicle’s inside and confirming the passenger’s ID and face .

“This looks like it will take some time . ”

Park Han-bum said while yawning . Soo-ah slightly frowned .

“Wait…… aren’t they doing a ID check? Edward doesn’t have one . ”

“Ah, now that you mention it . ”

It hadn’t even been that long since Edward came to this side . Of course he didn’t have something like an ID .

“An ID you say . What’s that?”

“Ah, damn it . This is going to be annoying . ”

There was a battle right ahead of them so there was no way bribes would work . Everyone’s sight landed on Edward .

“Why are you all looking at me like that? And what’s an ID?”

He said with a displeased look .

It was possible to somehow get past the fact that the inside was wider than the outside .

It was pretty amazing but since space expansion existed for things like bags as well it was possible to gloss over it . However, that wasn’t the same for Edward .

I asked him .

“How long can you stay as a shadow?”

“About 5 minutes . ”

Would it be enough with that?”

“I don’t think it will be enough . ”

Han Joon-suk shook his head . It was not like turning into a shadow made him completely transparent and turning into a bat would be plenty suspicious .

It was a problem to turn back now too . That would be pretty suspicious as well after all .

“Could you get out of the car please?”

A soldier shouted at the half open window . It was not a situation where we could stall for time .

“Just get off . ”

Edward let out a laugh .

“Where are you getting such confidence?”

“Don’t worry, go and get this ID check or whatever . I will do what I can in here . ”

“…… okay . ”

Looks like he had an idea .

For now, everybody got out of the car while leaving Edward behind .

The ID check went without a problem but the problem was checking the inside of the van .

Two soldiers went in the van and came out before 1 minute passed .

“There are no problems . You are free to go . ”

“Yes? Yes . Thank you . ”

Once we entered, we could see Edward leaning on a chair with a proud look on his face .

We started going for now . Once we crossed the bridge I asked him a question .

“What in the world happened?”

“You didn’t forget who I am did you?”

“Vampire…… Ah, did you make those soldiers your servants?”

“I didn’t bite them so don’t worry . If we’re separated by a certain distance it should get cancelled so that won’t be a problem either . ”

It was a good thing that it was a normal soldier instead of a hunter .

A large monkey got sent flying after crashing into the van .

Yeon-gyeong’s shoulders shook .

“Party leader, just, just now…… that was a monster right?”

“Yep . ”

“Is it fine to keep driving?”

“It’s fine . But more importantly…… . ”

Wasn’t she hugging that too tightly .

“That guy will die suffocating . ”

“Ah, sorry . I hugged you too strongly right?”

Yeon-gyeong took Kelby off of her chest . This envious bastard .

The forest became more dense . The road gradually became narrow enough that the van couldn’t pass so the speed started falling .


A large tree was hit by the van and broke . Cho Young-gu shouted with a loud voice .

“How far you going to go?”

“There’s a lake if we go a few more kilometers . ”

I spread the map open . If we wanted to hunt while staying at one place then water was a necessity . Drinking water was lacking as well but we needed to be able to wash .

The other reason is that there are monsters where water is .

“There doesn’t seem to be a road though? Is it really fine to just keep driving?”

“It’s fine . There is some impact but it won’t get broken . ”

I have mentioned this before but items were strong against this kind of physical impact .

No matter how strong and big a tree is it was possible to crush it under the van with enough speed .

If we travelled so loudly then monsters would be attracted too .

Once we drove while crushing dozens of trees we could see a small lake .

We could also hear something running at us from behind .

The sound of Giant Monkeys could be heard as well . They were all monsters following the van we were riding .

Through the sound I could tell that there were at least dozens . I turned my head in this and that direction and started talking .

“Should we start with some basic warm ups?”

2 meter high Giant Monkeys showed themselves on top of the trees .

Their numbers were approximately twenty . Although the same monkey type they were smaller than the Mukamuka, and they had low strength but had good organization while also using spears made from sharpening wood .

It could not be looked down on just because it was made of wood as they had the strength to pierce steel plates .

What came stomping below was the monster boar .

I think it’s official name was Buskato . (Kyle: pronounced boos-kah-tow . )

The shiny outer skin was tougher than steel and its molar pointed up more than 1 meter .

What made this special was that it could change its direction mid charge .

If you look down on it because it’s just a boar then you might get impaled by its meter long molar . There were about 20 of these things as well .

However, they were still just level 3 monsters . In the past I would have trembled in fear but it was different now .

“Manager Kim please use Sleep and go straight into the van!”

“Can’t I just use the spell in the van?”

“That seems fine too . ”

For now, all the combat members including me got off the van . The ones left inside were only Manager Kim and Edward .

He had an awkward expression being left with a vampire but I gave him the new sword that I bought to relieve him .

It was the level 8 sword .

It shined with light and seemed sharp enough to cut a stack of paper but it was actually closer to a machete on top of only having a single edge so it was difficult to call it a sword .

It had nicks everywhere and rust could be seen in places too . It had a blade length of 1 meter and was quite thick so the weight was pretty heavy as well .

“Is that really a level 8 item?”

Soo-ah placed Thor’s Hammer on her shoulder .

Looking at her holding it with relative ease even though it’s a heavy weapon it looks like I did well to sell it to her .

“It is . Also, the appearance isn’t everything about weapons . ”

“But since you were buying one why not buy one that looks cool . ”

“Is that why you’re not changing the Arachne armor?”

“N, no?”

Maybe due to being flustered even her ears became red . It seemed to be true looking at this reaction .

“Whatever . If you get even a small wound then your armor will immediately be replaced so just know that . ”

“I don’t even have money . ”

“You’ll have money to buy it by the end of this expedition . They’re coming!”

The monkeys were screaming with their unique harmony . Wooden spears poured down on our team .

“Get behind me!”

Cho Young-gu took a step forward and activated the barrier . The barrier spread by a level 5 shield couldn’t be compared to the one from before in terms of both area and protection ability .

The wooden spears were deflected without even being able to leave a scratch on the barrier . The level was different in the first place .

Park Han-bum’s Hand Cannon spewed out fire .

The projectile was steel coated in chrome . The projectile with a diameter of 5 centimeters struck the Armdri tree the monkeys were on . (Kyle: Pronounced ah-rhm-dree in original . )

With the sound like that of a balloon popping the tree trunk was destroyed .

The monkeys made loud noises as they jumped to a another tree from the falling tree .

While they were in chaos Yeon-gyeong and Han Joon-suk shot arrows .

And Manager Kim who finally finished casting the spell used Sleep .

“Fall asleep!”

The level 5 wide area Sleep spell fell on the monkeys and boars .

The monsters that were covered in shining golden powder shook their heads trying to regain conscience .

However, it was a spell that had at least 2 levels of difference . It was not at the level where they could easily recover .

Sway .


The total number of monkeys that fell off the trees were 5 . The number of boars that fell asleep in place were 6 .

He talked too much and annoyed me with his grumbling but in any case his crowd control always did it’s job right .

The remaining boars all charged at Cho Young-gu .


He held the shield tightly and expanded a barrier once more .

As the boars continuously crashed into the shield Cho Young-gu’s body slowly started getting pushed back .

However, it was not nearly enough to break the barrier . The archers that got strength from their trusty defense expert Cho Young-gu shot arrows as much as they could . Manager Kim who was still in the van shot the needle gun behind them .

“Ah, damn . They don’t get hit at all . ”

I wonder if it was really a good idea to give that to Manager Kim .

In the time I was thinking about that, Soo-ah came while swinging her hammer .

“I’m going!”

Her short shout got weirdly bent at the end . Was this called the Doppler Effect . She sure was fast .

She rushed through the boars swinging her hammer mercilessly .

The level 5 Thor’s Hammer lit up and electrocuted the boars that seemed to be wearing metal armor .

It seemed fine to leave those to Soo-ah . The ones left were the monkeys .

“Leave the monkeys to me!”

“Yes sir!”

Soo-ah who had been running like lightning suddenly stopped and saluted me . She sure is carefree .

I was shout at her not to do unnecessary things and jump forward when the monkeys suddenly hid their hands behind them . I was wondering what they were going to do when .

They started pooping as a group .

“Uaa! What are those things doing??”

Cho Young-gu who was looking at all that fell back while being disgusted .

Yeon-gyeong’s expression became pale .

“Ahh…… it’s disgusting . ”

“Retreat for now . If it even grazes you you’ll be poisoned . ”

It didn’t just look disgusting and was actually a extremely bacterial poison water .

It was a scary weapon that once hit it would first melt clothes and skin before poisoning and if you didn’t get treatment within 10 minutes you would die .

“I will go . ”

Jong Sa-won who tapped the ground a few times soon started running .

He was slower than Soo-ah but he was flexible and swift which allowed him to avoid the feces the monkeys were throwing .

Instead of climbing the tree, he cut down the tree in one swing with his newly bought level 5 longsword .

The number of trees he cut down continuously numbered 5 .

The monkeys tried to desperately jump to another tree but in that time Han Joon-suk’s Dragon Breath hit them directly .

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