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Published at 8th of May 2016 10:58:45 PM

Chapter 34

Evolution Theory of the Hunter (ETH)

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Volume 1 Chapter 34


“You must be alert in places like this because you never know where a monster will pop out from . ”

I said as I got out the car and looked around . My body was aching all over from sitting crammed in a cramped car for over two hours .

“Even if there’s a dungeon caretaker nearby?”

Jung Sooah asked . I pointed at the surrounding reeds .

“There are monsters that hide in those . Even if there are caretakers, this is a lot of ground to cover . They can’t be at all places at all times . I hear that once in awhile they do put fire to the reeds but that only helps for a moment . Those damn reeds grow back in less than a month . ”

“That is fast . Do reeds usually grow that fast?”

“Living organisms near dungeons grow much faster than anywhere else . You know that . ”

“Ha . Then does that mean if you live near a dungeon, you’ll grow old faster?”

Jung Sooah said with wide surprised eyes as she took one step back away from the dungeon .

“There’s no effect on the human body . I’ve been doing this for a good and long time now and I’m fine . ”

“I see…if things grow real fast then farms should do splendidly!”

I sighed at Jung Sooah’s words .

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How is it that this girl knows absolutely nothing .

“The Chinese have already thought of that and are taking advantage of it like crazy . They’re now the driving force in agriculture . ”

“Then why don’t any of the other countries use the same method?”

“Don’t belittle it just because it’s farming – it actually requires highly advanced technology . If crops are harvested again and again on the same land, the quality of the soil will deplete quite quickly . But in China, they were able to solve this issue in some secret way . ”

“I see . ”

“Do you really see?”

“Half of it . Anyway, college grads are pretty amazing . How do you know so much?”

“How does knowing this have anything to do with being a college grad? You can search it on the internet easily . ”

“It looks like everyone is slowly starting to show up . ”

Han Joonseok said .

The total number of people due to appear were 31 . Eun Hyunjoon’s team ‘Mercenary’ had group 1, group 2, and group 3 – and there were 10 from group 3 here today . Amongst the new applicants were 6 from my team and 15 other potential recruits . I spotted a familiar full face helmet in the crowd .

This person acted as the overseer of those who appeared today . Seeing his equipment, I could tell he had acquired some serious upgrades from the last time I saw him .

Looks to be at least a million dollars?

“It’s been a while . ”

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“I did here that you would be here today . ”

“It seems your equipment did some major improving . ”

“Ah . You mean this? This came from joining the team . It’s kind of a rental – you could say . If I do well, then it’s possible to get even better ones . ”

“It’s amazing that you are already acting as an overseer when it hasn’t been long since you joined the team . ”

“It was all luck . I took a couple of tests and received some good marks . Truthfully this is a sort of test too . It’s not an easy thing to control and coordinate more than 30 people, you see . ”

“That’s true . But how will this work?”

If we were to be headed by one overseer, it could very well we that we could only go in 10 people at a time . This was something I experienced when I was a part of the weasel’s party .

“I figured that I would group together teams who have good chemistry or fit well with one another . Since you said that you already have a team, you guys can be grouped as is . ”

“Hm . So it won’t be based on positions?”

“Honestly, that would be the best option but I can’t assess a hunter’s true ability in a position just yet so…I feel things might run more smoothly with groups who are already familiar with one another’s ability . ”

“Hm . That makes sense . ”

It was true that though we could give our stats to them and have them arrange groups in that manner, stats weren’t everything . Think of manager Kim, for example . He was supposed to be a level 2 magician, but his ability was so unpredictable and volatile depending on his mood that most of the time his skill did not work . And then there’s me . The prime example . So it made sense he would group us this way . Better chemistry would bring out a person’s best potential .


“Basically, all of the main attacks will be coming from us . You guys will be our support and will follow our instructions . ”

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We were all divided into 5 teams . The 10 group 3 mercenaries were one team . My members and I were one team . And the 15 leftover people were divided into 3 teams .

As soon as we entered Baeksapyoung dungeon, we were met with a vast terrain of grasslands . Unlike the surrounding areas of the dungeon that was covered in reeds, this area was overrun with weeds that covered over our feet . The flat terrain allowed us to see the hills and valleys up in the distance .

The first monster we met was a lizard man . It was weaker in strength compared to an ork, but it made up for it with its agility and hard as steel scaly skin that was very difficult to pierce . Its weapon of choice – hand held harpoon . One attack from this was usually fatal .

“Why did our first monster have to be a lizard man…”

Eum Hyunjoon’s face grew dark . In instances where the manpower was plenty but the skills were lower, it was much better to go up against an ork . Orks tended to use just their strength to overwhelm their opponents so big groups worked fairly well .

However, Lizardmen were a different story . They had high defensive power, and a botched attack will just simply bounce off its skin without inflicting any damage . Eum Hyunjoon looked to me and said .

“Currently, excluding the mercenary team, the only person who can inflict any damage on this guy would probably be you, Mr . Jeon Sangmin . Everyone else should spread out and try to distract him while Mr . Sangmin goes in for a strike . So, to conclude, you all will be support and distraction, my team and I will be going in head on, and Mr . Sangmin will deal the blow .

After going over the battle plan we split up and got into position . There were 5 lizardmen in view . The first to move were the only two magicians in the group who cast a spell . Manager Kim’s sleep spell was able to put one lizardman into slumber while the missionary team’s magician had cast another spell, ‘frenzy’,  which made another lizardman go crazy .

I had heard that sometimes spells may rub off on just one portion of a monster but this was the first time I saw it with my own eyes . Three of the remaining lizardmen were rooted to the stop as their feet have fallen asleep .

Eum Hyunjoon wordlessly made finger gestures to signal the dealers to begin their attack . Five members of the mercenary team collectively shot out arrows and spells .

Pa pa pang!

I saw a magic missile among one of the spells . It seemed there was a member of that team who also used that type of spell .


I could hear the angry slithering sound characteristic or lizardmen at the same time 3 magic missiles flew one after the other to hit that same monster . It went down in a heap . I guess it was a level 1 missile . Even with a low level spell, you are still able to bring down a higher level monster if you have weakened or pierced its skin beforehand .

I kept hearing the sound of level 1 arrows bouncing off the lizardmen’s armor . Of the five monsters, one was still asleep and the other was caught up in a craze and attacking one of the remaining three monsters . Of the three monsters unable to move about freely, one of them had been hit with the magic missiles and was out of commission .

Eum Hyunjoon ran toward the last lizardman that was still cognizant of what was going on and pushed it back with his shield .


Though it was similar in size with Eum Hyunjoon, the lizardman grew significantly offbalance and teered . Immediately, the close range attackers of the missionary team rushed to its side .

“Mr . Jeon Sangmin! Get that other one!”

“Got it!”

I sprinted toward the monster Eum Hyunjoon was pointing at . The lizardman that had been hit by the missiles was back up and was running toward Eum Hyunjoon .

Two arrows whistled through the air toward that monster . It was Han Joonseok and Bae Yeongyoung . They couldn’t inflict any damage but they could distract it .

The lizardman turned to look my way . As I closed the distance, the harpoon came flying at me with frightening force and speed .

I barely dodged it as I drew my longsword and stabbed out .

Force is the product of mass times acceleration . This meant the mass of me and my armor times a speed of 55km/s .

The lizardman’s body flew backwards about 10 steps .

That monster was now still . I turned and went to the monster that Eum Hyunjoon was fighting . I held it from behind .

Right before it could go crazy to try and escape my hold, I stabbed it with my bloodysword in the back of its neck . A green tinted fluid started spouting out . The sword, indeed, started turning the same color .

Weird .

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