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Published at 8th of June 2016 06:19:10 PM

Chapter 61

Evolution Theory of the Hunter (ETH)

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Volume 1 Chapter 61

Both of them yelled out in surprise and stared at me with big Os for mouths .

Is it that surprising?

Well…if I thought about it…I guess it is .


“It happened somehow or another . Now that I have money, let’s go look for some decent skills to buy . ”

“Is…is it all because of that effort skill you mentioned?”

Bae Yeonkyoung asked in awe .

I’d never noticed because she always had her hair tied up, but her long hair and white tee suited her .

And since she was well endowed in the front, she was drawing alot of looks from the men .

To think someone with a cute face would have such large…ahem .

It was almost enough where everyone seemed to do a slight double take .

I’m not the only pervert here . Good .

“Party head…?”

Shit . I was lost in my own perverted head for a second .

The market was crowded with a lot of people . Unlike a department store, they had containers lined in a row so you can only see from the outside like a Night Market .

I don’t know if it’s alright to sell items valued at over 100,000 dollars as if they were selling hot dogs .

It felt as if someone were selling luxury brands on the floor of a street market . No . That’s almost exactly what they were doing .

“I think they sell skills over here . ”

Yeonkyoung grabbed my sleeve and pulled me . I followed her to where they were selling skillbooks .

Honestly it seemed like there were much more people just browsing than interested in doing any real buying .

“Wow…just how many zeros are there?”

Sooah opened her mouth . She could probably catch some flies like that . This place was selling skillbooks ranging from level 1 to level 5 .

“Look, it’s a level 4 enchant . 1 . 2 million dollars . ”

“Is that what I have?”

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Yeonkyoung had a level 1 enchant . Of course if the difference in level is 1 and 4…the price difference should also be like the difference between heaven and hell .

“It’s the same category…but not the same . ”

“Sunbeh oppa . . what are you going to buy? Is there something you have in mind?”

“Ah . There is one thing . But I don’t know if I’ll be able to find it somewhere like this . ”

I thought about what skill I should choose all night .

I first thought about what it was I needed the most . Ability-wise, I could always raise with my skill and Sooah’s buff…attack power…I had enough with the Honcheon sword .

Plus we still haven’t heard any news of high level monsters appearing in the West Sea yet .

It was just a theory but I thought that maybe all the level 1 and level 2 monsters that had disappeared with the dungeons were all transported here to this new land .

Kind of as if this land was a replacement for those dungeons . I don’t know why something like that would happen but if this was true then I had no need for any real destructive attack power yet .

The kind of trash that would kill their own kind just for monetary gain…they could probably be much more dangerous than the monsters we would encounter here .

So I came to two options:

Level 4 skill ‘Immortality’ and Level 4 skill ‘High Detection’ .

With the immortality skill, if you were in a situation where your head were to be cut off or your heart pierced by something…it blocked it from happening .

But since it had a cooltime of one day, it could be seen as potentially having several lives .

This would seem like an amazing skill to have . . but it isn’t really .

Since most people only have one skillslot, what would be the point of having several lives if you’re lacking in every aspect of combat that will be useful in saving your life or getting you through a raid .

But for people who have more than one skillslot like I do…this is something very worthwhile to have .

The High Detection skill allows you to detect the location and type of organisms in a large range of land .

The reason such a seemingly simple skill is high in level is because as you increase proficiency with the skill, the options that come along with it are extremely useful .

Example: Option, ‘Force Alert’, is an ability that wakes up the ability holder if a hostile being is in close vicinity .

Then if you completely master the skill, you can not only detect hostility but also love or like in your opponent . It is called the ‘Eye of Truth’ .

This is a skill very useful to people who are dating or in relationships .

Of course this particular option isn’t something I need .

But if I had this skill, we wouldn’t have any need for a night watch .

They were both great skills in their own way . The Immortality skill was good for just me…while the High Detection skill was great for everyone inn the party .

I saw hotdogs stretched out before me .

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So they do sell those here too .

As I bit into the hotdog that Sooah handed to me, I purchased the Immortality skill .

It wasn’t a decision as much as that I couldn’t find the other skill .

The skill was expensive . 1 . 2 million dollars .

“So you can survive by yourself?”

“I need to survive so you can survive too . ”

“True . ”

So we purchased the skillbook in that way and started to leave when we heard some whispers .

“What’s so great about him that he has two girls…”

“The girls ain’t half bad . And they’re different styles too…”

“I like the big breasted one . She has a cute face and her body is whewww . ”

“I like the tall one . Great style . And she has a pretty face on her . ”

“Ha… . should I go and talk to them? I have a good feeling . ”

“With your face?”

“What’s wrong with my face? It’s manly you know?”

“Like hell . Retard . You’re ugly as hell . ”

“Ah . Wait . I’ll go say something and come back . ”

I could see why Yeonkyoung would be popular but I didn’t expect people to be into Sooah too .

I turned my head around and looked at her .

“Is there something on my face?”

“No . I just wanted to see if you had any pretty parts on your face . ”

“Huh… . SunbehOppa is finally interested in me… . heuk . ”

Sooah blinked out a tear . What .


I read the skillbook and learned the Immortality skill .

It felt as if a hard marble formed somewhere in my body .

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It was hard to pinpoint what exactly this felt like . It kind of felt like I was a bit more sturdy now .

Well…I can now say that I have a spare life .

With this, I can now fight a bit more freely .

And last, I raised my ability .

I had over 20,000 reward points . I was thinking about how I should use it when I decided to just go ahead and raise everything by one .

I used up 14,500 points and raised my proficiency to 29 .


Proficiency: 29

Reward Points: 5 . 730

Abilities: Strength 300, Endurance 350, Reflex 300, Focus 250, Defense 250


Looks like I still have more than 5000 points left .

Do I need to hit 30 in proficiency?

If my original theory is correct, the level 3 dungeons might end up disappearing and then they might all appear here in the new land .

Just like the level 1 and 2 monsters probably did .

Since there were already a bunch of low level hunters here, I had not no desire to bring any higher level hunters here .

The more hunters come to this land, the less we would be able to profit off it . So that was a N . O . I’ll wait .


The next day, we packed up all our supplies and put it in our car and left Manripo .

I saw dirt spilling out of a large truck as a streamroller was moving behind it to create a makeshift road .

Because the lay of the land was pretty smooth to begin with, road construction looked fairly easy .

If the roads were completed, it would make travel safer for hunters .

“Why do you think the monsters aren’t heading towards the roads?”

Sooah, who had her head popped outside the car window, asked suddenly .

“I heard they don’t like the smell of asphalt from the roads . ”

“But monsters appear in the cities too . ”

“I said they don’t like the smell…not that they can’t bear it . ”

“What’s the difference?”

“Just because you don’t like the smell of a bathroom doesn’t mean you won’t use it if you needed it right?”

Sooah raised her thumb up and smiled .

“You answered it perfectly so I could understand in one go!”

“Since there are still a lot of people here on the outskirts, I’ll move closer toward the inner land . ”

Cho Youngoo said .

And we drove for a long time .

Weirdly, the number of hunters just didn’t seem to decrease no matter how far we drove in .

“I don’t think we’ll be able to hunt properly like this . ”

“Let’s go south . . there should be roads easier to travel by car there . ”

Han Joonseok looked at my smartphone and said .

“What’s that?”

“Ah…this is a map that the internet explorer drew out . You have to pay for it, but it’s pretty accurate .

I knew this from my years of collecting data . I knew it would come in handy someday . This was a site that had more up to date and accurate maps than your usual web search maps .

“This land is already mapped out?”

“Someone’s got to pioneer this stuff . I’m sure they’re making a killing off of it too . They also keep record of monster species and count . If we want to avoid these monsters, we have to go further south . ”

“Why do you want to avoid them? Isn’t it better for us to run into them?”

“Because everyone else will already know about them…there’s a high probability we might run into them . It’s better to go to a place with fewer people . ”

“I guess . ”

I took about an hour more for us to find a spot where we could hunt without seeing any other hunters .

“There’s a water spot near the canyon so we would be able to hunt here longer than somewhere else . ”

“Uh? That… . ?”

Cho Youngoo, who had been driving, grasped his steering wheel a bit tighter and made a frown .

In the middle of the canyon, there were over a dozen vehicles blocking the road .

This was the only road that was accessible by cars… all other roads required offroad vehicles to travel .

And those cars were barricading this road .

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