Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 226

Published at 9th of October 2018 05:47:54 PM

Chapter 226
Once they arrived at the Airport, someone was holding a sign outside waiting for them . This was the Songjiang Motorcycles distributor for Shanghai . He was also the distributor for Wind and Rain bladeless fans .

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When he knew that Tai Hua Trading’s General Manager and Deputy General Manager will be coming to Shanghai, and had requested his help to get a Japanese interpreter, book a hotel room, he immediately agrees . He even went to the airport to fetch Feng Yu and Wu Zhigang personally .

Just the Songjiang Motorcycles alone had brought his lots of profits these few months . As the weather becomes warmer, the sales for bladeless fans also got better .

This distributor had heard that this leader from Tai Hua Trading had a weird temperament . If he did not treat Feng Yu well, Feng Yu might refuse to sign the contract with him next year . Tai Hua Trading’s products had commercials airing on CCTV and distributors could save on the marketing costs . The products were also well known and popular . No distributors would want to be kicked out by Feng Yu .

“Manager Zhao, thanks for coming to receive me . ”

“What are you saying, Manager Wu? This is something I should do . Manager Feng, let me carry your luggage for you . ” Manager Zhao said .

“No need . Have you hired the interpreter?”

“Yes . He is waiting at the hotel . This way, please . I will drive you to the hotel . ”

Manager Zhao was driving a Santana . In this era, this car was better than the future Audi A6 .

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At the hotel, they met with the interpreter and Feng Yu rejected Manager Zhao’s dinner invitation . Feng Yu said that he had something to do that evening and after he had finished his work two days later, then they would have dinner . Manager Zhao left disappointed . He had already reserved a restaurant, and in order not to waste the reservations, he called his clients .

The interpreter was a middle-aged man in his 30s . He studied in Japan for four years and was currently a Japanese teacher . He also worked as an interpreter .

Feng Yu nodded and told the interpreter that they would be talking to one of Sony’s top management tomorrow about buying over another company’s shares . Feng Yu asked the interpreter to go back and familiarized with the business jargons . This would be helpful in tomorrow’s negotiations . There must not be any errors . He also reminded the interpreter to be at the Hotel’s restaurant at 7 am .

That night, after Feng Yu instructed Wu Zhigang on the things he must take note of for tomorrow’s negotiations, Feng Yu fell asleep on the bed .

10 minutes later, Feng Yu sat up .

Fuck, this Wu Zhigang snores so loud! Damn, I should have booked two rooms and not try to save money!

“Zhigang, Zhigang, why didn’t you bath before you sleep? We will be meeting clients tomorrow, and you will smell bad . Go and bath now . Make sure you wash clean . ”

Half an hour later, Wu Zhigang came out of the bathroom and wanted to remind Feng Yu to bathe . But he found out that Feng Yu had already fallen asleep .

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Morning 7 am, Sony’s Vice President Norio Ohga woke up and went downstairs for breakfast . Suddenly, a Chinese man sat down beside him, making him frowned .

There were lots of empty tables around and why did this man sit beside him? This behavior was unacceptable!

“President Norio, Ohayō . ”

Eh? Norio Ohga heard someone wishing him good morning in Japanese, and he replied . He also asked this man where was he from and which department was he working at . He had thought this man was a Sony employee in China and was here to receive him .

Everybody in the company knew about his habits . He would wake up at 6 . 30 am and have breakfast at 7 am sharp . After breakfast, he would start work . He would be furious if his driver were late .

But the man’s replied was not something he had expected . This man was an interpreter, and he was representing the guest at another table . That guest wanted to discuss a business deal with him .

Although he was unhappy to be disturbed during his breakfast, since this was about business and Sony wanted to enter the Chinese market, he still politely asked about the other party’s company and what was the business .

The other party’s reply shocked him .

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This young man wants to buy over Aiwa shares?

Feng Yu had asked Manager Zhao to book this hotel was because Kameda Masao found out that Norio Ohga will be staying here . He also found out about Norio Ohga’s habit of having breakfast at 7 am . This was an excellent time to speak to Norio Ohga .

Kameda Masao was really gifted in gathering information . Feng Yu even had thoughts of hiring him as a corporate spy .

Sure enough, after the interpreter explained to Norio Ohga about his intentions, he looked at Feng Yu and nodded . Feng Yu walked over to Norio Ohga, and the interpreter introduced him .

“Mr . Feng, why are you interested in Aiwa?”

“I like music, and Aiwa Walkman’s music quality is outstanding . Aiwa is also the brand of my first Walkman . I heard that Aiwa was not doing well recently because of Japan’s economy and was making losses these few years . ”

Feng Yu continued: “from what I know, last year September, your company had used 600 million USD to buyout US Columbia Pictures, and this was Sony’s biggest overseas investment . This investment also tied up Sony’s funds . Early this year, your company’s finance was in red, and this year, it will be a loss for your company . Sony could no longer take care of Aiwa . I do not want a reputable brand like Aiwa to be bankrupt . That’s why I intend to buy over Aiwa shares from Sony . ”

Last year, Japan’s economy was already in recession, but some big corporations were still going strong . For example, Mitsubishi bought New York’s landmark, Rockefeller Center last year and Sony bought Colombia Pictures .

That time, the Japanese were still proud and had thought that the economic recession was only time being and will be over soon . With these big companies around, Japan would still be the world’s second-largest economy . It’s just a matter of time before Japan overtake the US .

Japanese companies could take over US companies, and this could show the world how strong Japan was . The Americans could not do a single thing when Japanese firms buy over their companies .

But they do not know that this was a conspiracy set up by the US . This was to create an economic bubble and wait for it to burst!

Since Sony bought the so-called best movie company in the US, they found that the movie industry was not what they imagined . Colombia Pictures under Sony did not make any profits but instead, continued to make losses .

Now, Sony’s goal was to offload some bad assets to raise funds and hope to tide over this economic crisis . They believe that their future is bright and they will become the world’s best company and Japan will be the world’s largest economy!

Earlier this year, Sony had tried to sell Aiwa shares, but it was all their competitors that showed interest . In order not to let the competitors become stronger, Sony rather suffers losses than to lose the market share to their competitors .

But the recent two months, Sony’s losses grew bigger . If it weren’t for this, Sony would also not want to expand their market in China . They were just hoping that China’s market could save Sony .

Now someone wants to buy Aiwa shares, and this was an excellent chance to offload this baggage . But Norio Ohga needs to find out that if this Chinese man would sell Aiwa shares to his competitors!

“Mr . Feng, you really know a lot about my company . I think we can have a good discussion . ”