Extraordinary Genius - Chapter 284

Published at 9th of October 2018 05:47:14 PM

Chapter 284
Half a month later, Feng Yu saw the report from Ma Aiguo, and he was delighted with his performance . He managed to recruit over 50 experienced workers, and their skills level was high too . Among the new workers, there were 3 grade 6 workers . This was unexpected .

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With the workers transferred from the Machinery Company and other early retire workers from other factories in Bing City, the new factory can start its operations .

If it wasn’t for Lin Province Ji City’s leader calling up Bing City mayor, there might be more workers from FAW and other factories there . When Zhang Ruiqiang knew about this incident, he was sure that this must be Feng Yu’s idea . No one else would recruit workers this way .

Zhang Ruiqiang called Li Mingde, and Li Mingde promised to stop poaching workers from the neighboring provinces’ factories . After all, he had hired enough workers .

The automobile factory had also started its construction, and it should be ready in August . This was not too fast, but Feng Yu could still accept it . He wants to put his new cars on the market before the end of the year .

The last batch of aircraft had arrived at Bing City’s airport in April, and all the airlines collected their planes and made payments .

The total value of this aircraft deal was over 1 . 5 billion RMB . Feng Yu’s profit was almost 500 million RMB . All parties were happy with this deal .

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The airlines had saved a lot of money and got a batch of large passenger planes at low prices . The Aviation Factory was also satisfied with the engines and technologies . They had saved a lot on their R&D .

The two Soviet Union Aviation Factories were also happy . They had sold all their planes for a lot of daily necessities . These necessities had helped their workers and also the factory’s directors’ pockets .

Feng Yu and Kirilenko were the most satisfied parties . The both of them had earned the most, and they still take on the role of good guys .

But Kirilenko was feeling troubled as Feng Yu wanted to buy the Mikoyan MiG fighter jets technologies . The Soviet Union had sold the Mikoyan MiG jets in the past, but the core technologies were protected . Even if the plane was dismantled, there was no way to get the technologies . There were no ways to research the technologies .

Mikoyan MiG jets were the Soviet Union prized fighter jets . The technologies were well protected . Kirilenko did not want to promise Feng Yu . He dared not to touch these technologies . This was not the same as commercial planes . He was not at the level where he could get access to the Mikoyan MiG technologies .

But Feng Yu had told him that if he could get these technologies, the other technologies were not so important . Furthermore, Feng Yu had wanted those outdated technologies and not the most advanced ones . Even if it were the technologies of the Mikoyan MiG first generation jets, Feng Yu does not mind .

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So, Kirilenko agrees . It was still possible for him to get those outdated technologies . He had already got some of the blueprints of the Mil Mi series helicopters .

Since the day Feng Yu had told him that the Soviet Union would be disintegrating and to be bolder to get more benefits for himself, Kirilenko really became bolder . He had asked Feng Yu on several occasions if he wants to buy firearms or cannons . They can deal secretly near the borders and smuggle the goods into China .

But Feng Yu rejected his offer . He had no use for those goods unless he wants to be an arms dealer . In China, if you dare to deal in firearms, you must be prepared to be “invited” for tea by the relevant authorities . But Feng Yu was still interested in the technologies . If Kirilenko could get the blueprints of those weapons, Feng Yu would still get them .

Technologies can be donated to the country through Bing city Aviation Factory, but it would not be a good idea to deal with firearms directly . If it was not for Kirilenko had taken advantage of the mining company’s shares, Feng Yu would not even want those firearms technologies .

Another reason why Kirilenko agreed was that his father was promoted to Lieutenant General recently . After his promotion, Senchenko was even more grateful to Feng Yu . Feng Yu also decided to accept only 49% shares of the mining company and was willing to pay a higher price .

Feng Yu did not go back on his words and really took out 2 billion USD . Senchenko remembered that Feng Yu did not have so much money when he was getting Kirilenko’s help to get loans in the Soviet Union . How come Feng Yu suddenly have so much money? This lets Senchenko believed that Feng Yu must be related to China’s top leaders .

To get more useful information in the future, Senchenko agreed to help Kirilenko to get some technologies for Feng Yu .

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Feng Yu was not interested in those technologies at all . He had no use for those technologies, and all he can do was to donate those technologies to the government . He was more interested in the Soviet Union’s heavy industrial machinery and facilities, which Kirilenko promised him .

Not only the heavy industrial machinery and facilities can be sold, but Feng Yu can also keep some of those for his own use . To manufacture automobiles, the requirements for the materials were very high .

Also, after Feng Yu sold the ultra-high powered electric furnace to the Aviation Factory, a few large factories had approached him to order the same furnace and heavy industrial equipment .

Feng Yu had asked Wu Zhigang to accept their orders verbally . If he can get those facilities, he would surely sell it to them . After all, the profits of these goods were very high, and Feng Yu was not worried that he could not find any buyers .

There was a vast difference between China and the Soviet Union regarding heavy industries, and there were lots of profits for the machinery used in this industry . But don’t think that with the machinery Feng Yu imported from the Soviet Union, China could catch up with the Soviet Union . If the current culture were not changed, this equipment would be outdated in a few years .

For instances, the Machinery Company in the earlier days had got the advanced technologies from the Soviet Union, and they had never considered developing the technologies further . The leaders in the City only wanted to withdraw the profits, and if it weren’t for Feng Yu becoming the major shareholder, the Machinery Company would be outdated within 10 years . No one would buy their products .

Feng Yu could not control other factories, but he will not let this happen to the Machinery Company . The Machinery Company must be ahead of the rest, and his goal was to make the Machinery Company the best company in the world .

Although this would require massive investments, this was needed for the growth of the company . This way, their products will have the competitive edge in the market .

Recently, there were many visitors to Bing city . These people were from the purchasing departments of large factories . They had heard that there was some second hand Soviet Union machinery arriving in Bing city . They were there to see if any of those machines were needed for their factories .


“Our country’s leader, Jiang Daming, had accepted the invitation to visit the Soviet Union . He will be visiting the Soviet Union on the 6th of this month……”

Zhang Ruiqiang was watching the news, and his heart was racing . Feng Yu had predicted that China’s leader will be invited to visit the Soviet Union and it had come true . Even the timing was correct . That means the Soviet Union will disintegrate this year?

After the news, Zhang Ruiqiang went into his study room and took out a report he had prepared and started to make some minor amendments . Tomorrow, he will submit this report to the Provincial Government number 1, and then he will publish it in the People’s Daily newspaper!