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Chapter 9

Sensing, the soft cold lips touching hers, Ying Yue's eyes widened as she tried to process what was happening .

However, the man's phenomenal beauty and his intoxicating hot breath made her brain go offline .

After lightly sucking on her lips, Jun Feng's tongue invaded her lips and caught hers, exploring her little mouth . Jun Feng slightly opened his eyes to look at his small blushing prey and continued indulging in the kiss as he felt a bit giddy inside seeing her so swept off her feet .

After a while, which seemed like an eternity for the people in the room, Ying Yue became aware of her situation again and started pounding Jun Feng's chest, trying to escape .

Despite her action, Jun Feng tightened his embrace and Ying Yue was still getting fiercely kissed by the man .

But who was Ying Yue? She was still Asia's underground boss! So she stretched her foot between Jun Feng's leg and was ready to hook him so that he would fall but at the last minute, he freed her and swiftly evaded her foot, still holding on to her waist .

As soon as Ying Yue got freed, her head lowered on Jun Feng's chest, she immediately gasped for air: she never thought that kissing would make her so breathless!

After she recomposed herself, Ying Yue angrily lifted her head to the guilty man as she tried to take off his hand from her waist, " What was that for? "

" Collecting your debt . " Jun Feng's mouth curved up as he wiped off saliva from Ying Yue's mouth corner with his thumb .

Ying Yue was about to rage again but when she heard his answer, she didn't know what to feel, " B-b-but you said that you'll let it slide? "

" The money fee only . " Jun Feng calmly said as he started to stroke her hair .

" What? What do you mean by only? " Ying Yue was completely dumbfounded so were the other people in the room .

" It means exactly what it should mean . " Jun Feng thought that the dumfounded Ying Yue was very cute .

" M . Jun! Would you please explain yourself? " Mina got out of her shocked state and asked Jun Feng hurriedly .

" I will but only to her . " Jun Feng responded without taking his eyes off Ying Yue .

At this point, He Chen and Xiao Ye also woke up from their shocked state and were unsure about how to act .

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The three of them actually had a good reasons why they were so slow to react, first it was true that everything happened really fast, second they were completely shocked like Ying Yue which was normal and thirdly, Jun Heng had used his aura to suppress the others from moving and disturbing his time with Ying Yue . Only Ying Yue could move under his pressure . This showed how terrific his strength was even if it was only two minutes of suppression .

And now that they could act, they were unsure about what do to .

Ying Yue looked into Jun Feng's eyes, trying to discern any emotion or thoughts, but she couldn't so she sighed and told Mina and Xiao Ye, " It's fine, wait for me outside . I'll come out in a bit! "

Mina and Xiao Ye awkwardly stared at Ying Yue who was still in Jun Feng's embrace and were still hesitant to leave but Ying Yue reassured them with a nod and they went out .

" He Chen . " Jun Fen coldly growled to the confused and lost man .

" Oh! I'll leave! I'll leave! " He Chen jubilated before also quickly leaving the room .

After everyone left with only the two of them left, Ying Yue asked, " Can you let me go now? "

" No, you'll have to get used to it . " Jun Feng's eyes softened as he looked at the little devil he was holding .

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" M . Jun! Please refrain yourself, if you want monetary compensation for your suit, I will give it to you so please let me go! " Ying Yue coldly responded and narrowed her eyes .

" Hmm? Not brother Feng anymore? " Jun Feng questioned as he lifted his eyebrows .

Hearing him say that, Ying Yue regretted her previous actions and regretted thinking that he was actually being a nice person .

" No! " Ying Yue pouted and turned her head away .

" Oh really? It's fine you'll have to call me darling either ways . " Jun Feng evilly smirked .

" Who do you think you are? " Ying Yue was now very mad and freed herself from his arms, " My first kiss got stolen by someone as shameless as him! "

" Your boyfriend . " Jun Feng said as he felt a bit sad that she escaped .

" You are kidding right? " Ying Yue was totally speechless: she really didn't know what to say to this man . She was definitely a shameless person but somehow, she just couldn't beat him in shamelessness .

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" You said it yourself to let the matter slide off, so I let the monetary issue slide off but the emotional compensation is still a debt and because of that, you are officially my girlfriend . " Jun Fen didn't blink an eyelash as he proudly stated his opinion .

" Emotional compensation my a**! I also want compensation for my first kiss stolen! " Ying Yue cursed in her head .

" Just tell me what you want and I'll get it for you! " Ying Yue sighed .

" You . " Jun Feng didn't back down from his resolve, " The great boss of Asia wouldn't be as shameless as to be in debts right? "

" Yes! I want to be shameless! I want to be in debt! So what? Now just let me go! " Ying Yue pleaded in her head .

Seeing her contorted face, Jun Feng let out a small chuckle and hugged her, " Girlfriend, where do you want to eat today? "

Ying Yue couldn't take anymore damage and asked without hope, " It's the girlfriend with the space in between right? "

" No, it's the girlfriend without the space in between! " he lightly smiled .