Fantasy Falls - Chapter 20

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Chapter 20

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Maple Street, this street was connected to a high school, a university, a hospital and several living districts. This street was bustling with shops and food stalls before the apocalypse.

After the apocalypse, there was a large amount of titans that descended here. There were people inside the shops before the apocalypse, and it was destroyed and turned into a rubble at the start of the apocalypse by the titans.

As the rubble contains many supplies and food, this was why most people would risk their life and scavenge through the collapsed shops.

Far away was a scene of chaos, there were people running towards the rubble and shouting, "Run! The titan's are here!"


The people that were scavenging through the rubble immediately started running, but there were some that were too old, or too hungry and they could not escape fast enough. An old couple in their 70s supported each other as they slowly hobbled at the end.

The titan finally came, a 3 meters tall titan. It was a normal type titan, belonging to the lowest ranks. Alas it was still impossible for normal humans to fight against even the weakest titans.

"Old man, looks like we can't escape."

Seeing as the titan's coming nearer and nearer, the old man smiled bitterly, pushed his wife away and said, "I will stay here, you hurry up and run."

"Old man, I would rather we die together. If you are gone, how am I going live alone."

"Sigh, alright. Let's die together, it's a suffering living alone anyways."

The old man and the old lady stopped running, sat down on a large rock besides the road and waited for their death.

Soon enough, the titan reached them. It bended down and stretched out a hand, reaching out towards the old couple.

"Eat me first." The old man used his back and cover his wife's body, muttering, not caring whether the titan could understand his words or not.

Two lines of tears streamed down the old lady's wrinkled face as she was blocked by her husband's body.

The titan's hand was about to scooped them up.

A red flash cut through the air, hooked on to the the right arm of the titan.

The meat hook!

10 meters away stood a silhouette.

The Tyrant!

The end of the black chain was firmly grasped by the hand of the Tyrant. The titan struggled against the chain but it didn’t even budge. The hook on its arm swiftly and steadily pulled it away, as if a dog easily pulled away by its collar.

As the titan was pulled to the front of the Tyrant, the Tyrant's right hand loosened the chains and took Judgement from his back.


The 40kg metal club swung with the heavy force of the Tyrant and slammed into the chest of the titan. The force of the swing broke the titan's ribs, its chest burst open with meat and blood everywhere.

The fallen titan struggled, to it, no matter how severe the injuries was it could be healed quickly.

Alas, a second swing came down on it.

This swing striked onto the back of its neck, destroying every muscle, skin, flesh, and bones in it. Grey fluid mixed with bits of flesh and blood flowed out, the previously heavily injured titan disappearing into particles of light.

The old man witnessed all this with a dazed look, he did not think this would happened as he waited for death to claim him.

The Tyrant's face and bald head shone under the sun. After flinging the flesh on Judgement away, the Tyrant kept away the metal club and the meat hook. As he stood silently at a side, a young man walked towards the old couple.

Looking at the clean and white face of the young man with clear eyes, the old lady muttered, "Are you an angel sent by the Lord to save humankind?"

She is a Christian.

"No, I am not an angel, just an evolutionary."

Lin Xii's normally more respectful towards the elderly. Those elderly that managed to survive the second world war under harsh conditions, lacking supplies and facing enemies from all sides definitely deserved to be respect.

More titans were coming towards them from far away, without time to waste Lin Xii took out a bag of milk powder from his storage and gave it to the old couple.

"Hurry up and leave, it's dangerous here."

Lin Xii took Tyrant and went towards the titans, hunting them down. Blood and pieces of flesh everywhere the Judgement pointed.

As he reached home during the night, he earned a total of 2000 points.

The 3 girls were waiting at home, curious and nervous.

"The training more or less was what I mentioned this morning, to be more precise, the bag that's hung onto the ceiling is about the same height as your head. Each of you will take a wooden stick and hit it with all your might, circling around the bag as you hit. You have to run quickly to avoid the bag as it swings back."

Lin Xii demonstrated and said, "Every round is 100 hits, after a round you may rest. This will continue for 3 hours."

"Anytime after you can hit the bag 100 times successfully and avoiding getting hit every time, means you pass the training."

"Other than that, don't try and hit without all your strength, every strike must be as hard as you can. I will know if you aren't using all your strength."

"Oh my god……"

Fi Fi couldn't help but groaned, "Using all my strength and hit 100 times, running around and avoiding it for 3 hours……this is too much isn't it?"

"You can refuse, but if you do I will give up on you. Other than providing you food, nothing else will be provided. The equipments will be taken back too." Lin Xii's voiced was calm, but no one dared to challenge his determination.

The 3 girls started training, each of them hugging a wooden stick.

A stick hit onto the bag and it started swaying around on the rope, making it was hard to land a second hit. Also, when they chased after the bag to continue hitting it, the bag would swing back and hit them.

Thankfully the bag wasn't stuffed with sand, otherwise the 3 girl would had been injured.

Even so, after getting hit consecutively the girls were starting to complaining silently. Especially Fi Fi whose face was hit by the bag, a fiery sting making her tears almost coming out.

If it was before the apocalypse, she would have raged.

Now she had to silently endured, treating the bag as if it was Lin Xii and hit it furiously.

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Lin Xii stood aside with a cold face, reminding the girls non stop.

"Sui, didn't you ate? Why are your hits so weak? Don't be lazy or I will increase your training."

"Rui, that was good, keep up the rhythm and don't panic. Treat the bag as if it was your enemy, like a zombie; dodging the rebound as if avoiding the zombie's bite"

"Fi Fi, using all your strength is a good thing but if you keep it up without control, you will not last a 100 times. Keep track of your energy."

After hitting for a 100 times, the 3 girls were sweating and panting heavily, their clothes were all wet with sweat. They slumped down onto the sofa and poured water down their throats.

"Alright, break's over, continue!"

"It's only been 5 minutes, let us rest a little more." Sui begged pitifully. Her delicate faces looked pitiful, the look could not help but make you want to treasure her.

"What would happen if you encounter a zombie hoard in the future? I can let you rest but would the zombies let you? Because you all are girls and your stamina are slightly weaker, that's why you have to train! Hurry up, or I will increase your training!"

After finishing speaking, Lin Xii added, "Tomorrow I will go out and find some rice, veggies and meat. The one who performed the worst is not allow to eat meat."

Under this threat, the 3 girls could just only dragged their tired body and went up again.

Repeating this over and over, until the 3 hours mark and Lin Xii finally said "Finish". The 3 girls immediately slumped down onto the floor, mouth gaping and eyes unfocused; making it looked like something inappropriate happened.

After bathing and laying onto the bed with difficulty, the 3 girls could not help but complained.

"My arms, my legs, it's so sore, gonna cramp……" Sui said with her face about to cry.

"God, I thought that that guy was a nice, and it turns out he's a frosty snowman. We can't even train a little less even after all that begging, we are beautiful girls you know. Sigh, he not even a little gentlemanly. Definitely single before the apocalypse." Fi Fi said as she bit her jaw.

Rui sighed and said, "This is for our own good after all……also, he did say he would train us hard, just not expecting this hard."

"I prefer changing the 'train' to 'do'……"Fi Fi said shamelessly as her head went into a trance.

The other 2 girls reacted after thinking for awhile. Sui face 'swoosh' and turned red, as if it was burning up. Rui shook her head with defeat, "Say it infront of him if you dare, maybe he will grant your wish."

The night slowly passed by. The second day, after hunting titans in the morning and having some free time, Lin Xii found meat and brought it back home.

Eating meat was good, but the extended half and hour extra training compared to yesterday dragged the girls back to hell from heaven.

After the 3rd and 4th day, Sui finally couldn't took it anymore and stayed in bed, faking sick. But she was dragged out of bed by Lin Xii, even after shamelessly acting and flirting cutely. Unfortunately for her, her opponent was insusceptible to those and even gave her a spanking……

Even though this made Sui angry and shy, but she couldn't help but thinking that he's so cool.

Under the intense training, the growth of the 3 girls was fast.

On the 5th day, Rui managed to hit it 100 times successively and avoiding all of the recoils. Lin Xii gave her another glove and slipper as a reward.

Finally she doesn't have to just wear a shoe and a glove.

With those incentives, FI Fi and Sui both managed to do the same on the 6th and 7th day respectively.

At this time, Lin Xii tweaked the training programme; not allowing the 3 girls to equip anything, continuing the same training with just their normal strength and agility.

On the 9th day, Fi Fi, the pampered daughter succeeded before Rui; getting her a reward: a jewelry type equipment worth 500 points.

A 'healing pearl' that is able to slowly heal you as you wear it!

On the 10th day both Sui and Rui also managed to complete the programme, both getting the same pearl too. This led to Fi Fi slightly miffed as she had not gotten any special treatment being the first.

She hid those feelings inside her of course.

Due to the 10 days of training programme, Lin Xii completely cemented his authority even though he looked like a weak and young teenager. This made the once pampered, haughty and rich daughter of a family quiet and made no complaints to him.

After the training done by the 3 girls, they felt like they were reborn after this 10 days.

Lin Xii planned to let the girls overcome the initial psychological shock of killing their first human and seeing blood, if there's a chance. With their equipment, the 3 of them together will have no trouble taking on 10 normal thugs.

There's a good news for him too. His genes finally stabilized after 10 days.

The new ability is finally born!