Fantasy Falls - Chapter 38

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Chapter 38

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A Chaotic Situation

"Hoover, please change into a titan and help us defend against these monsters . " An officer nearby Wu Yan's group pleaded the young man, the young man that's a colossal titan .

"I'm so sorry, I can't do it . "

"Changing needs energy, there's no sunlight here and I can't build the titan's huge body with just my energy alone . " Hoover replied plainly .

To be honest he could consume humans too, but of course he wasn't going to voice that out . Anyways who cares if these bunch of people get wiped out? If that happens that he would just eat a few people, change into the colossal titan and escape .

Oh right, he have to remember to bring along Annie too .

"Don't panic! Soldiers hold your position, withstand the monsters! Not only civilians are behind you, but your families too! Use the tanks and run them over! The soldiers at the back, use the trucks as cover and start shooting and do not let any monster break the barricade!"

Commander Liu that's beside Elder Lee started shouting his throat hoarse with a megaphone .

But a larger sound drowned out his shouts . With a "WHAM!", the ground rippled as if it was water . The shaken soil with the carried vibration made the soldiers stumble, falling on the ground .

This was all because of a maroon coloured Tau that stood at the side of the Tau King Shauta . It slammed its fist onto the ground——

'Heavy Slam'!

Using its fist and slamming it onto the ground, producing a shockwave that will fall most of its enemies . As the soldiers struggled to get up, the beast opened its maw and let out a hollowed angry roar so loud that the sound waves could even be seen in the air .


The soldiers that were in the path of the soundwave dropped like flies, eyes turn white and the various orifice on their face started bleeding . They fell like drunken men, turning brain dead .

This was a mini-boss too!

The 6 meters tall Tau King Shauta started moving as well, it dropped onto four limbs onto the ground and 'charge'! It was the same skill as the stonetusk boar but 10 times more horrifying, it was akin to a train charging at you at full speed!

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A tree that was grazed by the horn of the Tau King was blown away like a twig .

The goblins and taus that was in the way of the charging Tau King was mercilessly turned into scraps!

A tank that was at the outermost perimeter was flipped over with eased by the Tau King Shauta, the few soldiers that was scrambling to get out was turned into meat paste .

Soldiers started running everywhere due to fear to the monster that just finished its charge, hot air snorted out of its nostril .

"Hold him back, do not let him in!"

Looking at the Tau King Shauta as he flipped another few more trucks, tearing the barricade appart and rushing towards the civilians; Elder Lee's face was trembling with fear of what might happen to the civilians that was like sheeps to the wolf .

He dare not continue to watch what was about to happen next .

But at this moment, a silhouette stood in front of the monster that was a mountain, using its 'charge' skill and rumbling ahead .


Even the chaotic battle scene could not drowned out the loud sound of the slam, everything trembled slightly no matter whether it was the ground, the fires, the trees, or even the air .

The person that stopped the Tau King Shauta was the sly fullback hair styled, always with a cigarette in his mouth Zhong Hou!

His body tilted to the front, his back arched to its limit . Zhong Hou used his arms, shoulders and even the side of his face to leaned on his shield and held the Tau King back! Even though his whole body was shaking, the both of his feet was still deeply rooted in the ground .

He managed to stopped something that even a tank could not, making the ferocious Tau King stopped in its tracks .

Blood suddenly spluttered out from his mouth, nose and even his ears .

The huge shield was bent backwards, all the nerves in Zhong Hou's body was tingling . He sucked in a breath deeply, lifting his feets up and rolled aside . He wiped the blood that was dripping down his face, continue holding his shield up .

"Honor, Bravery, Sacrifice……with me here, do not even think that you will cross this line of defense, monster!"

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The Tau King Shauta roared, as if it was angered by Zhong Hou's words . It stood up to its full 6 meters height, holding its gigantus axe and slashed downwards with its muscled arms that's as thick as a trunk .

At the same time, the light of a skill being activated lit up from its body . It was obvious that this slash was accompanied with its battle skill .

'Full-Strengthened Blow'!

The 2 meters long axe slashed downwards, bringing together a violent gust that threaten to blow even the ground away . Even a titan would be sliced into halves with that blow……

"Holy Shield!"

A white light eveloped Zhong Hou, concentrating on his shield . He bit down his jaw, not retreating and not dodging! Shielding the blow from above with his distorted shield .


A ear piercing metal colliding sound rang out, the Tau King blow was like a game of hitting moles, slamming Zhong Hou into the ground with only his upper half visible . The already seriously distorted shield cracked at the center of the shield, the cracks propagated and the whole shield crumbled .

Now Zhong Hou was only protected by the 'Holy Light' that he awoken with his knight talent, forming it to a shield and continue blocking the blow .

The white shield made out of light started wavering, obviously not lasting any longer . It was at this moment that a round body rolled and slammed into Zhong Hou, knocking him away and freeing him from the ground .

The huge axe missed Zhong Hou by a hair's breadth .

Zhen Tian that was covered in scorched burns did not die, as it was just his extra 'fats' burning that was made by his ability . He rolled his body into a ball and rolled over, slamming into Zhong Hou and saving his leader's life .

Zhong Hou's dog Pochi and Zhen Tian's cat Felyne ran over . Pochi fearlessly bit into the thigh of the monster, but the Tau King did not even noticed that he was bitten .

Pochi's teeth was unable to break skin, unfortunately .

Felyne leaped and slammed his metal wench onto the knee of the Tau King . With a "Kacha" and dropping back to the ground, he looked at his bent wench and swallowed, "Fuck nyaa, I better find a more suitable opponent . "

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"Zhong boya, leave this boss to us!"

Bull that was carrying his totemic poll rushed over as he slammed that 150kg solid pole into two surrounding goblins, turning them into mashed goblin . Beside him was Pig with his spiked bat with meat scraps hanging from the spikes, and Dog Head with his mace dripping with brain juice .

On the bottom of their feet was their aura, permeating the environment .

Activating their endurance, commanding and devotion aura, not only they increase their own strength but also everyone that's on their side .

Team Wild rushed over to the Tau King Shauta, and all of a sudden a thick lightning bolt struck towards them . With haste Bull lifted his totemic pole and blocked the lightning bolt .

The thick lightning bolt broke apart into bits as it slammed onto the totemic pole, forming a green sparkling shower .

"Take that! Your old man's pillar is made out of stone, not metal!"

Bull laughed as Pig and Dog looked at him with complain in their eyes . The bits of lightning that appeared from the broke up lightning jumped to their metallic weapon, giving them a slight shock and made their hairs stood up . (TLN: Yellow sounds so stupid, just gonna call the Dog-headed guy as 'Dog')

"Stop taunting and continue ahead!" Dog shouted angrily .

"Kill the Tau King first! Zhong's not gonna last long . "

With the lead of Bull they rushed to the side of the Tau King Shauta, Bull spat towards it and said, "I really hate your name for some reason, you know that, Big Guy?"

The 3 meters long totemic pole was swung with the full might of Bull . It slammed onto the thigh of the Tau King with the force of several tons, blood splattered about as he stood his ground for stability .


The shockwave made by the 'war stomp' skill was definitely more stronger that the 'Heavy Slam' by the Tau beast earlier, and this was concentrated to a specific area .

Unfortunately the constitute of the Tau King's body ignored the stunned brought by the war stomp . The angered Tau King prepared to use its axe and smashed down all these puny beings one by one, wanting to roast and eat them!

Team Wild was considered puny when compared to the 6 meters tall Shauta——the Lord of Grakqarak that led the Taus from Dungeon and Fighters .

Wang Wei and Lu Ling Ling that could heal others sped over to Zhong Hou that was severely injured internally after blocking the Tau King's charge and one of it's blows .

A black shadow flashed in between the two of them!

Wang Wei let out a painful grunt as he gathered his 'ki' and used his skill, the 'rising dragon fist' and struck onto the branch on top of him rather than the shadow .


Lightning gathered and shot out from the cheeks of Pikachu, chasing the shadowy figure . It was only now that they could make out what attacked them, a small skinny purple monsters that perched on the branches like a cat .

"Shit, its claws are poisonous!"

A purple hue appeared on Wang Wei's face as he hurriedly sat down and concentrate his 'ki', containing the poison in his body as he redeemed a vial of counter poison from his phone .

"It's a boss, ! Careful, it can create a poisonous cloud!"

Zhen Tian shouted as he ran over, the fats that's burned falls off as his wounds still was not treated . Pain wracked his body as he agitated his wounds .

"Leave it to me, Ling Ling just focus and heal them . "

Mu Tie the old man used his kungfu and leaped onto the tree, chasing after Penril agilely .

"Boom! Boom!"

Large explosions rocked the surroundings, with smells of burnt flesh everywhere . The flaming witch Binoche waved her staff as a large amount of civilians turned into ashes .

A magic chant started sounding, symbols that represented the fire element started forming sentences and shaping into a magic circle that covered most of the ground .

At the very next second a meteor dropped from the sky, a 2 meters in width meteor with fire trailing behind it! As it slammed onto the ground, the exploded like fireworks on new years, flame, rocks, and lava blown everywhere .

Fire-type magic ultimate——

Meteor Summoning!

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