Fatal Shot - Chapter 479

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Chapter 479

Chapter 479: Competition Over!

The players, including Phoenix who was carrying little Sally, and Ada Wong ran over upon hearing the shout .

When they saw what was in front of them, they understood why Nightingale shouted for help .

In front of them was a heavily distorted Apache helicopter that was half-buried in the ground . An NPC with broken limbs and multiple bleeding wounds lay within the crashed helicopter, his chest still moving up and down slightly .

It was likely that the helicopter’s armor that was thicker than a tank’s armor absorbed most of the impact of the crash . Additionally, the crash occurred at a location where the ground was soft, this helped the NPC Apache pilot survive the crash .

Nightingale was currently injecting some sort of drug into the body of the NPC pilot . However, the serious injury sustained by the NPC pilot was not something a nano treatment potion could heal . As such, though Nightingale’s face retained his usual coldness, a tinge of anxiety could be seen on his face .

It was clear that the NPC and Nightingale had a more-than-normal relationship .

Nightingale’s face did not show any symptoms of being infected by the Evolution Virus . It was clear that Digital Cat’s assessment was correct and that the infection rate of the G-virus was not as frightening as the T-virus .

However, after everyone saw Nightingale, their attention was focused on another spot . Around ten meters away from the crash site, another NPC was lying there .

The NPC was a Caucasian male who was about 1 . 9 meters tall . The suit he wore had become tattered while his exposed upper body was covered in injuries that seemed to be from a dagger .

The pupils of the players who had just gotten out of Silvermoon City suddenly shrunk as they saw the wounds on the NPC, as it seemed like they were created by the claws of a Tyrant rather than those from a dagger or military knife . More importantly, the blood seeping out of his wounds was more black than red, and the bloodstained skin also had veins popping out .

The situation clearly hinted at one thing .

“This person looks like he has been infected . From his position and outfit, it does not look as if he was from the chopper; rather, he had fainted here long ago . ”

“Did Nightingale ask for help because he discovered this person?”

There was no doubt that the NPC was infected . However, everyone was wondering why Nightingale asked them to come over .

Considering Nightingale’s personality, there was no way he was so kind that he’d care about someone else .

Silvermoon City had thousands of infected NPCs, Nightingale had always been a cold-blooded killer . So, with a personality like this, would he suddenly turn into a good samaritan?

Just as the players were confused, the usually calm and cool Ada Wong who was walking over suddenly changed her expression drastically .

“White Wolf, why is he here?” She walked over and lowered her head to check the status of the person .

“These two know each other?”

The players exchanged glances with each other when they saw Ada Wong’s reaction .

“The name White Wolf doesn’t sound like a name, it sounds more like a…”


The players started discussing among themselves through the player comms channel .

“This person is someone Ada Wong knows, perhaps he is an agent from the Central Intelligence Agency . ”

From the name possibly being a codename, the players quickly thought of a possibility .

“It should be . Look at the condition of his body . Such serious injuries and the infection of the Evolution Virus… If he were a normal person, he would have already turned into a zombie or Forager already . ” Onishi noticed another unique thing .

Although the Caucasian NPC had symptoms of infection, his skin color and breathing pattern showed that there was still some time left before he would turn into a zombie . Moreover, he had over 40 wounds on his body, but he was still alive, to the point where Onishi could still detect a weak heartbeat as well as breathing . It was clear that the NPC’s body was quite special .

It was possible that it was due to the power of the Force . Considering the existence of a codename, the possibility of this person being an NPC special agent was over 80% .

However, though he had an amazing constitution, the NPC’s condition was quite terrible . His breathing was so weak that he was only breathing out, and his heartbeat was less than ten beats per minute .

The T-virus was not a common virus; if any NPC were to be infected, there was a 100% guarantee that they would turn into a zombie .

Though Ada Wong did not understand the T-virus as much as the players, she could still make that deduction from the situation she witnessed within Silvermoon City . As such, her expression was, at the moment, very wretched .

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“Perhaps you can try this, I think that it might help . ” At that moment, Feng Luo suddenly walked over and passed something to Ada Wong .

A green potion emanating life force was handed to her . It was the T-virus anti-virus serum that lasted for 24 hours exchanged with points .

The potions and serum exchanged by players could also be used by NPCs . However, the effects were uncertain .

Feng Luo made this gesture not because he had so much story points that he did not know what to do with them; rather, it was that he suddenly had an idea .

Was it just a coincidence that two special agent NPCs encountered a heavily injured colleague?

In such a situation, for the two special agent NPCs, it was clear that they had to prioritize either saving their colleague, continue working on the mission to try to snatch away the target, or try to accomplish both tasks .

Was this a hint provided to the players by the system?

In the end, though the mission was a “competition” mission for the three NPC special agent departments, the competition did not mean that they had to fight to the death against the other two special agent NPCs, with the final victor being the ones to obtain the mission target .

Earlier, the question plaguing everyone’s mind was the method of defeating Ada Wong, the special agent NPC who was still clearly hiding her real strength and at that time, their chances of achieving victory were very low .

Was it really necessary for them to fight in order to complete the mission?

An important feature of War was that there were many methods to complete missions, and no specific procedure .

“As long as the two injured NPCs don’t die, the two special agent NPCs will not recklessly start a fight against the players as long as they had ‘baggage’ with them . As long as the two injured NPCs don’t die, even if we were to fight, they would have concerns and by then, our chances for winning will increase drastically . ” Feng Luo thought of the sudden developments, and why he immediately exchanged the anti-virus serum and handed it over to Ada Wong .

Of course, this was only a guess, it was not guaranteed to succeed .

After all, Ada Wong was quite mysterious . Feng Luo had no way of accurately grasping her personality .

The story points of the Biohazard Crisis was not all that useful to him . Through battles from yesterday and today, Feng Luo had already accumulated thousands of points, exchanging an anti-virus serum only cost 50 points, it was peanuts compared to what he had .

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Additionally, he was not going to lose a lot even if he tried . If it did not work, the worst-case scenario was to fight against Ada Wong .

However, Ada Wong’s reaction showed that Feng Luo made the right choice .

“Thank you . ” Ada Wong stared at Feng Luo for two whole seconds . She received the anti-virus serum and quickly injected it into the Caucasian NPC’s body .

When she saw that the infection of the Caucasian NPC special agent weakened, with his breathing and heart rate gradually returning to normal, Ada Wong breathed a sigh of relief, turning around to the players to speak . “Since our agency received a favor from you, we will drop out of the competition mission this time . The mission target belongs to you now . ”

When she spoke, Ada Wong did not show any signs of admitting defeat . Rather, when she looked at Feng Luo, she seemed to have a faint smile on her face .

After that, she turned around to look at Nightingale, who was beside the Apache and spoke . “Apart from that, if people from the security agency tries anything, I can lend you a hand . The price is 1,000 special agent points . ”

Nightingale had pulled the pilot out from the cockpit, and was carrying the pilot on his shoulder, grimacing from her words . “We will also drop out . ”

He stared at the Legendary Grade submachine gun hanging in front of Onishi’s chest subconsciously with a cold expression when he spoke .

He had no choice . With Ada Wong’s strength, the players in front of him would most probably gain the upper hand and would have the strength to face him head-on .

Additionally, his current injuries were quite serious . He had even depleted his Force, so it was quite impossible for the current Nightingale to get rid of the group of top-class players in front of him in a direct confrontation .

In particular, the group of players included Feng Luo, who had already awakened the Force . As a special agent instructor who took part in the examination on Death Hunter Island, Nightingale was more than aware of the potential the adventurer Feng Luo .

As such, though he was not willing, Nightingale could only concede .

However, when Nightingale spoke, his expression was pretty bad . He looked just like he did when he was forced to admit defeat by Haruko on Death Hunter Island .

“Drop out? They’ve all just dropped out just like that?” Big Pineapple, who had kept his shield raised in front of Phoenix and was prepared to protect the mission target when the battle began, almost bit his tongue when he heard the conversation .

After all, the last difficult problem they faced had suddenly been solved, just like that .

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Before any of the players could react, the two special agent NPCs had announced their exit .

The one who pressured them greatly, Ada Wong, even offered to help them face Nightingale .

“Holy shit, Old Feng, don’t tell me you’re having an affair with this female NPC?” Big Pineapple was too surprised and sent a whisper to Feng Luo on the players’ comms channel . His tone, a wee bit excited .

“Get the f*ck out of here!” Feng Luo ignored his comment; however, he was also very happy .

The mission that they had spent a few hours, as well as a lot of dead brain cells, working on was finally looking like it was going to be completed .

Although the solution to their last difficult problem was a bit unexpected, War’s missions had always been affected by various factors, and they did not ever follow a strict procedure .

Some people might accept a hidden mission that involved item collection, then, they would purchase all the items at the exchange . Such methods also worked for those missions, and so the current result was not all that surprising .

However, the players were still quite excited at the moment .

Not only could they could accept the Legendary Grade hidden mission to heal little Sally, but it also meant that as long as they brought the mission target back, they would be able to receive the Sergeant military rank . Of course, they would also receive all kinds of rewards such as the “special agent points” and “special agent authorization” from completing their first group special agent mission .

In addition to the other things that they received throughout the mission, it could be said that they profited greatly from this mission .

“If you don’t mind, the two of them can also come with us . Our spacecraft has emergency medical capsules that could stabilize their injuries . They could even make sure that their situation does not deteriorate . ”

Since the two NPCs indicated that they would no longer try to get little Sally, Feng Luo felt that there was no longer a need to be overly cautious of them . On the contrary, after discussing with the others, they even showed a bit of kindness .

Approval ratings with such advanced NPCs were also one of the “rewards” of the game .

Nightingale and Ada Wong were silent for a brief moment, and they both nodded .