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Chapter 46

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Chapter 46

In addition to ordinary clothes, Max's wardrobe was full of achromatic clothes. Even the armor on the battlefield was black and silver, so his taste was palpable.


'Yes, it's too early to jump to conclusions.'


It was time to look and judge.


'What's that humming thing?'


Max was surprised to see the clothes brought by the seamstress.


A justaucorps with a red cloth and brilliantly embroidered with gold thread It was certainly far away from his taste.


"I don't like it, ·····." He tried to refuse, but he saw Juvellian staring at him with her eyes glistening.


"Would you like to try it on?" It was a recommendation, not a coercion, but Max could hardly say no. Soon as he put on his clothes, the seamstress beside him chattered.


"Oh, it looks really good on you," Max looked in the mirror, frowning.


'Are you all right?'


After his mother's death, Max had never worn anything fancy like this. Maybe that's why he looked strange in the mirror.


"What do you think? Do you like it?" One nod in a daze, and Juvellian smiled brightly. "That's a relief. I was worried because it was so my taste." The moment I heard it, I felt strange. Max stared at the mirror again. It seemed to be better than I thought. Then, a calm voice came. "Max." He felt his heart pounding as Jubelian stared at him with jewel-like eyes. ''Let's go now,'' Max took the fine hand that was sticking out. Then, he heard a quiet whispering voice. "The clothes are my gift." It was a gift that I wouldn't have if she gave it normally. But······.


<That's a relief. I was worried that it was my taste.>


He decided to show generosity and just accept the gift.




I was circling the arcade with Max.


'I'm so tired.'


As people stared at us, I responded to the gaze's whirlwind.


'He's a handsome man in a cloak, but he's certainly determined and decorated, which is no joke.'


He said clothes were wings, and it didn't matter if they benefited from him.


'How can that face not even be mentioned in the original?'


For a moment, I had no choice but to harden my face when I blamed the writer for setting up the role strangely.


"Hooh, who is this? Aren't you Princess Floyen?" I replied with a sly look at Radian approaching.


"Oh, it's been a long time, Young Lord of Droil." Then he smiled and bowed his head.


Spoiler: Young Lord of Droil

''The noble lady is beautiful today.''


''Thank you.'' It was when we were exchanging ceremonial greetings.


"But I've never met the person next to you." He's a party maniac, so most people in the system know him. It was not unreasonable for him to feel curious.


'Well, yes, now it doesn't matter if rumors spread.'


The aim is to avoid marrying the Crown Prince. In that sense, you may be lucky to meet Radian, who has a very light mouth.


"This is my lover Max." I said, a strange glow in the eye of Radian.


"Hoh, if you will excuse me, how can I know which family is the child?" I tried to shoot and paste it roughly. But.


"You don't need to know." I sighed at Max's cold answer.


'Oh, this guy, he's playing the game.'




The greedy gaze that right up and down to Jubelian. It wasn't that strange to Max, who grew up in the Imperial Palace and went through the battlefield. Greed and desire to conquer. The moment he realized the identity of that gaze, he was so angry that he could not understand.


'I dare that little thing...'


He don't know why, but Max wanted to twist that arrogant man's neck right away. Nevertheless, there is only one reason Max was able to endure. It was because of the eyes of Juvelian, who seemed to say, "Be patient." Looking at the slightly purple-eyed blue eyes, the strangely filling emotions subsided. It was like the state of rest that he felt when he first fell asleep in her room. Max clenched his fist and suppressed his treacherous assassination.


'Why am I holding it in?'


It was when questions arose about the behavior that he couldn't even tell myself.


"Oh, my lover has been in some remote areas, so he is not well versed in manners here. I hope you understand." Jubelian's voice came out calmly, while Max frowned.


'When it comes to manners, it's always like this when I was nine.'


For the royal family, courtesy was just a means to notice if the other party was climbing. And he was now aware of the disrespect of Radian.


'You dare to do something like a self-made rumor for a princess.'


Max clenched his fist. The blue tendon grew more and more. He stared at Radian as a warning, but the man with a snake-like look showed no sign of intimidation.


"Okay, now that the princess has a new lover, many gentlemen in the system will have heartburn." Soon he winked one eye, raised the corners of his mouth, and chatted. "Huh, of course I'm one of them?" Radian's eyes scattered Max. Radian's eyes scattered Max. Soon, only one corner of his mouth wailed obliquely, and Max noticed that Radian was looking down on him.


'It's fun.'


At the time of the war at the age of only 16, there were a number of enemies on the battlefield who were ignored for the reason of being sorrowful. However, he was ignored only once. He cut off the head of the enemy and displayed it in the square for the enemy to see. As he did in the past, he has never escaped from the pit he has walked.


'Will it be possible to have such eyes even if his tongue is cut off?'


His head began to be filled with cruel thoughts. But that was just a wake-up call. The boiling sensation of violence opened up. Suddenly, Jubelian came with her arms folded his arms crossed.


'What are you doing?'


As if to answer Max's question, the red lips of Juvelian's opened.


"Then we'll get going. It's a tight date right now,"


Max said, releasing his expression.


'It's a date?'


Although they played unwanted puppet games, they were still confirmed who was spending time with her. When he realized it, he had a strong sense of unfamiliarity in his chest. It was a strange persimmon that was ticklish and warm. Then came a voice breaking the silence.


"I hope you'll allow me time next time." Max laughed bitterly at Radian's scolding until the end.


'Droil's Young Lord...'


Max vowed, staring at the distant back of Radian. Soon after, I'll put Droil himself on the killing list.


'I'll tear that mouth off of you who laughed at me.'


It was when Max was shining his eyes with bloody thoughts.


"Do you want to go eat something sweet?" At the sudden question again, Max stared at Jubelian, disoriented. "I just saw an unlucky human being, and I'm stressed." I don't know what stress means, but it was obvious to speak ill of Radian.


"Then why don't we remove it? If you're a duke, you can get rid of it on your own." At the words, Jubelian held his face firmly and sighed.


"I hate him, but I don't want to get rid of him that much.''


"Why?'' Juvelian sighed when Max said he really didn't know.


"I really hate rats but I don't want to kill them to identify them." Max could see the important fact.


'You don't seem to like killing.'


Somehow I felt depressed when I found out.


'Is this why you're afraid of the Crown Prince?'


At that time, a cheerful voice brought him to reality, long asleep in his thoughts.


"Stop saying hateful things and let's go eat sweet things now. I know a good place." Max stared at her instead of answering.


'I hate sweets.'


Maybe she thought silence was a yes, so Juvelian grabbed his arm.


"I'm sure you'll like it." If I could shake it off, I could shake it off as much as I could, but I couldn't shake it. Max was taken away by her helplessly. The place where we arrived soon was a luxurious tea room. Although Jubelian kept looking at Max as if expecting some reaction, he was stunned.


'It's normal.'


No matter how colorful the interior was, it was just mediocre in his eyes when he grew up in a palace plastered with gold.


"Hello, Princess. What would you like to order?" When the clerk came with the menu, Juvelian asked, staring at Max.


"What do you like? I like strawberry cake." I hated it if it was actually sweet, but to tell you the truth, I thought the smile would disappear from the face.


"I want the same thing."


"I think you and I have similar tastes." When Jubelian welcomed me, I slightly crumpled my forehead.


'It's totally different.'


Cucumber, fancy clothes, and sweets. All the wealth was what he hated. So far, the parties have been unnoticed, although they have been unilaterally aligned.


'It's amazing how slow she is now.'


For some reason, Max sighed.




When Mikhail saw his ugly face, he looked very serious.


''What else have you come for?''


Said Radian, lifting the glass. "Let's sit down and talk for now." At the sight of him being a cousin, he looked very displeased with the expensive liquor. Instead of sitting down, Mikhail picked up the glass on the table.


'You don't want to talk to me face to face, do you?'


Radian laughed at his cousin's apparent behavior.


"Do you know that?''


''What?'' This time your fucking cousin won't be shaken by anything. Mikhail was determined to do so and tried to bring the glass to his mouth.


"Princess Floyen, she's with some guy today." The moment he heard the absurd remark, Mikhail missed the glass from his hand. With a loud rupture, broken shrapnel of glass rolled on the floor. Radian clenched his mouth and bit it all. Because my cousin's eyes were quite different from usual. It was Mikhail's sullen voice that broke the silence.


"Try talking again."