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Chapter 52: 52

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9. Is there no breakthrough?

Back home I sighed.

‘How did you solve Max’s problem? How about a tasting?’

A unique tea party. It’s easy to say, honestly I wasn’t confident.

‘My father might kick me out of the tea party.’

When she gave her a tea, she was not impressed. The value of tea here is very high. And the price was prohibitively high for the middle class.

‘Because today’s drink is white tea, it’s more expensive than regular tea.’

The types of tea vary, but it is only divided according to fermentation method or acidity. The raw material is Camellia sinensis, a tea tree. Among them, White Tea was made by collecting sprouts that had not gone down, and the price was very high because the quantity was limited.

‘If it’s about that difference, you’ll be able to stand up to Rose…’

It doesn’t matter anymore, my reputation is undermined, but Rose, who has been raising stocks in social circles for a while, was different. If I’m having a party with a normal tea, people who thought I was insincere might blame this Rose. The problem is that I don’t have enough money to pack a precious tea.

‘Is there any breakthrough?’

It was when I was pondering over the number of cases.

‘My lady, this is Marilyn.’

‘Oh, come on in.’

As soon as I could, Marilyn opened the door and came in. I exclaimed at the various kinds of flowers held in her arms.

“Wow, that’s beautiful,”

Smiling and nodding, Marilyn said. ”Right? I went out to the garden and it was so pretty that I brought it to bloom in the vase.”

”Yes, it certainly looks good.” It was when I was staring blankly at the colorful flowers. There was a flash of confusion in my mind.

‘Oh, yeah. That’s it, ···!!’

I approached Marilyn and opened my mouth.

“Marylin, by any chance, ·····.” Soon she nodded and her eyes shone.

“Of course. There are so many.” I grinned at the answer.

‘Yes, I think we can save face even if the tasting test is not too much.’


The next morning, I was going to go out to the book I bought earlier. But I couldn’t do that because Marilyn stopped me.

“You can’t take a walk in that dress, lady.”

”Why?” I didn’t understand. I wore a chemise as an indoor dress, but the place I was going to go out wasn’t far away, because it was right in front of my house.

“It’s not time for the sun to rise. You have to wear a robe and a hat because your skin is fragile.” I was only convinced by Marilyn’s subsequent explanation.

‘Well, my skin is sensitive, so I used to be cooked when I was in the sun for a long time.’

”Okay.” When I accepted it, Marilyn smiled and opened her mouth.

”Then I’ll get you ready,” I sighed at her back.

‘I don’t know why Marilyn hasn’t been able to leave me alone lately.’

Obviously she hasn’t interfered at all before, now she’s poking her nose into every move of mine. In fact, it was very awkward for someone to take care of and worry about his or her personal feelings.

‘In the past life, I lived alone and separated from my mother, and I am still only one child.’

At that time, Marylin came with her gown and hat.

“I’ll put it on you, miss.” That’s strange. Rather than feeling bad, laughter came out of her treating me as a child. “Why are you laughing, Miss?” asked Marilyn, and I saw her.

“No, it’s just.” I thought I’d get attached to her if I stayed. I pressed down on the back of the words. It’s better not to give her affection as much as it’s a house to leave someday and someone to break up with.

”Thank you,”

She said with a smile at my greeting. ”No problem,”

I said again, dropping my head while staring at her.

‘Let’s not expect anything. Yeah, hey, you’re never gonna get hurt again.’


I took a walk with Marilyn and looked around the garden.

“There are roses, pans, and all kinds of flowers.” It was certainly early summer, so there were flowers in full bloom.

‘Would roses and those flowers be enough?’

I tried to cut the stem of the rose with the scissors I brought. Then, someone called me.

“What are you doing here?” I looked back, and Max was staring at me. “When did you come?”

“Just now.” He seems to be feeling uncomfortable. I sighed as I went over him.

‘What’s wrong with him again?’

Then he pointed at the scissors I was holding.
Then, he pointed to the scissors I was holding.

‘Why are you holding it dangerously?’

‘You’re only as dangerous as scissors.’

It was absurd, but if I don’t answer you again, I’m sure you’ll bother me until you do.

“Oh, I’m going to break some roses.” He raised one eyebrow at my words.

“Why would you do that? Why don’t you make me do the things below you?” He’s a commoner, and he’s a hard-to-understand person by my standards.

“Oh, that’s…·······.”
I opened my mouth and closed it. If you do something cumbersome to other people in a game where you might be kicked out, you will most likely hate it. But if you answer that you didn’t want to leave any regrets for that reason, you’ll probably look at me with a strange eye.

‘If I wasn’t the only evil girl, I wouldn’t feel like this.’

When I was lamenting my situation, he reached out his hand.

“Give me that.”

”No, I’d like to do this.”

I added it late, but that stubborn man couldn’t have listened.

“Come on.” With that stubborn attitude, I sighed and gave the scissors. Then he gave the scissors to Marilyn, shining his eyes sharply.

“You could have been stabbed by a thorn or cut with a pair of scissors. Shouldn’t the chief maid take care of this?” For her status, Marilyn, the fallen aristocrat, was so natural in her way of admonishing. Like a man who’s been reigning for a long time. But I immediately denied the ridiculous angle of life. Because I had some idea of his true nature.

‘Well, actually, I don’t know what’s going on in the world.’

But Marilyn, who doesn’t know who he really is, apologized by taking the pure-hearted scissors to see if she was pushed back by the spirit.

“It’s my carelessness. I’m sorry.” Max, who was apologized for some ridiculous reason, stared at me and opened his mouth.

“Let’s see your master and forgive it.”

‘No, what are you doing to forgive my maid?’

A bit of a stiff heart came up, but if I played here, I would have to use up my energy again. I looked down at the flowers with regretful eyes and sighed.

‘I’ll pick this flower later.’

I had nothing to do right now, so I was going to move. Max came to talk to me.
I called any number without thinking.

“Uh, about twenty?” A shimmering sound and a bunch of silver flashes bounced in front of my eyes. His arm movement was so fast, he couldn’t even realize that he swung his sword. The rose cut by the sword fell and was scattered on the floor. Only then was I able to figure out the situation.

‘So, you helped me cut the roses, didn’t you?’

I felt strange and looked at him.

Then he turned his head and said, “Don’t move uselessly and stay still. It’s a long way to go.” I would have thought it was kind if I hadn’t said it, but it was amazing that I could speak in such a negative way every time I said it.

‘But this time you helped me, too.’

Anyway, it was true that she was offended by his consideration.

‘It’s not the first time, and you’ve done this kind of kindness to me many times.’

I had a ridiculous delusion, but I thought it was not impossible. Max, who can’t tell if I’m thinking of this, diligently trims the stem of the rose, then clumps up like a bouquet of flowers and crosses mine.

“Take it.”

”Oh, thank you.”

“Good thing you know.” Listening to the blunt voice, I fixed my wrong mind.

‘Yes, that man can’t be.’

Then came his voice.

“So what other flowers do you need?” Was cutting flowers fun? Unlike the voice, with an excited look on his face, I let out a small sigh.

‘Should I call this talent donation?


“Your Majesty, the Duke of Shere, who was an envoy to the Crown Prince, is back.”

“Hear me.” Soon a short middle-aged man came in and greeted me.

“I see the sun of the great empire.” But the emperor asked the matter first, whether he could not afford to accept the greeting.

“What did the Crown Prince say?” Shereza hesitated little by little to the emperor’s wistful blue bottom and opened her mouth.

“Oh, he has fought several battles with the barbarians, even though the dispute has yet to be resolved,”

The emperor said, kicking his tongue. “Incompetent man, ···!!!! Get out!” The atmosphere subsided when Sherezak left the office with a intimidated face. The poet, who was wary of the angry emperor, opened his mouth carefully.

”I have another piece of news.”

”What else?”

“The atmosphere in the South is unusual.” The moment he heard it, the emperor opened his eyes.

“What! Give it to me!” In the emperor’s wistle-blue old voice, the poet hurried over the report. Soon after the report was opened, the emperor shook and shook his whole body. “Lennox Changed Bags have reduced the number of troops in the system, and are turning it on during training?” The emperor tore up the report and glistened coldly. A soon-to-be-died voice.

“Tell the Duke of Floyen to enter the Imperial Palace right away.”