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Chapter 56: 56

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“You’ve been staring at my face for a while.” Frankly, it’s a shame that it was me, but if it was someone else, it would have been misunderstood.

‘Is there really nothing you like other than the sword?’

If it was really like that, I would feel sorry for some reason.

“If you think about it, you’ll find it. Don’t feel pressured, just say it’s okay.” He reached out slowly at my words. I was staring at his long finger, gradually approaching my face.

‘What are you going to do?’

His red eyes were fluttering faintly.

‘You look confused.’

I could have stopped him, but I decided to wait and see what he did.

“I don’t know. So far,” he said, and took the hair off my lips. I asked, looking at his finger slowly descending.

“Why didn’t you tell me if I had hair attached?” Then he said with a slight frown.

“Isn’t it possible to take it off?”

“Oh, that’s it…… right.” Well, I’m in a contract relationship with him now. I was convinced that even this was an acting practice to show others.

”But there’s no one there, so you don’t have to do that.” I said it in case it bothers you, but he didn’t even reply to me.

‘I can’t believe you don’t know even if you think about it.’

When I was grumbling inside, I remembered what I had forgotten.

“Oh, come to think of it, did you make up with my father?” To my question he shook his head instead of answering. “No, you haven’t made up all this time?’ Just a while ago, the two were very motivated to talk like that, and I guess they drank tea without talking like at mealtime. I sighed with frustration.

‘In the end, do you mean you have to go with my father’s opposition?’

Nothing is easy. When he was thinking so, he opened his mouth.

“Why do you make that look?”

“Oh, no. It’s just stuffy.”

“What’s stuffy?” Should I answer honestly? It was only a moment when I was worried.

‘He’s free to reconcile, but he might be offended if he finds out I’m thinking of this.’

I was looking at him, and I was just being evasive.

“I don’t think my father has given up on the crown prince yet,” he squinted at my words.

”Do you hate the Crown Prince so much?”

“Yes?” Suddenly, I breathed out a moment when I was embarrassed by his face asking him.

‘Do I have to tell you this whole story?’

Soon I made a judgment. You don’t have to tell him that.

“Hey, you just need to avoid being engaged to the Crown Prince. So…··.” Then, he stared at me with a fierce look. I would have said it without hesitation. However, the sudden change in facial expression forced me to hesitate without realizing it.

“Why do you want to avoid engagement with the Crown Prince?” At the low-pitched question, I forgot what I was about to say and rolled up my juice.

‘That’s because he’s a psychopath who’s supposed to kill me in the future!

Other people are the object of fear, but to me, the prince is like a disaster. The moment we meet, my life will be over right away.

“Honestly, I’m just curious about your ‘dislikement’.” Of course, his words also made sense. Although it was originally an extra, it is now a party messenger who is entangled with the evil woman Juvelian.

‘But I can’t tell the truth. You won’t believe me.’

So I showed my true heart in moderation.

“He’s scary. If he doesn’t like it, he’ll kill his close friend.” He stared at me with his eyes shaking as if he was shocked. I was worried because my face was as low as a white wax.

‘Are you all right?’

He suddenly distorted his face when he was thinking about shaking his shoulder.

‘I haven’t done anything yet.’

He stared at me as if he were embarrassed to see me.

“He’s scary? But you’ve never seen him before.” I shook my head for a moment when I was flinching at the sudden change.

“You’ve never seen a beast like a bear or a leopard before, but it’s scary. It’s similar to that. You might be threatened with your life if you meet him.” HI gave him the right analogy, but he opened his mouth while he was responding to me with a face that he didn’t understand.

“You’re threatened with life? Why do you think so?” Surely there was a sense of me being too much on the Crown Prince. For that reason I added as an excuse.

“Oh, well, the rumors are so flashy,” he said, stiffening his face and then opening his mouth with a breath.

“Will you marry the Crown Prince if he promises not to kill you?” I frowned slightly at the unexpected question.

‘No, what are you saying he’s making a promise?’

I was embarrassed for a while, and I decided not to think deeply as my opponent was Max.

‘Because he is a person who often speaks erratic words. This would be just a joke.’

In the first place, social life is a way to know how to respond appropriately to jokes. I didn’t have any desire to marry, but I said it in a whisper, so I beat him up.

“Well, maybe I’ll think about it if he don’t kill me.” Then his face lit up as if he thought the joke had worked. But soon my face was darkened by the nonsense that came out of his mouth.

“Do you know? Marriage with the Crown Prince may not be as bad as you thought.” I frowned at him who had no sense of humor.

”I don’t like that kind of joke.”


His face was distorted again by my resolute answer.


When Max returned to his residence, Lady Fresia opened her mouth.

“Are you back? How were you today?” Then Max stared at Pretzia. Unknowingly, the look hardened Fresia’s face.

‘What happened to you?’

There were a lot of concerns. Either you’ve done wrong with the Duke of Floye , or you’ve had a bad thing with the Princess of Floyen. It was when Fresia was staring at Max with anxiety.

“Fresia, I have something to ask.” Fresia replied, swallowing with tension.

“Ask as much as you like.” Then Max sighed and opened his mouth.

“Am I the object of fear among the people of the Empire? For example, a bear or a ticket taker.” At the words, Frezia shook her head.

‘Then it is. I didn’t slaughter my people indiscriminately, but it’s strange that the woman who is afraid of me.’

When I was thinking so, I heard a firm voice.

“No, I assure you, you are scarier than them.” Max distorted his face at the answer.

‘That’s what you’ve been thinking of me.’

I’ve been thinking hard about it for a while.

Somehow, Max frowned in frustration.

‘Just let me know I won’t hurt you.’

Of course, I don’t mean to hurt you, but you might run away the moment you announce that I’m the Crown Prince. Max was quickly frustrated because he had no way to convey his inner thoughts. Fresia, who was watching such Max, guessed why he looked uncomfortable and opened his mouth.

“You must be upset about the princess. For example, the conversation didn’t go well.” Max flinched and glared at Fresia.

“How did you know?” At Max’s question, Fresia breathed a sigh.

‘It’s obvious.’

While running a salon, I heard the worries of countless people. Among them, the most frequent was the problem of love. In the face of love, the wise lady, the distinguished scholar, and the experienced politician have become fools.

‘I can’t help you, I have no choice but to help.’

As the owner of the Empire’s largest salon, Fresia used her experience to give advice.

”Why don’t you try writing a letter?”

”A letter?”
”Yes, it’s as good as a letter as it is to convey the innermost thoughts as it is,” Max, who sobbed and opened his mouth, said…

”Tell the Emperor I’ll be back soon.”

”What? All of a sudden?” Not what she had thought of, but when he said he was going to send a letter to the emperor suddenly, Fresia was embarrassed.

‘Why the hell did you change your mind?’

He was the lord who was procrastinating despite the emperor’s dictation. However, I couldn’t understand to say that I would suddenly return.

‘No way, are you in the midst of trying to put pressure on the emperor and empress?’

A lot of preparations were prepared for the reunion, but it was too early to reveal that feeling.

‘Our Highness is in trouble. I’ll have to be very careful before I enter the palace.’

Unlike his subordinate’s complicated feelings, the reason Max decided to return was extremely simple.

‘It would be okay if I wrote a letter in the name of the prince and let me know that I am not scared.’

In order to do this, Presia could not have guessed that the prince would move to the system because it makes sense.

* * *

The stars disappeared one by one and the dark blue sky slowly turned pale purple. Regis was sitting in front of the desk in the Oval Office. The lively appearance of her daughter, and the changes in her pupil, made Reggie upset. From night to dawn, Regis had no choice but to suffer.

‘Yes, I’ve already made up my mind. I just didn’t have the courage to do it.’

Suddenly, the fatigue that came to me closed my eyes. But soon, he slowly opened his eyes, thinking of his daughter.

‘Maybe I’ll be hated.’

Regis, who soon had a bitter smile on his face, raised himself to the ground.

‘You haven’t slept a wink today, are you all right?’

Derek was looking at the Duke with a worried look. Soon the owner’s name fell.