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Chapter 10

In order to be 'mature' enough to be with her Master, Fenrir began studying very hard . She didn't care about it at first but Fenrir began learning to read and write . Milan promised that, if she worked hard, Fenrir would be able to learn 'adult' things one day . When that time comes, Fenrir would be able to spend time with her Master like the other girls . Since she had this kind of body, Fenrir knew she could be the same, no, 'better', than all the other girls . She worked harder than anyone and, as long as she never gave up, Fenrir knew she would be with her beloved Master some day .

When she wasn't studying, Fenrir spent most of her time playing with Tina and protecting Preasia . Though it wasn't as comfortable as her Master's hands, Preasia was very soft and fluffy, but in a good way . Fenrir wasn't allowed to sleep with her Master that much, so she enjoyed cuddling with Preasia, Tina, and Milan . They all slept together in a big bed and, though she had to be very careful not to tear up the blankets and injure people, Fenrir enjoyed staying in a big bed with people she cared about . All she had to do was pin her paws in between her legs and cover them with her tail and then she would be able to snuggle up as much as she wanted . . .

Though she used to go into the Dungeon every day with her Master, he eventually started going into the Dungeon with other girls instead . Fenrir felt a pain in her chest when this happened but, remembering that she needed to be 'good' and 'mature', Fenrir tolerated it . Ryuu, the girl that had been assigned to watch over her, was a very nice woman . She smelled a lot like flowers and, though she didn't talk much, she was always very kind to Fenrir . Though it wasn't as nice as being with her Master, Fenrir didn't think being with Ryuu was too bad . . .

Fortunately, Master began taking her into the Dungeon again after Fenrir managed to beat a super big monster . He praised her a lot and, when they explored deeper into the Dungeon, Fenrir even got to fight alongside her Master . Seeing him covered in blood alongside her made Fenrir feel blissful, almost like she had found meaning in life . If possible, she wanted to just stand by her Master's side and cut through all of the enemies in their path . Together, Fenrir was confident they could become the strongest in the whole world . Since her Master was already strong, Fenrir resolved to increase her own power further, all so that she could make that wonderful dream a reality .

One good thing, that was also a sad thing, was that her Master had become more reliant on her as time passed . Fenrir knew this was because she was his 'anchor', and it made her very happy to get to spend so much time with him . She would sleep on his chest, enjoying her Master's touch as he used the comfort she provided to relax . Fenrir was pained to see her Master so hurt but, knowing she could help him overcome it, she secretly felt very happy . . .

(Fenrir's Commentary: 'Fenrir loves it best when her Master relies on her . . . ')