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Chapter 41

Hearing the 'child' before them refer to herself as a 'King', many people within the Guild wanted to retort . However, after she had killed two people in an instant, nobody was willing to risk the chance that she was actually at the Foundation Realm, as offending her was the same as washing your neck and waiting for her to claim it . Since it didn't seem like she carried any weapons on her, they could only pray it would be a quick and painless death . . .

The Receptionist woman, who had previously been pale, had now turned white as a ghost as she hesitantly asked, "King . . . ? Are you rea . . . I mean, at what Stage are you, if I may ask . . . ?" Fenrir had turned her attention to some of the surrounding Mercenaries, sending them warning looks . When she heard the question and was about to answer, a man's voice suddenly rang out through the Guildhall, saying, "Don't ask what you have no need to know . Fill out her paperwork and finalize her registration!"

When she heard this loud voice, the Receptionist startled and began quickly moving her hands while exclaiming, "Y-Yes, B-Branch M-M-Master!" Without questioning the girl in front of her any further, the woman began quickly filling out the necessary forms as the man, appearing to be in his late twenties and with stark black hair, walked over with a smile on his face, saying, "It is the honor of our Branch to welcome such a young King into our midst, though, I should perhaps say 'Queen' . . . ?" Since there was a strong Yin aura forming around the young woman before him, even though he couldn't quite sense her cultivation, the Guild Master could easily tell Fenrir was a girl . However, as there was no way of knowing all things under Heaven, any number of surprising existences could appear before you, even what looked like a 13-14-year-old girl that had enough strength to wipe out a small army . . .

For a few seconds, Fenrir remained silent, thinking about the man's words before nodding her head and saying, "Queen . Fenrir . " The first word had been directed towards the Branch Master while Fenrir had turned her eyes to the Receptionist for the second . Hearing this, the Receptionist filled out the area for Fenrir's name on a golden Guild Card while the Branch Master laughed in a lighthearted manner . Since he could tell that the girl, Fenrir, wasn't very sociable, he decided it would probably be better if he leaves her be for now .

It was more important to research her background right now anyway, especially since he had already known about the event involving the Flame Jade Sect's Fourth Young Master . Ice Elemental Qi wasn't that rare for female Cultivators, but being able to create a pillar of ice that not even the Elders of some Sects could melt was 'exceptionally' rare . He assumed this girl before him previous belonged to a Sect that cultivated Ice and Yin Elemental arts, especially considering the aura following her body . . .

After confirming that all the paperwork was complete, and that the new 'Queen' had her Guild Card, the Branch Master smiled, saying, "By the way, Queen Fenrir, my name is Liang ZhenKang . If anyone in the city gives you trouble, make sure they know you are a member of the Mercenaries Guild . Other than the Inner Disciples of the Heavenly Moon Sect, most of the other Sects should give our branch face . If not, well, I'm sure you can handle yourself . . . " Having seen the murderous glint in the young girl's eyes, the Branch Master pitied the idiots that tried to pick a fight with her . She might have registered as a King but he, at the 4th Stage of Core Formation, couldn't even see through her cultivation realm . . . it was starting to look like a storm had come to the Heavenly Moon City . . . or perhaps a Blizzard?

(Fenrir's Commentary: 'Queen . . . I wonder if Master would be proud of me . . . ?')