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FeralHeart - Chapter 206

Published at 17th of July 2019 09:03:52 PM

Chapter 206

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"I would have called if you hadn't," said father on the other end of the line . "You're going to be an elder brother!"

I had never heard him so enthused about anything . I had a distinct impression that he was smiling widely as he spoke… though, I had a difficult time imagining such a scene . After all, it was father we were talking about .

I felt a bit conflicted when I heard the news . On one hand, I was really excited about having a younger sibling to dote upon and I felt really happy that mother had finally achieved her wish . On the other, I was a bit disconsolate over losing my position as the only child . Now, I'd have to share my parent's love and affection .

"Father, I might have figured out why this happened . . . "

I went on to explain my theory about mother's bloodline and the series of events that led to the current situation . Though, I had to be careful to skirt around several facets that might have revealed the knowledge Isabella had imparted to me on souls . Father listened carefully, asking pertinent questions along the way . After I was done, there was a pause as he mulled the information over .

"That seems as likely a theory as any," he finally said . "We did guess that the removal of your mother's bloodline might have been the reason for her suddenly regaining her ability to conceive but we couldn't be sure . It seems that we need to contact lieutenant Neera to retrieve that crystal with the sealed bloodline . It's apparently quite dangerous if your speculation is true . "

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I expressed my agreement . Not only was it dangerous, it was also quite significant to me . I might need it later on .

"Take care, son . Let us know how you're adapting to the Capital and call often . " With that, father disconnected the call .

Exiting the communication room, I signed out with the operator and entered the waiting room where Lara and the girls were waiting for me . Noticing their curious looks, I gestured for them to follow me out . There were a few more people who had come to make a call and I didn't want to discuss anything here .

Walking out of the tower, I raised my head and enjoyed the warmth of the wan winter sunshine on my face for a moment before turning to Lara and asking, "Is there somewhere we can speak in private?"

Nodding, she took the lead and began guiding us through the crowded streets .

Travelling in the Wind Sector was an interesting experience . We moved just as far vertically as we did horizontally . From my reading material on the Capital, I knew that private housing wasn't allowed in the Wind Sector . Neither was any sort of industrial construction . It was a purely residential and commercial sector . All the buildings were skyscrapers – apartment complexes, hotels, or malls . Rope bridges connected the buildings, swaying gently in the breeze as we made our way across them .

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Apparently, the ground floors and staircases of all the buildings were public property and we weaved our way through a dizzying maze of stairs, bridges and corridors to our destination – a family restaurant with private booths that Lara gave glowing reviews to .

Finally reaching the restaurant, which was located in the middle floors of a skyscraper that housed a mall in its lower floors and an apartment complex in its upper ones, we pushed the door and entered . Chimes tinkled as the door opened, revealing a cosy establishment with wooden flooring and a cheerfully blazing fireplace in one corner . It was quite busy with several customers having their lunch and smartly dressed waiters moving from table to table .

The receptionist was a pretty brunette with short doe-horns sticking out of her temples . Her hair was tied in a neat braid and she was wearing a professional looking uniform in dark green fabric that complemented the browns and ochres of the restaurant . Her expression brightened as she saw Lara .

"Madame! What brings you here today?" she asked . Her eyes turned to us and they widened in understanding . "Oh, you have guests . "

Lara favoured her with a smile . "A private booth for five will do . And send a menu over . We'll ring the bell when we want to order . "

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Nodding, the girl vacated her post and personally escorted us into one of the rooms at the back of the establishment . When she left, shutting the door behind her, all the sounds of the bustling restaurant outside were cut off, leaving us in silence .

"Madame?" asked Phobos, curiously .

Lara chuckled . "I said it was a family restaurant . Never said which family it belonged to . " She turned to me . "So, what's the news? Ah… if it's inconvenient, I can leave for a few minutes . "

"No . It's nothing that secretive . " I couldn't stop the grin that split my lips . "I'm going to have a younger brother or sister soon . "

As expected, the girls were really enthused, drowning me in questions . While I answered them, I noticed that Lara had a rather strange expression on her face . "Congratulations," she said with an awkward smile . I had the distinct impression that she felt sorry for me but was congratulating me anyway .

I was confused . What had brought that on?

Ceres, who was sitting beside me, tapped my arm in a pattern we had agreed upon and I created a thread of wind and connected it to her mouth . Her voice rang out in my ear . "To a noble like her, the birth of a younger sibling isn't cause for celebration . It just means more competition and further division of the inheritance . "

She paused . "See it from an outsider's perspective . You were the only child of two Tier 5 mages who had been appointed the Duke and Duchess of the emergent vassal Kingdom . You were basically the heir of a family who held the real power in the Kingdom and now, that position has become suspect . "

I was suddenly enlightened . In Regiis, even among hereditary nobles, the influence of meritocracy was deep . Unlike in other monarchies where the order of birth determined the heir, in the Empire, the most magically talented child inherited that position .

From an outside perspective, I was a Hominum and the tales of my feats seemed exaggerated and incredible . On the other hand, statistically speaking, the chance of my little brother or sister being a Bestia was overwhelmingly high . As the child of two Tier 5 parents, his or her talent would surely be shocking . My position as the heir to the Dukedom was threatened .

In the eyes of the nobles, my value had dropped . If they were in my place, they wouldn't find the news of mother's pregnancy worthy of celebration . Well, different strokes for different folks, I guess . Although I found their paradigm a bit too materialistic for my tastes, I wouldn't presume to judge . After all, we had been born and brought up in vastly different environments and I had a feeling that our family was an exception rather than the norm . I remembered the rivalry between father and my uncle… between Bruno and me… Maybe not that much of an exception .

I just hoped that my relationship with my sibling would be a better one .

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