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Published at 26th of March 2020 05:40:13 AM

Chapter 404

Chapter 404: Hey, I’ve Never Met a Woman as Shameless as You

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Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Yan Songnan gritted his teeth . Yan Qingsi was unwilling to give him any assurances .

She could be bluffing but he had no choice . The initiative was entirely in Yan Qingsi’s hands this time . Whether or not to agree to cooperate was a massive gamble .

Finally, Yan Qingsi spoke neutrally, “You don’t need to rush into agreeing . I’ll give you time to think it through . As for how long you’ll need to think is up to you . As long as you’re alive, I don’t really mind . ”

Yan Songnan watched as Yan Qingsi walked away, and he wanted to call out to stop her but he stopped himself and thought he should wait a bit more . He could not agree to it so hastily and needed to go back and really think it through to see if he could use Yan Qingsi’s identity to his advantage .

When the time came he would threaten her into helping him .

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Ji Mianmian silently followed behind Yan Qingsi, holding Yan Qingsi’s bag for her . Her eyes sparkled as she watched Yan Qingsi . She was the perfect model of a fan .

Yan Qingsi’s eyes were stung by the sun as they walked out of the detention center .

Ji Mianmian quickly whipped out a pair of sunglasses for Yan Qingsi to put on and opened an umbrella to block the sun’s rays . “Miss, quickly get in the car . It’s too hot outside . ”


They had not taken two steps when Yan Qingsi stopped . She saw a pair of shoes in front of her—a man’s expensive bespoke leather shoes .

Yan Qingsi’s line of sight was blocked by the umbrella . She could not see the person in the shoes but heard his cold and clear voice, “Miss Yan . ”

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The sound made Yan Qingsi shiver despite the sun . She slowly pushed away the umbrella in Ji Mianmian’s hand and saw him—Ye Shaoguang . His skin pale, standing under the sun .

Yan Qingsi unwittingly clenched her fist for a moment . She was so unfortunate to meet Ye Shaoguang there of all places . What was he doing there? To see Yan Songnan as well?

Yan Qingsi bowed her head blandly . “Mr . Ye…”

They were not anything more than acquaintances—having only met once—and could not even qualify for acknowledging each other in public . Yan Qingsi had no intention of saying anything . She looked at Ji Mianmian who immediately held the umbrella above her again, and both of them walked to the car .

However, Ye Shaoguang did not intend to let them go so easily and reached out an arm . “Miss Yan, please wait a moment . ”

Ji Mianmian immediately stepped forward in front of Yan Qingsi . Glaring at Ye Shaoguang, her voice stern . “Who are you, and what are you doing?”

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Ye Shaoguang looked past Ji Mianmian at Yan Qingsi’s face . “Miss Yan, can I have a word?”

At that moment, Yan Qingsi remembered Yue Tingfeng’s warning, ‘If you meet this man, stay away . ’

She replied, “No . ”

Ye Shaoguang spoke lightly, “I think we should talk, if not… I fear you’ll regret it . ”

Ji Mianmian huffed, “Hey, I’m talking to you . Do you not understand me? Miss Qingsi said she doesn’t wish to speak to you . Are you mentally disturbed?”

Ji Mianmian walked away from Ye Shaoguang with a sigh and opened the car door, but there was nobody in the car . Where was Lil’ Xu?

Ye Shaoguang spoke coldly, “Miss Yan’s driver is currently in my car, having a chat with my driver . ”

“You…” Yan Qingsi felt a pang of pain in her head, and she gritted her teeth hard . This f*cking assh*le!

He dared to use Lil’ Xu to threaten her .

She spoke tensely, “And if I don’t agree?”

Ye Shaoguang simply smiled . “No problem . I’ve got time today . I think I can wait until Miss Yan is willing to have a chat with me . ”

Without waiting for Yan Qingsi to speak, Ji Mianmian rolled her sleeves up . “Hey, I’ve never met a woman as shameless as you . Who are you? You’re just a little more good looking, a little taller, and you dare to come up to my Miss Qingsi and act macho . I can rumble with you for 300 rounds, and not get wounded . Would you believe me or not?”


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